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Avatar m tn It didn't give the expected results. My question is why can't you try the other treatment? Propecia is also available and also its especially for men.I had seen in many cases,those who are not satisfied by minoxidil are used propecia.some of them has the results after applying it. Once try this guys.
Avatar m tn In male-pattern baldness, hair loss typically results in a receding hair line and baldness on the top of the head. Some medicines can cause hair loss. This type of hair loss improves when you stop taking the medicine. Medicines that can cause hair loss include blood thinners (also called anticoagulants), medicines used for gout, medicines used in chemotherapy to treat cancer, vitamin A (if too much is taken), birth control pills and antidepressants. Certain infections can cause hair loss.
Avatar n tn I have seen a local Derm who said there was no scarring on my scalp and no real skin issues associated with my hair loss. In 2004 I took a course of Roaccutane for acne and noticed some thinning after the course finished. I was told that this was a known side effect, but that the hair would grow back. It has been over four years!!! My hair is uniformly thinned out across the entire scalp.
Avatar n tn Hi There, I'm a 51 year old male expriencing normal Male Pattern Baldnes. Which of all the products available - Minoxidil, Proscar etc - do you think produces the best results? Has there been any clinical trials to find the most effective product?
Avatar m tn I was wondering if anyone has advice on propecia. I feel like if i start now that it will have better results for the future. I am aware of the side effects and feel like if they do come about that i will just stop taking it. Anyone have any advice?
Avatar n tn Aside from minoxidil and Propecia, there's nothing useful out there. The two approved drugs are pretty good at maintaning hair, but not much at growing more hair. As to the horizon, who knows? Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn i had itchy scalp and bumps (1 or 2) which when scratched bled. so i went to a skin specialist and he told me to use IONIL T-Plus (similiar to coal tar). i told him i have had this problem since i was 17 (i am 23 now) and that nutrogena coal tar has no effect on me. anyway i have been using the ionil for 1 month with very little results. rarely do i get bumps on the head but now i see little red spots and my hair falling rapidly. my family (grand parents) have no history of hair loss.
264121 tn?1313033056 Compare with Hair Advantageā„¢ (relies on the blood pressure drug Minoxidil) I would not recommend anyone and especially women take Minoxidil in any form without checking with their doctor. especailly not someone who has undergone mulriple transfusions and has a blood disorder. meanwhile, there are clay based shampoos that increase volume quite well. and their are some decent wigs.....check the community side also, there have been some good wig threads in the last 3 months.
440193 tn?1293814117 but it will show any imbalances or damage from one side of the body to the other, I'm looking forward to see the results from this test,and will let you know what I find out, It isnt until jan 11th so I'm on a long waiting list but this is something completely new to me,I'm hopeful to get some answers finally!!!
Avatar n tn Do you have your blood results at hand? I would be interested in evaluating them and will be able to offer some extra advice. Are you testicles normal size 1.5/2inches in length? Have you suffered any testicular atrophy at all (shrinkage)? HCG is an LH analogue so it 'emulates' (though in a more potent form) the LH signals sent from your piturity gland. Most guy's that suffer from secondary hypogonadism find that HCG daily is enough to support normal testosterone levels and function.