Protein shakes give me gas

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Avatar n tn Also, because it happens on standing after a long duration of sitting, I can usually stand and get to the bathroom before the gas expells. This gives me an opportunity to force the gas out and avoid embarrassment when I return to the room. I have not asked my doctor about this as I have read too many stories of women feeling like they are idiots because it can't be possible to have vaginal gas. I hope this helps someone out there.
Avatar n tn i took some peppermint herbal stuff my friend gave me and that was suppose to help me burp, it did but the gas is still there then i drunk a sprite (pop) soda and i was guessing that was going to help me also but it didnt. what kind of medicine and i suppose to take to help this pain i have go away?
312330 tn?1245180352 There are several brands out there to choose from, but I tend to like Jay Robb's Whey protein, MyDietSolutions High Protein shakes, or even the Vital18 has spirulina in it which is supposedly a complete protein. They're all 3 excellent.
Avatar n tn That anxiety, ibs, and stress have led to ulcers and my stomach being torn to shreds with acid. And then they give me antacids and send me on my way. Well, all of this seems logical, but why has my stomach not healed after months and months of diet changing and antacid treating? I have been noticing that anxiety (watching a big football game) along with eating gassy food (like a bratwurst) can bring this on as apposed to just another day.
Avatar f tn I drink whey protein shakes 2 a day there loaded with vitamins and have a lot of amino acids in them that help heal your brain the chocolate flavor is good when mixed with milk and its not to expensive you can get it at walmart for 12 bucks they also cary liquid B-complex its 6 buck and helps with the energy thing the most important thing you can do is plug into some sort of aftercare N/A or A/A is good as is a substance abuse conslor it will get you around people that understand what your goin
Avatar f tn my brother was helping me out finacially but has cut me off. al.though he will talk to me. but he will not give me anymore of his money to spend on pills. also i lost my job for the very reason of being on pills. i don't know how much lower i can go. all this thinking going on in my head is driving me nuts. but someone told me earlier i just need to get my heart right first and then my head will follow. thank you all so much for responding. it helps so much to read.
Avatar m tn it does worrie me even though the doctor told me it was acid reflux and give me zantac. its almost like im haveing a heart attack. i get shortness of breath lots of stomac bloating and dizzyness. it wakes me in the night with my chest hurting and the first thought is. im having a heart attack. then i get scared and it puts me into anixety witch i have very bad and being treated with zoloft. i also get a knot in my throat. my doc says its all gas and acid reflex and not to worrie.
9518579 tn?1408023080 but all in all im doing ok 8days in and running the road of recovery never to look back at the drugs chasing me. MH and the people here have givin me so much support and kindness it has really helped me a lot so i just wanted to try and give some back. keep posting for support. together we can beat this, KEEPING THE FAITH.......
Avatar f tn You suggested monthly drug testing-I was thinking weekly! Will monthly give me the answers I need or can he clean up for a test? This is all so new for me and I don't want to make any bad decisions right now. I feel like everything I do is critical right now. He hasn't had any rls yet-it's been about 51 hours. When can I expect this?
Avatar f tn When i see or think about food it makes me sick. I love food but for the past week or so i don't even want to think about food. It is mostly meat. I always loved meat and now i can't stand the sight,smell.or thought of it. Meat is not the only food that does that to me but i don't know what it could be.i never want to eat now because i am scared of what i am going to feel like after words.. I want to go to the doctors but i am scared that they will tell me i have a eating disorder or something.
Avatar f tn I began taking Motrin again since it doesn't give me gas. The cut still hurts but I know it's healing. Hoping I don't get gassy again. My blood pressure was at 143/100.
Avatar f tn there are a few things you can do that help the energy thing out a bit for 1 pick up some liquid B-complex if you take it in the morning it helps the afternoon energy crash...also I still drink whey protein can pick both up at walmat the b/complex is 6 bucks and the whey protein is 15 bucks for a 2lb is loaded with vitamins and amino acids as well as the protein all of witch the brain needs to heal...
746512 tn?1388811180 I'm playing with dairy because it seems to make my asthma worse and give me gas. I've switched to soy milk but it is lower in fat than cow's milk but yogurt and cheese do bug me a bit too so I've cut back on them but haven't really found a substitue yet.
Avatar m tn Make some protein shakes and add berries to this..This one is a great breakfast on the go. Eat alot of Cabbage or Sauerkraut, this is a natural way to get your Probiotic. Order a GOOD Probiotic. Perfect Biotics America works great. The bad thing about these types of meds is that they hit or unbalance at least 10 or more Transmitter in the brain. They also fill up all the receptors that are all over our Brain/Body.
Avatar f tn I know money is tight right now for you but if you can budget in 15 bucks for some whey protein shakes they will give your brain a lot of what it needs to heal you can get it up at walmart the chocolate flavor is good you just mix it with milk its full of amino acids vitamins as well as the protein that with an exorcize program even if its just walking around the block to get started will do more for you then any other thing I can think of to make you feel well sooner this is not a quick fix but
Avatar f tn just resign yourself to the fact that you might not eat well for first couple of weeks....drink the ensures and also whey protein shakes are good for you can get the powder at walmart or groc stores too...mix it with what ever you like, milk, OJ...fruits etc...will give you more energy.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry I don't have an answer right now. I can tell you what my husband does is drink those protein shakes and he uses Immodium if he gets the runs or a suppository if he's constipated to try to keep the bowels regular.
