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Avatar f tn -went up to his brother and said “this is the night, I’m going to die” -began to have a psychotic episode: ~began to cry ~told us to stay away from him, get out of the house, “get away from me, I might hurt you”, “im going to die”… later…”are the cops coming?”, “don’t do it”, “don’t kill me”… etc…. he was trying to make himself vomit… was making a “dry heave” noise??... like metal music… etc black metal growl noise… ???
Avatar n tn Now I've been told that (besides now having a personality disorder) I have atypical psychosis and thus my diagnosis has been changed to borderline personality disorder and psychotic disorder NOS. I've done some research and I read that some of my hallucinations, like colours changing or objects moving, are not typical visual hallucinations and are more indicative of a neurological condition, same with the voices that I hear and can't make out what they're saying.
Avatar n tn From the information in your current and past letters, your illness is more likely due to schizophrenia, which is a brain disease, rather than due tosome other organic factor. In response to your questions: 1- There are a number (too long to list here) of medical condition that may mimic some of the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia. When medical and laboratory work up are negative, one must consider a mental illness.
605458 tn?1265086851 I am also on Disability. Also due to having Bipolar Disorder. You may feel better to educate that person some facts about Bipolar Disorder and the diability that it can and does bring to those who suffer with it. It is not a flaw in your personality or character. You didn't ask to have this. Just like people don't ask to have cancer, diabetes, or depression or epilepsy. Nobody enjoys the suffering that goes with Bipolar disorder.
Avatar m tn Mental illness? Epilepsy? Other? It does sound like ocd. A healthier perspective is to focus on current reality. I would definitely advise seeing a psychotherapist to help you address your underlying issues. Those causing you to be depressed, stressed and anxious. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Actually I read one of your other posts and if you have epilepsy due to a TBI (traumatic brain injury) seizures from that be harder to treat than epilepsy that is inherited (you could post this in the neurology forum as well) and additionally the adjustment and specific dosages of psychiatric medications would somewhat differ as well.
Avatar n tn His psychiatrist has apparently said that it could be due to his epilepsy or OCD. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated.
607502 tn?1288251140 Things seem to have stopped working? Second thing to do is speak to your doctor. Thats important so I'm going to repeat it. Speak to your Doctor. Theyre the ones who prescribed and they are the one's who need to know you want off the drug or drugs. They are also the ones you need to contact about those side effects.
585414 tn?1288944902 I do not want other people to see it either. And it unnerved me as well. To say the least. But in speaking to the movement disorders specialist I see I asked about other treatments. As of now there aren't any identified medications I haven't tried. But I did remember (and this came from his research not mine and also is being used in standard clinical studies) my psychopharmocologist had let me try Piracetam in the past.
585414 tn?1288944902 Today I decided to go to the city. It is complex. On the one hand I always made my decisions about where I went. On the other hand being out and about by myself is now physically unsafe. I was disturbed by that incident a couple of weeks ago with that person assigned to work with me as a home attendant. That person clearly did the wrong thing but often people don't know what the "right thing" is.
1985196 tn?1402193698 Hi , I've had 1 dr diagnose me with bi polar another with bi polar 2 , and now they seem to think it's bi polar with psychotic features or possibly schizoaffective bi polar type , i was thinking it could be ultradian rapid cycling or mixed episode's or something like that i'm on meds for it and due to see my p doc in a few weeks , i just had an eeg done yesterday for my hallucinations mainly olfactory (smelling things ) of concern to check for epilepsy , i drift in and out of my own world
Avatar f tn As to your question that's complex. A manic episode is a mental change in that its a break from reality. A person's emotions are not normative to what is going on. It may impair judgement such as the grandiosity typical for mania where a person has an inflated sense of self importance. As for psychosis that is a sharp break from reality in logical and normative thinking.
675718 tn?1449992146 You know, it just seems to me that so very many people have bi-polar disorder, OCD, depression or something they deal with daily. I think we need to try hard not to look upon ourselves as being different from the rest of the population even though we are all unique individuals and different. Some people actually like to be by themselves or limit the social contact they have and I think that's fine...Nothing is written in stone that says we all have to get out there and be the big socialites.
222267 tn?1253305810 In my view, pschy because pts show at the time of mania psychotic features, because due to the missing fuse they get irrational that's all.
Avatar f tn Bipolar often causes people to have trouble sleeping but if sleep changes set off psychosis they perhaps might want to do an EEG just as they did in me to rule out temporal lobe epilepsy which causes personality changes instead of seizures. Are most of your manic and depressive episodes set off after waking up from nightmares?
