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Avatar m tn I wanted to start taking whey protein shakes because ready made shakes are very expencive. ($4 or there abouts!). Any way can anyone tell me is it totaly safe and how much should I take to start off ?
Avatar f tn my doctor has me on a high protein diet, 108 grams/day and most days I can't make that, even with a couple of shakes. Are shakes and water all you plan to consume? If so, that's not good or sustainable. In addition, weight lost too and not in a healthy manner will most likely be regained as soon as you start eating normally again, even if maintaining a healthy diet. Sorry - thought it would let you choose which nutrients to track, but it only gives a list of the ones that are tracked...
Avatar n tn I use to take protein shakes from GNC before I was diagnosed with Hep B. I would like to continue taking the shakes and working out but my doctor told me I shouldn't do much heavy lifting. He says it would cause my liver to work to hard. I would love to hear more info regarding your great question.
Avatar m tn I have used GNC products. There lean shakes and active vitamins along with CLR will help reduce you.
9990306 tn?1407116738 Soy is the most complete of vegetable proteins that you can make a lot of things with, but any bean combined with a whole grain usually gives you a pretty complete protein. You don't need a protein shake, nobody does, for proper health -- shakes are either a shortcut for people in a hurry or for people trying to add lean muscle. Otherwise, you should get plenty from your regular meals.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anybody has had success with meal replacement shakes? I've been looking at the GNC lable "LEAN" and 2 scoops of the powder has 180 calories/2 grams of fat/30 carbs (8 grams of fiber, 5 souble) 4 sugars plus 9 grams of protein. I would make this shake with unsweetened almond milk for more flavor then water, plus ice. I am thinking about starting this up on Monday 4/11.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping you can pinpoint why this is happening. About a month ago, I started having these shakes (from powder - adding almond milk, banana & a tsp of peanut butter) as a way to get vitamins/supplements from a liquid form ... instead of a chalky pill (which I've heard is harder on your liver.) They've ended up being a meal replacement because - 1., they're better than I expected, 2. they're pretty substantial, 3. I need to lose weight anyway so what the heck.
Avatar n tn His body will not rely on protein shakes per se. Building muscle needs protein so the body needs it. Whey protein shakes are the best, most effective ways of providing nutrition but so do steaks and other red meats.
Avatar f tn you need to increase your protein intake aim for 60-100gm a day try shakes such as Isopur or Ultrapur - go to GNC to find them
148987 tn?1287809526 I went to GNC and got the powder that one scoop is 20 grams of protein. Remember the Adkins Diet ? Well if I recall, that's a high-protein diet that actually killed some people because it's so hard on your liver. Question(s): If my liver is messed up, why should I be taking protein supp ? Is anyone else doing this ?
244899 tn?1313628239 Well, I drank a lot of protein shakes and when I got too tired to make one before work, I bought the ready made ones that had the most protein n fat. Yours sounds yummy. Some days I could swallow it better than others. Whey protein w/ frozen fruit worked best for me...
Avatar f tn I am sure he could tell you, and maybe over the phone, so you wouldn't need to be charged for a consultation to get an answer. About the protein shakes....again I don't know for sure. They may have additives or sweeteners or something which are not good for dogs (Xylitol, for example is toxic for dogs) I don't know obviously, if the shakes have stuff like this in them. Hopefully someone else will post who knows. Again you could ask the vet about this.
Avatar f tn if you are having trouble eating (i did, no appetite) eat meal replacement shakes high in protein. Take good multivitamin, motrin (3 200mg), vit c, l-tyrosine (gnc), gaba 750 (gnc). I was told over and over to force myself to get up and walk around....i would walk out my door and down the street which would put me in the position of HAVING to walk back, if u get what im saying. Stay as hydrated as you can...getting dehydrated will make it worse!
Avatar n tn I am a strong user of proteins and use protein shakes and whey protein in various ways but it is to feed my body, it will not make him 19, I think he has reached his full height...sorry..
1251152 tn?1269606444 Your appetite will come back. Just make sure you are getting plenty of liquids and try protein shakes (GNC). They are packed with goodness and are easier to deal with than solid food early on. There will come a day soon when you will devour a large pizza and all will be well. Keep fighting...