82861 tn?1333457511 Some section of small intestine is twisted around scar tissue and I've got a partial small bowel obstruction. Before someone jumps all over me that I need to be in a hospital, let me say that I'm doing exactly what they would do. Well, aside from IV fluids and a lovely NG tube to decompress things. No way. I've had my last experience with an NG tube. I'll know my condition is a true emergency if I start vomiting feces. At that point, and only at that point will I go to the hospital.
Avatar n tn I contacted my doctor and she said to stop even the protein shake powder she has me on, in case that's what is causing a reaction...but in the meantime, what CAN I eat!? I'm a little frustrated and don't know what to do...I'm really hungry and weak...this has now been going on for a few days. I've been living off those shakes and a little brown rice when I can tolerate it, but I'm not sure it's enough.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your advice and concern. I drink protein shakes etc. when I can. I've tried Ensure and sometimes it made me feel sick - perhaps all the artificial stuff, or maybe the fact that it's milk based (whey protein). But we do what we have to to get enough nutrition, right? Good luck with your sleeping. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn when i picked him up the vet told me all he could see was he had gas.after selling me a $30.00 bag of dog food and charging me $600.00 i took him home. by the next day i could see he was getting worse. i called that vet but he was closed. so i called an emergency number and took him to another vet. he said my dog had a small fever about 101 and gave me amoxicillin. after about a day i saw some improvement.about 2 days later he started to relapse.
Avatar m tn I decided to avoid cooking as the smell was too much for me and started on protein shakes (my partner is a bodybuilder and helped pick out a decent shake) I struggled swallowing these from the start and eventually they just became too difficult to finish. End of Nov I was given sip feeds and started to live on smooth soup, I add a multivitamin tablet to a glass of water every day so I try and get some nutrients.
Avatar n tn ), cheese flavored chips (Doritos, I will always remember you…), protein shakes and “health” drinks (watch out for these!! Slim-fast, Ensure, and a lot of protein body-building drinks are really packed with milk proteins. For those without this sensitivity, it is good protein. For the rest of us, not so much.), etc. I really recommend reading this page for some info about where casein may be hiding:
Avatar m tn That freaked me out even more. I told 2 doctors and my allergist. They looked at me like I was nuts and told me it was probably a pill casing, or some kind of intestinal problem. Finally, I saved a couple of the pods. I had never really examined one before, and I was horrified that it might have some kind of eggs or something in it. I mean, at this point, what could it be but some kind of parasite??
Avatar n tn My abdomen is no bigger but no smaller,Even after taking laxatives, anti gas etc.Plenty of gas, but no gas pains. I now get constipated easily but am eating tons of fibre and drinking water. Occasionally after passing lots of gas I soften up but it literally lasts 30 minutes or so, then I firm up again, looking 4 months pregnant. My weight is stable, around 123 lbs. My doctor did a pelvic,a ca125 (15) and ordered an US.
Avatar f tn Tomorrow makes it about a week now since I've started deleting things from my diet in an effort to pinpoint what my possible triggers are. For the last week I have stopped taking any of my supplements (fish oil, protein shakes, multi-vitamin, yohimbee, and tonalin). I have also stopped drinking coffee. I noticed that my constant burping has slowed some but has not gone away. I also notice that I am getting headaches only after eating. I have also noticed that I am not eating as much.
Avatar f tn Got into the car made, I mean made, myself go grocery shopping at Walmart- got a ton of fruit, easy fixings for the kids, Ensure, Valerian root, Whey protein for shakes, and special treats for the kids who don't deserve watching their parent go through this. Then headed to nieces to pick up kids. I helped her move some furniture around before leaving. Stopped to get gas and headed home to unpack the groceries.
709686 tn?1277435759 I have had every test known to man run on me and each test comes back stating that nothing is wrong with me so each doctor gives me pain meds..which I am now addicted to but do need. Last year I was was furious with my doctor and began a search of my own as to what could possibly be causing my problems. At first I thought I was lactose intollerant and eliminated all dariy...dariy is not really good for you anyway. If yoiu think about it...
Avatar m tn also look up the amino acid protacall on the right hand side of the screen the supplements have helped many get well faster...I drink whey protein shakes... 2 a day it is loaded with vitamins and amino acids as well as protein all of witch your brain needs to can pick up a 2lb can up at walmart for 15 bucks the chocolate flavor is good you just mix it with milk...wile your there pick up some liquid B-complex it also helps with the energy....
Avatar m tn Anyway, I'm convinced that all these problems are caused by some problem with the central nervous system which controls everything in us. Doctors agree - they just can't give me any answers other than take medication and do the best I can. Just accept it and live with it. Easy for them to say, but they just don't know. best wishes to you all.