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Avatar f tn I drink whey protein and use it for cookies, I also eat protein bars.
14025207 tn?1435678157 whey protein (0 iodine), Premier Protein Drinks (25% RDA Iodine), and occasional protein bars. I have avoided salt for years, so where I am I getting iodine from?....not many places. If I eat salty food, I can feel it in my bladder (IC). Additionally, it makes my hands stiff. Most of the foods that I've been eating for years contain little or no iodine: whey protein powder, oatmeal, and coconut milk with blue berries; fresh vegetables and only a few fresh fruits. Zero pasta, bread, gluten.
Avatar m tn This is the essence of the "McDougal Vs Sears (High vs Low Protein) diet: I saw the entire transcript on the web once for free and I'll post if I can find it again. -------------- The Great Debate High Vs. Low Protein Diets People all across this country are asking, "Should I be on a high-protein or a low-protein diet to lose weight?
Avatar n tn I still have a protein fruit 'smoothie' every morning and we use brown rice protein powder. That's when I add liquid vit/min and 'joint juice' and in the cold season we add liquid golden seal, etc-what ever. That's where I use the yougurt, raw egg, banna, berries, etc. W/cirrhosis, one wants to have the liver get the max nutrion w/the least amt of work. Lightly steamed veggies and juicing are the best, actually. Back to your inner hippy! Brown rice and green tea and organic honey!
Avatar m tn You said vegetables don't stop people being hungry, only protein does, that isn't right either, whilst some people can't be satisfied without protein, they can still be full without it, and a small amount of protein with dinner is normally enough to satisfy a person. ... and your suggestion "eggs, scrambled with spinach, red peppers, etc, served with whole grain toast" not so good, scrambled eggs contain butter/marge, and salt, and the toast would have butter/marge on it too.
Avatar f tn The article was originally designed for methadone withdrawal but the natrual suppliments and vitamins are essential for lessening the effects of withdrawal and will shorten the length of time that you will have to go through them. You will also need to get some protein powder...This stuff is loaded with the essential amino acids and good lean protein that your body needs to heal. You obviously have experience with withdrawal and what you need to do to get sober....
Avatar f tn B12 sublingual tabs (the ones you put under your tongue) 1 - 1000mcg AM and PM B complex capsules 1 -100mg AM and PM Liquid Calcium/Magnesium - 1 TBSP AM and PM Good multivitamin/multimineral ( I use a powder that I mix into a breakfast shake) - once daily Vit C - 1000mg AM and PM Protein Powder OR Amino Acid Complex (I use a good protein powder that I mix with the vitamin powder into a breakfast shake) - once daily Probiotic capsules or chewable tablets - 1 AM and PM Omega 3 oil ( with Vit D
181575 tn?1250202386 He explained to you that if you fight them with medium-sized arrows they will find a way to escape the arrows. He then says that at that point you switch to bigger arrows. Problem is that the virus already knows about arrows and before too long they can figure out that these are the same arrows...just bigger. They can find a way to escape the larger ones too. Then, your quiver is empty.
Avatar n tn Eating the seperate items seems to work best for me versus the recipies. If you don't like meat what do you normally eat for your protein source?
251922 tn?1193786078 ), but anyway, I'm thinking if I can drop a few more pounds if I happen to gain a few back during my trip I wont be so upset!! I'm gonna really try to just do protein and veggies when I'm there but I KNOW I'm gonna HAFTA hit ONE buffet while I"m there...I mean, its VEGAS. Thank Goodness we usually walk almost 7 miles a day every time we go!!!
Avatar n tn BUT, you must get 65-100 or more grams of protein a day. My doc told me to have 30-40 grams of protein but no more than 10 grams of carbs at breakfast. This jumpstarts your metabolism. I started having whey protein for breakfast and lunch. I had to read a lot of labels to find one low in fat and carbs. Right now I am using Optimum Nutrition (ON) 100% Whey Protein shake mix. There are 120 calories, 1 gram of fat, 3 carbs, and 24 grams of protein in one scoop.
Avatar m tn Your mileage and capacity to do this may vary as it is a typical Indian drink made with either Jal Jeera or Pani Poori powder. It is generall used to help with digestion. I mix it in gatorade and within minutes it starts releasing gas much more rapidly, but also relieves you much sooner. I have also found that walking at a moderate pace ... walk for a minute, relax, walk again ... keep doing it for an hour ... also helps.
