Prometrium side effects during pregnancy

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Avatar n tn Her doctor told her that she should not be having these side effects because she is taking prometrium vaginally. Has anyone out there struggled with side effects like these from vaginal prometrium? I want to offer comfort in any way I can and am having a difficult time finding side effect info specific to vaginal application of prometrium. Would love your help.
Avatar n tn i had spotting at 4 weeks and my dr put me on prometrium. the spotting stopped within 24 hrs, and my pregnancy has progessed as normal. however, i had 2 m/c before this pregnancy @ 5 and 7 weeks. even though my dr says all is fine, i can't help but to constantly worry. about everything. with every little twinge i can't help but wonder if she is ok, and i expect the worse. anyone ever been in a similar situation, and how did you cope with your constant fears and calm yourself?
Avatar n tn hi i was wondering my dr put me on prometrium during this pregnancy has anyone else takin it while pregnate and had a succussful pregnacy the bottle says not to take during pregnancy im confussed please help
Avatar n tn Thanks. I had a miscarriage back in November. I called my dr & she said this should help me keep the pregnancy. Did you have any side effects. I'm having cramping, but not bad like A/F cramps.
Avatar n tn If you are pregnant you should not take this drug, or if you are allergic to peanuts. I would definately do some research on the drug because it has alot of side effects or talk to you pharmacist or Dr. I personally dont know anyone who has taken this drug and gotten pregnant. Hopefully some ladies on here have and can answer your question fully. Sorry I couldnt be of much help!
Avatar n tn other methods, they by law have to tell you that, have you agree in writting and keep a reord of ALL side effects no matter how minor! There is also a law that no one is allowed to do stadies on meds on pregnant woman and children! But they get around it by testing drugs for other things or using drugs in a differnent manner to see if they can get the same results or better ones. Think about it!
Avatar n tn I'm told the Prog can be a little irritating to the vaginal walls and cervix and that during pregnancy these area are more suseptible (sp?) to bleeding anyway due to the increased blood flow in your body. Any info would be helpful.
297280 tn?1226710005 Just curious if anyone has had any weird side effects from taking Prometrium during pregnancy. My fam dr put me on it as a precaution due to a previous m/c, until I can get in to see the OB she's referring me to. In my m/c my progesterone levels dropped but they weren't sure if that was caused by the m/c or if they were dropping because I was going to m/c. Anyway, due to my history, the fam dr has me taking a suppository once nightly. I see the OB a week and a half from now.
Avatar f tn (I was also on Femara, Gonal F and Ovidrel) I've read a few things about it and I have seen that it's contraindicated during pregnancy, so I wondered about that, but Ive heard other pregnant women on it as well so hoping it's ok. I decided to keep taking it and will ask the nurses at the fertility clinic. Unless others here have more information???
Avatar n tn i've read that vaginal suppositories is the most effective, then injectables and oral is the least. There is also supposed to be less side effects. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn after 3 m/c this yr i also and taking prometrium for the 1st time during preg. the dr did warn me of some side effects but, not as severe as described here. glad for the heads up. i did not take yesterday since pharm was out. i will start taking today. found out due date is 08/17. i am scared and excited all at once.
Avatar n tn Can progesterone suppositories create side effects to the male during intercourse?
Avatar n tn I took prometrium during my last pregnancy, I had a MC at 12 weeks with the pregnancy before that one and they wanted to help the baby implant right i stayed on it until 14 weeks just to be safe, I did not really have any side effects that I know of i was somewhat tired, but I was pregnant and had to young children at home.
353408 tn?1224071736 I only took it for about a week when my progesterone was low during my last pregnancy (ended in a miscarriage), but I would get sooooo dizzy about 1/2 hour after taking the pill that I had to take it right before going to bed, so I could just go straight to sleep!!! I was taking 200 mg. I did check the bottle, and it said that dizzyness was one of the side effects. Do you take it at night? If so, I would HIGHLY reccomend taking it right before bed...
Avatar f tn I'm not having the most glorious time with it...some um....irritating...side effects. It's to help your lining stay nice and thick to keep the baby from being m/c due to shedding of the lining. I've had 2 early m/c which is why they gave it to me. They told me I could go off it at 12 weeks.
Avatar f tn I was in prometrium 200mg once a day with my 3rd pregnancy..and still i m/c at 17&1/2 weeks.. and i stopped taking the prometrium at my 15&1/2weeks( i should only take them for 12 weeks, but my dr told me to continued the left pills..) still don't know the reason why,, if it's bec. i stopped taking the progesterone supplement or there is some thing else..
