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Avatar n tn com / wiki / Prometrium _ to _ Prevent _ Miscarriage. I'd take the meds. Generally speaking, though it won't prevent a miscarriage that comes from something else, docs think it might prevent a miscarriage that comes from low progesterone.
Avatar n tn I took prometrium until I was 12 weeks pregnant and thank God, it saved my pregnancy. Right now I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I am telling you Prometrium works. Check out my posts. God Bless you.
175665 tn?1306462624 But at least you'll be able to get far enough along using the Prometrium to see what is going to happen and possibly prevent a miscarriage in the event your little bean is healthy as can be! Prometrium makes me feel really dizzy. You're not supposed to drive after taking it. It can increase vaginal discharge (which it has for me), cause sore breasts, nausea, vomiting, etc. I take one 200mg pill at night. Some doctors prescribe that you take 2 a day (which is what I did my last pregnancy).
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken prometrium from 2 DPO and miscarried after stopping prometrium at 12 weeks? My husband and I had a miscarriage back in September at 5 1/2 weeks. Because my husband has cancer, we had to go to a fertility dr for IUI. The dr put me on Prometrium at 2 DPO. I am currently 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant. We saw a heartbeat on our 6 week and 4 day ultrasound but have not had another blood test nor ultrasound since. I am just worried, I know I shouldn't be... but it's really hard not to..
Avatar f tn That's the good thing about progesterone. Although it won't prevent any miscarriage except the one caused by too-low progesterone, if it is needed for that reason, it helps. If it is not needed, it does not harm the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I was concerned too about taking progesterone supplements, they have all these warnings on the bottle about brith defects and stuff. But apparently we take them at such a low dose there is no effect on the fetus and women have been taking it for years during pregnancy. I think it says it may cause cleft palate and abdominal defects so during my u/s I had them check specifically for that and everything seems good so far!! I would much rather risk that then to lose another baby to m/c.
Avatar f tn How many hours after beginning prometrium did your spotting stop? The doc really doesn't think it's due to miscarriage because the bleeding should start once my hcg stops rizing and not before. I'm trying to stay positive and just wait for the next round of numbers...
760797 tn?1303268140 The nurse called and said the dr would like me to take prometrium 200 mg sup. 2 times a day. I picked the prescription up and was a little worried when I started reading through the info that accompanied my prescription. The side effects don't bother me as much as the possibility of stoke, heart attack or blood clots. Also I'm in the tww and may possibly be pg. I know the RE would not prescribe anything that she didn't feel necessary but I am still nervous about taking it.
Avatar f tn After I found out about my progesterone levels I was quickly prescribed prometrium. My doctor said that in most cases I have experienced a miscarriage because although I ovulate, the egg in most cases will not implant. I am very frustrated because I want to be sure that I am taking the medication properly--Last month was my first month on prometrium and I was still on clomid as well. It was not until mid December that I found out about my progesterone levels.
458413 tn?1223356623 It is not something that you just take to prevent miscarriage without having a reason, and there is still some debate on whether or not it does anything to actually prevent a miscarriage. I was on it and still had a miscarriage, so the way I look at it, that pregnancy was just not ment to be, as hard as it was for me. I was on it and had a healthy baby girl, but am not sure how much of that was because of the prometrium.
1262373 tn?1281547382 I conceived on prometrium 400 mg. Unfortunately it ended in mc, but I did get pregnant...the fetus was a male (I had a d&c and they tested to see what was wrong--everything was "normal")---but progesterone has nothing to do w/ conceiving a particular sex. Like pol79princess said, it's just to help prevent potential miscarriage... Good luck!
611020 tn?1290575229 Does anyone know if you're taking Prometrium, and you are miscarrying, can the prometrium prevent any sign of the m/c ? i.e. can it prevent spotting/bleeding/cramping , or will the m/c go through anyway.?
Avatar f tn Some women taking prometrium during pregnancy worry that they might miss a miscarriage. In other words, prometrium might cause a naturally occurring miscarriage to not take place as in the case of a malformed fetus. In this situation, prometrium will not prevent the miscarriage. Prometrium works only to "hold" the pregnancy if it is a healthy, normal pregnancy to start with. Nature will take its course if the fetus is not viable and prometrium will not interfere with this process.