Avatar m tn YOU need to give your brain the building blocks to heal now you can go to gnc and by all the amino acids vitamins and such for around 50 bucks or you can do what I recamend to everyone that detoxes go to walmart and pick up a can of whey protein shake mix its full of amino acids extra vitamins as well as raw protein all of witch your brain needs to heal its only 15 bucks a can the chocolate flavor ant bad you mix it with milk drink 2 a day for the next moth the drop off to obne a day you should
Avatar m tn As a stand-alone supplement this amino acid has been used by physicians for many decades to promote sleep and relaxation, but the problem with most protein shakes isn't the protein, it's either what the protein is made of and/or the huge amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners in most of them. Sugar and artificial sweeteners can both cause anxiety. And if you're allergic to soy, soy protein could pose a problem.
2117989 tn?1340146839 Get started on the Amino Acid Protein shakes. You will feel so much better.
Avatar f tn I recommend whey protein shakes I still drink 2 a day there loaded with vitamins ecental amino acids as well as the protein all of witch the brain needs to heal you can pick up a 2lb can up at walmart for 15 bucks the chocolate flavor is good and all you do is mix it with cant eat enough of the right foods to get this any other way it will speed up you long term recovery congrats on 7 days by the way keep posting for support good luck and God bless.....
Avatar n tn Can you please give me any suggestions on what I can do to help him gain some weight? I've had comments made about him taking protein shakes or finding a supplement at GNC but I'm not sure what I can give him that will help. He is reasonably active (currently going out for 7th grade football), but normally he is more interested in playing video games. His football coaches are afraid to even put him on the field. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Avatar m tn You can also drink a boost or ensure shake twice a day after a meal to help you with getting the vitamins and protein you may be lacking and it's not as expensive as getting the protein shakes from GNC etc.
Avatar m tn I am 18 years old and have been training for over 2 years and have always used either protein shakes or protein bars to supplement my lifts. I have been using the Muscle Milk to help me to gain muscle mass as I am going to be playing Rugby at the college level this fall. I am okay with switching to another product, but am just wondering why I experience this type of reaction after taking it.
Avatar m tn Hi John12686 The lack of energy is really tough in these days. Try the Amino Acid Protein Shakes (GNC) each morning. 3 big scoops each morning will help you tremendously. As hard as this might sound......try to exercise. It was next to impossible for me during these days but I tell you what.....It really, REALLY helps. If you can get a good sweat going and get some sun it will do you wonders. And lots of Gatorade! Stay away from the energy drinks as they will add to your anxiety.
2217169 tn?1371487322 Did you get the Amino Acid Protein Shakes? They will really help you feel much better. I took 3 scoops of the chocolate type each morning and it really, REALLY made me feel better. Not jittery, or buzzed out like the energy drinks. And dont forget to be drinking lots of gatorade as well.. The energy will come back so hang tight. My energy got much better once I started the Amino Acid Protein Shakes and Gatorade, but I did not begin doing such until about day 13.
Avatar m tn But nothing worked for me thats y i am opting for mega mass.... Btw wht about the sideeffects of these protein shakes or mega mass ?? does it have any sideeffects ???
639543 tn?1297031234 I don't really like the special K bars or slim fast bars or drinks it seems like they have a lot of sugar. For snacks i make protein shakes that are actually really, really good. I use whey protein for GNC they have a tripple berry one and i add some frozen non fat yogurt and frozen berries to it and it is amazing and it is filling too.
Avatar f tn Who knows what they put in there? Steroids and other drugs have been found in protein supplements at GNC several times, and I wouldn't trust Herballife any more than I would a GNC.
Avatar n tn protein shakes, nitric oxide powder, creatiene, and testostrone boosters from gnc. two fridays ago i was leaving the gym and as soon as i got back into the truck i started feeling weird. felt like it was hard to get a breath but i was breathing fine. then i started to feel like i was going to pass out. every since then i have a strange feeling in my chest and when i climb a few stairs or walk at least 100 yards it feels like i have tightness in my chest and my heart feels funny.
Avatar m tn So I will for sure get the amino acid protein shakes from GNC, water, gatorade, vitamin water zero ( i hear sugar makes it worse?), soups, my parents (moving in for a week so they can keep me company through the first week), anything else you can think of. D-Day is Wednesday.