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Avatar m tn I have returned to the GP for several repeat prescriptions and have also bought inderal over the internet. Does anyone know what are the possible long term side effects of this situation ? The last few doses have given me a very light, intermittent headache for a week or two after, although I suspect this is a dodgy batch from the internet or even some that may have gone out of date...
Avatar n tn Hi all I have been having PVCs everyday for over 6 months now and wondering whether it will ever end!! My question is does anyone know if there are any long term effects of having frequent pvcs everyday? My doctor just shrugs me off all the time and not sure whether I should maybe get a beta blocker to calm them down. I can cope with them but worry about the long term damage.
Avatar m tn 5 tablets He advised me to take these medicines for 2 months. Are there any serious side effects for these medicines. Can I take these medicines full 2 months. Im 28 male with no other serious physical/mental issues. Please advise. thanks.
Avatar f tn His symptomes were severe but he is slowly getting better. What are the long term effects of this disease on a young child?
Avatar f tn He's admitted that some of them cause him to haullucinate. I worried about the long term effects to his brain when we do get him off these.
Avatar n tn I was on varying doses, anywhere from 20mg 3x/day to 80mgLA daily with 20mg to supplement on bad days. As far as I know, no long term side effects. My daughter suffered from migraines several times/week. OTC medicines were not effective and RX drugs prescribed for migraines did little to help once she built up a tolerance (it only took a few weeks). About 4 years ago, we asked the doctor if she could try Inderal as a preventive measure.
Avatar f tn Lorazepam/ativan on the other-hand is strictly for as needed and is in and out of your system quickly. That is why it is used for short term relief and not meant to be used on a long term basis. My point here is, it all depends on the individual. If you have low blood pressure, you may find that the propanolol will make you very drowsy although the extra adrenaline you get from anticipating a presentation should counteract that.
Avatar m tn But while those extra puffs of the inhaler might not prevent an asthma attack, they can increase the risk of side effects–including thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth. And long-term use of inhaled steroids has been linked to thinning bones and osteoporosis in both men and women, weight gain, mood swings, stunted growth and acne–just to name a few.
Avatar m tn Also, the Metoprolol, like the Propranolol, is highly lipophilic so it enter into the CNS and have more side-effects like the ones I have right now with the metoprolol, but with the Propranolol it's different, I guess it's effect in the CNS is better for anxiety related tachycardia. The Metoprolol make me feel so bad if I compare it to the Propranolol, I feel like I was hit by a car... IF the Metoprolol is the Tic-Tac of beta-blocker, than maybe beta-blocker are not for me at all !
Avatar f tn I'm having less success finding out about long-term side-effects-in particular, rapid weight gain. I noticed the bloating quite early in my treatment, especially in my face and abdomen. My concern is that the bloated abdomen has been joined by swollen ankles, calves, hands, wrists and breasts. The most worrysome is the abdominal bloating-I rarely gain much weight in my abdomen; it's usually in the butt/thighs/hips area! LOL!!
Avatar n tn What did the savella side effects do to some people i hear they are horrible?
Avatar f tn Rozerem is a much safer option which is non addictive and works exactly like melatonin to adjust the sleep cycle. You can't determine long term side effects from a medication after two days. The body takes a while to adjust. They are always rebound symptoms as well. I think the best way to find out the side effect potential of Ambien is to go to the medication website. Every side effect that occured, even if just in one person must be reported to the FDA and listed there.
4155003 tn?1351617911 PO (by mouth) 10-80mg given 1 HOUR PRIOR to anxiety-producing event. One of the many side effects of this medication is disorientation. Perhaps you took a pill and became disorientated. You state you "don't know what happened," but you do remember drinking a "couple" glasses of wine, which, BTW, is a no-no on this drug, perhaps by now you were even more confused and/or disorientated, so you decided taking some benadryl would what? Help clear your head?
988694 tn?1332363079 but now realizing that low vitamin levels as well as a low progesterone level (I am 47) have probably helped those migraine attacks along. I have read of side effects of propranolol, well after i started taking it but in hindsight, I never had any problems with it and it keeps migraines away for the most part. Have you had your vitamin levels and minerals checked??
Avatar f tn It did not help the headache at all and the side effects made things even worse. I truly played the role of a ghost for a while, in appearance and actions. Then I was told to switch to Amitriptyline, which I did. This did not help the headaches either, though the side effects were not as bad. In conjuction with Propranolol, which I was told to add a short while after starting the Amitriptyline, I have been able to sleep for at least half of the night, which has helped with the fatigue.