Avatar f tn Little by little you will decrease your use of progesterone during the ninth week of pregnancy. Side Effects of Progesterone What are the side effects of taking progesterone? Natural progesterone does not have any known side effects on a pregnancy. This includes the progesterone in Crinone gel suppositories, Prometrium capsules, and the progesterone in oil for injection.
173820 tn?1224939758 So I was told to take 200 mg prometrium 1 time daily at night.(as side effects are horrible!! for me if I take during day) If I get preg this month or next they said to take till I was 13 weeks. then I will go off. I dont know why you have to take 3x day-My doctor said once per day if fine, but your numbers may be real low, and you are preg. and I am not. That may make a difference. Be sure to eat with the pills!!! Good luck!!
Avatar f tn In fact it is usually NOT recommended during pregnancy since it can lead to birth defect (at least that's what I have found out). I can't contact my doc before wednesday and I am VERY concerned about starting this right away (technically I will be 18 weeks tomorrow, Tuesday). MY QUESTION : Has anyone been prescribed Ptometrium after the first trimester? Is it dangerous for the baby? I think he prescribed it to strengthen my uterine lining and/or my cervix but will this really help?
Avatar n tn During my one successful pregnancy, I was prescribed progesterone suppositories which I used for just one week with no side effects. I have already had 2 u/s with this pregnancy and the embryo is on the small side, so I asked my ob if he thought taking progesterone again might be beneficial. He prescribed 100mg Prometrium 4x day, orally. (2 in the morning and 2 at night.
Avatar n tn During my one successful pregnancy, I was prescribed progesterone suppositories which I used for just one week with no side effects. I have already had 2 u/s with this pregnancy and the embryo is on the small side, so I asked my ob if he thought taking progesterone again might be beneficial. He prescribed 100mg Prometrium 4x day, orally. (2 in the morning and 2 at night.
211043 tn?1337054301 Well it was just the nurse, and she simply suggested it - but it wasn't based on anything personal or having to do with my health. It was actually at my intake appt (I'd just switched OBGYN's) and I'd just had my IUI 2 days before. I've never had any problems with blood clots, but I heard that progesterone does thicken your blood and can cause them. I'm more concerned about blood flow for the baby.
Avatar n tn I am currently on one month of the patch (ortho evra) and on the 12th day of my cycle after that I'm supposed to start the Crinone for two weeks (never used it before but it's supposed to have have less side effects than the oral). I also have recurrent miscarriage (5 in a row in the last year and two previous. Two were second trimester losses...both boys). I used Prometrium during my 6th week of pregnancy to encourage a good lining but my baby died at 13 weeks.
Avatar n tn I'm really freaking out about it though..I wasn't sure if a pregnancy test would pick up the pregnancy after these procedures..anyone know??
Avatar n tn Becca, yes plz go to the ER immediately if you have those symptoms, as that is not common for a UTI, but it sounds more like a kidney infection, which can be very dangerous during prengancy. I have had recurrent UTI's throughout this pregnancy, but I was told if I had a fever, chills, shakes, etc. to go to the ER immediately because that means it has gotten to the kidneys. If they treat it immediately, it should be fine.
Avatar n tn They figure it could be because the implantation occurred on the right side and that side was the smaller side and couldn't stretch to accomodate the baby to term. This time implantation occurred on the left side and everything has ok to date. I did have bleeding in the first tri. with both, but it cleared up. This is not to bring you down, but to encourage that you can and will get pg. I'll be thinking of you.
Avatar n tn is it normal to get a negative pregnancy test 24 hours after embryo transfer?
Avatar n tn He wears glasses only for distance and has never required any other surgeries. He is very intelligent showing no side effects from the brain bleeds. His only-on going treatments are physio and occupational therapy for low muscle tone which may/may not be linked to prematurity. When I found out I was pregnant, I consulted the doctor who performed the ablation his advice was - terminate! I'm glad I didn't.
Avatar n tn I found out I was pregnant less than a month after my surgery in July of 2008 and my vaginal drainage and bleeding ceased for about 2 months during my pregnancy...but something still didn't feel right. We found out on Halloween of 08 that we had lost the baby. I was 12 weeks pregnant but the babys' heart had stopped at 10 weeks as well as it's growth. I opted to have a procedure the very next day to remove the baby and pregnancy. I proceeded to have continued bleeding/clotting/pain...