Avatar n tn You might try upping your protein by adding a protein shake or more meat with meals. I have used a protein shake called ultra lean by Biogenesis that has worked well for me with the hunger problem(up to 4 scoops a day is allowed - this particular protein shake works to balance blood sugars but does not interfere with the hcg) For constipation, you can try adding 1 tsp to 2 TBS mct oil per day(medium chain triglyceride oil can be found at or magnesium supplements.
Avatar n tn B-12 allows your body to break down carbohydrates and protein to use for energy, thus not stored as fat. See if you comsume lots of carbs and protein, what your body doesn't use it stores as fat thsu you become overweight.
Avatar n tn 125.13 g •Calories: 289 •Protein: 3.39 g •Carbohydrates: 14.95 g •Fiber: 11.8 g Sugars: 0.52 g •Total Fat: 26.66 g •Saturated Fat: 3.678 g •Monounsaturated Fat: 16.952 g •Polyunsaturated Fat: 3.142 g •Cholesterol:0 mg Micronutrients: •Calcium: 22 mg •Iron: 1.06 mg •Magnesium: 50 mg •Phosphorus: 93 mg •Potassium: 877 mg •Sodium: 14 mg •Zinc: 1.18 mg •Vitamin C: 15.2 mg •Thiamin: 0.130 mg •Riboflavin: 0.247 mg •Niacin: 3.308 mg •Pantothenic Acid: 2.531 mg •Vitamin B6: 0.
Avatar n tn I also started taking probiotics, multi-vitamins as well as amino acids. Amino acids help with protein production, which allows your body to repair its skin faster. Probiotics are supposed to help to restore proper bacteria levels in your intestines (incidentally, I noticed after taking the probiotics, the constant pressure in my stomach and intestines mysterious went away - although this might be due to stopping my consumption of coca-cola also).
Avatar n tn John'swort) Extract, Silk/Serica Powder, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Leaf Extract, Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oil), Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Eugenol, Farnesol, Lecithin, Glycerin Number 15, NEEM OIL is the winner!!!! I've been using it alone & in conjunction with my Dr. H eye balm (neem may be too potent alone for some) and it has CLEARED up my symptoms!!
604197 tn?1292308636 So far all I can figure is if something is sweet, it has a high vibrational feel to it. If it's low, it's protein. Even this is sketchy at best. So what's it mean when you can taste but not smell after a major head trauma?
Avatar n tn I keep a pile of energy bars in the office and gulp one down at the very first hint of weakness, shaking, which seems to go away in about ten minutes. If I don't, the symptoms quickly intensify until I am so shaky and weak that I can't remain in a sitting position. I've had blood/urine test and was told all is ok. Here's the curious part. Last two days, instead of gulping down an energy bar, I've been taking Vitamin B-12 that dissolves under the tongue.
Avatar f tn My nurse got me really tripped up because she was telling me about mixing some powder and water in the syringe for trigger.The nurse did not realize that I had a prefilled syringe of ovidrel. That freaked me out. Well hope everything has went well with everyone.
Avatar n tn I would offer this, those people with Beta-Thallassemis will feel more healthy if they increase the protein in their diet as their brains tend to require more high protein foods. I would see these individuals with this condition as needing to rise in talents and gift development. The key here is to let that "light" shine and use those intuitive abilities.
Avatar n tn Ok - so what I did was I thought - if it is bacterial ie as a result of hairs etc and maybe a drop of urine etc causing growth of bacteria, I decided to use a little sitz bath wash with warm water with some detol in it. Did this and then put some antibactial powder on it. It went itchy like crazy! Then I put some antifungal cream and it went away completely.
Avatar n tn I have found a holistic medical doctor that has tested me and has me on some stuff that I am finding very helpful but tonight I ate one of the kids halloween candy bars and my heart started racing terribly! A GREAT book that shed some light on this is The Schwarzbein Principle 2 book. I wonder if there is a link between adrenaline overproduction by the adrenal glands and allergic reaction. Ironically I had some bloodwork come back that I had an allergic reaction going on.