9662954 tn?1405609759 I have another question, since I am in the wary stage, if I am still in remission should I still be careful with stress and take it esy as I feel my way through all the side-effects? (Joint pain, brain fog, the cirrhosis which really set in the beginning of this year, and post interferon syndrome related side-effects...fibromyalgia, fatigue, body pain and stiffness..?) I can't believe for every precaution and proactive intervention I underwent since 1994, that I have more problems?
Avatar m tn ve stopped taking it to verify that it was the cause. It was indeed the cause. It sucks because I really depended on it for long term anxiety control!
Avatar n tn I have been on reflux meds for the past 5yrs and have had numerous side effects from hyperhydrosis, a tremor in my hand (which I was on propranolol for about 1yr 9mths for), and most recently a tic has developed in my eyelids. The hydrosis has finally went away (4.5yrs later) and the hand tremor is minimal but my eyelids are going nuts. I am assuming its the drugs for reflux (I am having surgery for that soon). Does anyone know of anything else that would be causing this?
Avatar f tn I say this because when starting an SSRI like Zoloft, it can actually increase your anxiety, but I also suspect as it was with me, that when we are anxious we start to worry about the side effects of the medication and oversensitize ourselves to our symptoms; don't get me wrong, they are there and both times that I started Sertraline, it put me more on edge when I started it, but after a couple of weeks, most of the side effects 'wore off.' Continue to express your concerns with your doctor.
865431 tn?1239778093 Actually I used to keep myself away from any medication, especially it is a long-term medication. This morning before my trip for weekend, I start to have heavy heart beating and irregular. Last whole week I was so stressed by work and now it alerts my health condition. I took the medicine finally (after my insistence NOT to take it at all)and now I am just trying to know anyone has side-effect after this medication? Hopefully the answer is "DONT WORRY, THERE IS NO SIDE EFFECT!
2102364 tn?1334184877 They have been administering the radiation treatment for over half a century, and there is no hard evidence indicating long-term negative effects. Although the process means taking a few days off work and staying away from people for a few days, doing the RAI treatment is as simple as taking a Tylenol, and it doesn't make you sick or anything. Believe me, I tried everything else I could first. I totally changed my diet, I cut any foods that would stimulate my thyroid, but the thyroid won!
2211548 tn?1517715964 i was on something that was working for me. but because of its long term side effext we want to stray away frim. there's just no winning here.
Avatar m tn I understand the importance of holistic approaches to this issue such as yoga and meditation which I have been practicing but at this stage in consideration of how long I have had this EXTREMELY DEBILITATING condition I feel must try and take this approach until I can alleviate the symptoms using natural methods into the long term. So... I am really hoping this will be a miracle drug for me like so many others but I know everyone reacts differently.. My only major concern is hair loss.
Avatar n tn MD switched me to Cymbalta. He said it is possible for you to get used to meds after being on them long term. Is that true, cannot find much info. on that. The problem is the Cymbalta was better with my depression but seems to increase my anxiety and cause me excessive sweating, esp in social situations. Does the sweating sound like a common side effect for SNRI?
Avatar m tn I am sure I am not alone but it seems to me the pacemaker might be my best shot to get off drugs. Aside from updating the pacemaker are there any long term effects of it? If anyone has any similiar problems let me know. I just wish all cardiologist and eltrophyisiologists had agreeable and consistant treatments.
Avatar n tn These medications are usually prescribed for long-term treatment. To my recent horror my triglycerides had leaped to nearly 300. Reviewing my historic levels, I saw two specific time when my Tri levels 'doubled'. This was following the doubling of my propranolol dosage, however not as an immediate effect. I was not aware this could be an issue so, I was not hypervigilent to monitor - the blood work was done maybe 12-24 months following the dosage increase.
Avatar m tn The question I am posing is the same question that DavidX asked in 2005 concerning the side effects of atenolol. Your panel did not give a conclusive answer to his question as to possible memory less due to usage of this drug. So, I am asking this same question again. Is there memory loss due to usage of this drug? I have had a prescription for atenolol for the past ten years to control blood pressure. And, I am experiencing some minor memory loss.
Avatar f tn I hate to stop it but it's not worth the weight gain and chest pain. I'm worried about the vision side effect of topiramate tho. Sry so long. :/ if any one can help with how to tapper off the propranolol please share as well! I'm sure my dr will continue to ignore my calls and I don't know y. Thank U for ur time!
Avatar n tn I have already tried Paxil, Amitryptiline (I get headaches too) and Cymbalta but could not take them because of side effects. My question is, is there one SSRI or other long term anxiety med you find particulary effective that I could ask my doctor about? I've read about Buspar but sounds like it could affect my heart rhythm which would not be good for me. Thanks for your time.
10894761 tn?1413641484 These drugs are often long term, so go seek a second opinion before you embark on a long term decision.