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Avatar f tn I wish to know a) Currently they suspect SOD although my LFT are normal . b) I am from Mumbai , i understand we don't have this testing in India . c) Does PCS last for ever , or body copes with it as i am scared to drive , take a flight and each day passing is a challenge . d) I am taking Rabeprazole D , have buscopan always in my pocket, as recently i had severe problems due to acid reflux ,Gastritis .
Avatar f tn Currently my prescribed med i take are spironolactone 100 mg/day, bupropion 400 mg/day, domperidone 40 mg/day, rabeprazole ec 20 mg/day, arthrotec 100 mg/day, Trazodone 200 mg/day, ducosate sod 200 mg/day, and citalopram 60 mg/day. exlax is extra strength and i take two/day and the diurex is 200 mg and I take 1/day. Just a little history on me for such a short question I want to ask, but I want you to have all the info.
Avatar m tn I have also used Omepazole in the past but that stopped working for me now and I am on Pantopazolze SOD. This medicine is stronger that Omepazole and is can be taken continually unlike the 2 weeks for Omepazole. It took about a week for it to work for me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.