Protein in urine yeast infection

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Avatar f tn Not necessarily, but if left untreated then the protein in your urine from the infection can be dangerous to the pregnancy. Consult your doctor asap whenever you have any sign of a UTI.
Avatar f tn Too much protein in urine is a possible sign of preeclampsia. How do you know protein is in your urine? The doctor should run tests to determine how much protein is in your urine and if there is need for concern he should let you know.
433680 tn?1220549541 Well ladies i went to my ante natal on thursday and because the past few weeks there has been protein in my urine, and the urine samples have been sent to the hospital for testing there was a message on her computer from the hospital asking my midwife to test me for chlymidia, how degrading!!!!. I felt so small when my midwife told me what was happening, just because the samples that have been sent to hospital arnt showing any infection or fungal growth, they think its ok to test me for STD s.
Avatar n tn Protein in urine is symptoms of what ailment?
Avatar m tn Hello, In your urine reports, there is a high WBC count. It indicates urine infection or urinary tract infection. To diagnose a UTI please get a complete urine examination and urine culture done. Till then drink plenty of fluids to combat the symptoms of burning during micturition. I sincerely hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn That means negative results doesnt rule out protein in urine completely. The 24 hour urine collection is far more reliable. talk to your doctor.
Avatar f tn Hello, Blood in the urine can present in one of two ways: gross hematuria (blood that you can see in the urine), and microscopic hematuria (blood that is only seen when the urine is examined under a microscope). Both types can have serious causes. If you are passing different-shaped clots in your stream, they could represent bleeding from the urethra or prostate (in men).
Avatar f tn THey found some protein in my urine and got it tested for diabetes but NOTHING! ....and now as in last 2 yrs I have been getting funky green stool and its really bad and I googled everything and it says I could have anything from stomach ucler to cancer! I am really scared cuz it means i have blood in my stool and I am only 23yrs old...I made an appointment with the doctor for next week but i just feel like she wont do anything and ill be disappointed with another one yet again!...
Avatar n tn A yeast infection is normal everyone will get in some point of their life.Remember its an infection not a disease. be safe and worry free.
Avatar m tn Hi, we are not doctors on here but I am a clinical microbiologist and I can say you can't get a yeast infection just from eating starches in and of themselves. But being in the basement can possibly give you a respiratory or other type of fungus or other infection. So I would pursue that, as you are thinking of doing, with the infectious disease doctor. I think you haven't found the source of your stomach/intestinal problems.
Avatar m tn so recently I have considered that it could be the effect of a prolonged yeast overgrowth infection problem ,it could be that this infection is becoming worse. I have known for a while that I have some form of allergy to foods but I don't know 100% what it is, my parents said I used to vomit after having milk as a baby and I have gone easy on lactose or any product that contains it as a result.
Avatar n tn I did have white blood cells in my urine which indicates an infection, but the culture came back negative??? Tested again, and still negative. Is it possible that the test missed the infection twice?? Could it be something else? No fever this time, but i am very dizzy all day lately. That could be from other meds i am taking though. My GI issues are under control now, so i know its not that. I have had two CT scans and they were fine. Any ideas what could be going on?? Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Other causes of mouth odor are dental disease with gum disease (gingivitis or peridontitis), lip fold infection (yeast or bacteria), or yeast or bacterial infection anywhere close to the mouth, even the nose.
Avatar m tn Looks normal, except that you have Calcium Oxalate crystals present in your urine. Do you have a history of kidney-stones? Your urinalysis looks normal except for that.
Avatar n tn I have had blood in my urine and also chunks of blood tinged tissue, I have strained my urine now for several months - I have sand....a type of kidney stone but of coarse much smaller, that it can not be seen by a ct scan, the only way to tell is by straining and looking very carefully also they can attach themselves to the tissue that passes and can be seen under microscope... it is very painful - resembling a UTI, and can last as long as it takes your body to flush it ou....