1039200 tn?1314915608 Medications can make this worse, but in my practice, the issue is more likely to be that the medications are not adequately treating the condition (anxiety or mood disorder) and the cognitive impairment is due to the condition itself.
574118 tn?1305138884 Wellbutrin on average is LESS likely to make people manic, but there are always exceptions. Abilify is mood stabilizing, and is not an AD (many people think it is due to marketing)--it's an atypical antipsychotic. It can make people agitated at low doses, though. Lamotrigine is also a mood stabilizer. It sometimes makes people a little hypomanic at under 100 mg (100-200 mg is the standard target dose, assuming no interference from drugs that change enzyme expression).
469720 tn?1388149949 A situation that happened in my practice this week motivated me to look up some information about American's use of prescription drugs for chronic disorders. The results of my search (below) are consistent with what everyone already knows. We are a heavily medicated country. There's a medication for every disorder. And the most frightening part of the whole equation is the rapidly increasing inclusion of children.
585414 tn?1288944902 There is still ongoing research into the differentiation between bipolar with psychotic features, schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia and according to some researchers they may be all part of the same spectrum but that idea is still under clinical study itself. Clearly there is some link between bipolar and schizophrenia and that is being researched.
926090 tn?1244008606 I'm on Celexa and suffer from Aspergers and anxiety, and get moody due to lack of sleep and food. Glad there's another person with obsessional OCD that has no compulsions, although I do suffer from vocal tics at times of high stress or intense happiness.
574118 tn?1305138884 No, I havent, but am on the highest dose of tegretol at the moment. I can't change to lithium due to the neurologist questioning epilepsy (as responsible for hallucinations).
306455 tn?1288865671 This disorder should not be diagnosed if the distrust and suspiciousness occurs exclusively during the course of Schizophrenia, a Mood Disorder With Psychotic Features, or another Psychotic Disorder or if it is due to the direct physiological effects of a neurological (e.g., temporal lobe epilepsy) or other general medical condition.
Avatar f tn I tend to be a little careful when reading research as each research is always going to be slightly biased in some way, newer drugs obviously haven't had the same extensive and intensive research done on them as the older drugs so I don't think it is really possible to do an accurate comparative study, mainly due to the fact that numbers of people taking or having taken the drug are going to be vastly different.
222267 tn?1253305810 Yes pain meds can mess you up, Just ask any of us who have been in surgery, my bowel resection this year was an exercise in unpleasantness due to my reaction to Fentanyl and it can be very bad - Therese can tell you about that hell. That being said the comment from a psychiatrist that its the meds and they will take time to work is astounding - you just described a psychotic episode to us there and that means you are right now at risk and you need help.
Avatar f tn Poor balance (I can't stand still because I sway and feel like I'm going to fall) Awful memory Trouble remembering words Smelling burnt smells at times (doesn't happen really anymore, but it used to all of the time about 2 years ago) Involuntarily biting my tongue when I'm about to nod off to sleep Going into a sort of dreamlike state when I close my eyes...
Avatar n tn You dont have to go into detail if you dont want im just wondering if theres more of a connection to schizophrenia being a psychological illness-that the psych has become this way due to an inability to integrate emotion/an experience which has been overwhelming and highly traumatising.
480448 tn?1426952138 Of course, the fact that while having a high level of anxiety, we are SUPER sensitized to every sensation, feeling, symptom....adds to derealization and depersonalization. Also, you can have one without the other. Most of MY experiences have been with derealization, and I have a friend who suffered more from depersonalization...she explained it as feeling "numb' and more like an inanimate object than a person. The great news is..
Avatar f tn Dementia and Schizophrenia although both thought disorders are on two totally different sides of the spectrum Dementia is a degenerative disorder in which neural transmissions arent always recieved properly or completely due to degeneration and damage of receptors and sender neurons. It isnt due to chemical imbalances.
Avatar n tn So i got a mild seizure recently, but it was when something made me really angry, so i guess the high adrenalin levels combined with alchohol poisoning and thc, lead to the expression of the imbalance in the effected part of the brain probably due to alchohol poisoning, but this is a special case, Usually smoking HASHISH or the paste like oily form of marijuana instead of the grass like weed is better as it contains less THC. Alchohol disrupts brain signals even more..
603015 tn?1329866573 Thanks for responding Yes we have been told many years ago around 4years old when she was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder that she has some Autistic tendancies, some OCD tendancies, they explained mental disorders as a big umbrella and that she may display some behaviours seen in some disorders but that doesnt mean she has them, she saw an occupational therapist at this time to be evaluated for Sensory Intergrated Dysfunction, this is also common with Autistic children and they conc