Avatar f tn It is my understanding that Kiefer kills yeast and the Yeast die off will mimic symptoms of a Yeast infection. Dead yeast is a toxin and will get eliminated. I suggest continuing products like kefir but in smaller amounts until your body adjusts. It can be quite uncomfortable. I have experienced as well. When making your own cultured foods, they are very potent! Good luck.
Avatar n tn The last test indicated no yeast but a minor amount of bacteria, but this clearly looks like a yeast infection. I am not in a sexual relationship (but would desperately like to be and this is ruining my sex life.) Is there a "specialist" in OBGYN I should see?
5807499 tn?1383278875 I know you wouldn't have symptoms for a uti or yeast infection like usual cause of pregnancy. Should I be concerned ..or?
Avatar n tn Also, I have read of Fibrin being passed from diabetics after they take systemic enzymes. it was described in that case to look like fiberglass insulation fibers in the urine.
Avatar n tn Previous symptoms before my urine our rash and mouth bumps, yeast outgrowth, confusion, dry mouth etc in a one year domino effect on symptom after another,. Every test result comes back in good standing. Doctors cant find explanations which tends me to believe at this stage that it is more of a spiritual battle rather than physical because of dreams and experiences. I know, i know,. But the cientific approach has failed me so far.. Whats you guys' experience?
Avatar f tn mannito/lactulose test or PEG There are other possibilities, like low stomach acid, low enzymes, H. Pylori infection, ammonia toxicity in the G/I system, Candida, kidney and/liver dysfunction,magnesium deficiency and many more, however most of these are inter-connected to each other and to leaky gut as well. I'm certain that some of the above have not been ruled out, or the testing was inadequate/flawed.
Avatar n tn but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old. i did a biopsy for prostate cancer and my dr said that everything was ok. after the biopsy, i waqs back to normal.
Avatar m tn I have large stricture in bulbous urethera,.
Avatar f tn Fast forward to November of 2012. First guy in a year that I have went unprotected with. A couple of days later he tells me he is experiencing itching inside his penis. I tell him I have nothing going on. Well a month goes by, we are still having sex, and he tells me he has burning and blood in his semen. I'm getting freaked out. I started to develop a sore throat that I think is Strep and notice yellowish vaginal discharge with just a mild smell of pus.
1002601 tn?1264527089 Yeast would have shown up in your previous urine tests, so I don't think it is a yeast infection but I was thinking maybe another type of vaginitis that is causing a discharge. I will continue my research, in the meantime keep me posted if anything comes up.
Avatar n tn The Dr. at the clinic I go to says that I probably have an infection in my nose that is the cause of re-infecting ... I have swabbed a special antibiotic in my nose for a number if days to try to kill it (Dr. even had my husband do it to, just incase It was somehow from him). That was about a year ago and I still get these things. Early on I would go longer before I took antibiotics but it would grow very fast and very painful.
Avatar n tn I am a married (6 yrs) 31yo F with 2 children born via C/S 8/04 and 5/07.On 7/30 had unprotected intercourse with another person. Very brief and no ejaculation. On 8/21 had sex with my husband lt. vag bleeding found by touching cervix. Took an ovulation kit (on BCP and BF) (+) called PCP did an HCG = 0 she gave Plan B.
Avatar n tn He said that they get negative results in blood and urine until about the 4th month before it starts to show positive. That kinda gave me some hope there. So, I guess as long as we don't see no blood whatsoever, that's a positive sign in itself that pregnancy is a possibility!! Let's keep the faith yall!
Avatar f tn boulardii) (at LLMD's insistence) to theoretically re-seed my digestive tract with good yeast to avoid getting a bad yeast infection as can easily happen when the antibiotics wipe all the good bacteria too.
Avatar n tn So when my tests returned I was clear for sputim and urine results. But my bloodwork was showing 3 enzymes in my liver. He told me that I had tested positive for Hep A but that since I had gotten a combined vaccine for Hep A and typhoid recently for travelling overseas, that it may be within reason, and not a Hep A infection. Told me that another retest was necessary after 4weeks minimum or 8 weeks recommended.