Avatar f tn Many people take that med in pregnancy and if your dr tells you to take it i would absolutely take it. Most women who have low progesterone in pregnancy and do not take this med go on to miscarry or have a still birth. I have never known anyone to have problems with their baby due to taking this med. If you have low progesterone you will be at high risk for miscarriage or still birth without this medication even in the second trimester.
Avatar f tn Because I had a miscarriage last year. They put me on prometrium. As soon as I found out I was pregnant. I went to get my HCG and progesteron checked. it was HCG 130 and progesterone 45.8 which is good. But they put me on it just in case. I started seeing a new doctor now and she she is sending me to a specialist for the medicine to see if I really need to keep taking the medication, because it could be harmful to a developing fetus. My appointment is Friday.
Avatar n tn I am not pregnant yet, but I take prometrium and my doctor said when I do become preg I will still take it to help prevent miscarriage and he said it would provide my body with female hormones my doesn't produce.
Avatar n tn I had an early miscarriage in May due to low progesterone. I was given Prometrium for after I ovulate. I started taking it on Saturday and then I went to the internet to research it.I see that many people on this site have benefited from it and have wonderful babies or good pregnancies. What I am worried about is the side effects. I am already a worrier and now I see that it causes it blood clots.
Avatar f tn asked me to take prometrium 200mg vaginally only after I have a positive pregnancy test. Is there any chance I could prevent miscarriage by taking prometrium starting day14, because i'm planning to become pregnant this time. Is it safe to take before becoming pregnant? My dr. told me to wait until day35, confirm pregnancy and to take prometrium. But the last two miscarriages was within 5 weeks. I could not call it as chemical pregnancy, because we saw the sac in u/s.
Avatar f tn What are they doing to prevent another miscarriage? Are you on Prometrium (or another progesterone supplement)? Or taking baby aspirin? There are some preventative measures to take to prevent miscarriage if it is recurrent and they know why you keep miscarrying (depending on what is going on). They need to check your HCG levels. They should double every 48-72 hours. They also need to check your progesterone.
Avatar f tn Hello- Has anyone had any experience and sucess with 'preventing' further miscarriages? I have had three. My first was a partialmolar pregnancy w/a d&c at 12wks, my second was a miscarriage at 6wks w/another d&c, then we had a full term pregnancy resulting in an amazing now 2.5yold, my third was at 8wks again w/another d&c. We are wanting to try one more time but have not had any real recomendations from our ob about diagnostic testing prior to getting preg. this time around.
Avatar f tn If you have a blood clotting disorder taking a baby aspirin everyday can prevent miscarriage. If you have progesterone issues taking progesterone can help. And there are probably other various things that can be dealt with. Anyway you are in my heart tonight. I'm so so so sorry you're going through this again!
Avatar n tn We ended up getting pregnant immediatly and then had another miscarriage at the begining of September not even 3 months after the first miscarriage. With the second pregnancy we saw a heartbeat of 120bpm at 6 weeks 3 days and then at 10 weeks went in for another ultrasound due to very slight brown color in my discharge to find out that there was no heartbeat an the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks 5 days. I ended up miscarrying naturally later that night.
Avatar n tn I was wanting to know if anyone has taken prometrium to start af? This is my 2nd time to take it and af came late saturday night and is gone as of yesterday evening. This is not normal for me. Also, Monday it was so heavy that I wanted to call the dr. (like changing tampon every 1 to 1 1/2 hours and still leaking through quite a bit on the pad. sorry tmi, but has anyone had this happen too? When I took it for the 1st time it was like my other normal afs and it had been 3 months since af.
Avatar m tn The tests include chromosome testing of you and your partner, an X-ray or saline ultrasound evaluation of your uterus, and some other blood tests for certain antibodies that may prevent adequate implantation. Try not to get too discouraged, overall the chances of getting pregnant successfully even after two miscarriages is probably more than 70%. The only thing I worry about a little bit is your age. Sorry for the miscarriages. I hope things work out!
Avatar n tn I became pregnant again with a single child and had another miscarriage at two months. However, this miscarriage was different. I did not have any cramping however there was light bleeding. I did not have a DNC with with either pregnancy because my doctor stated it was better to let my body remove it naturally. I was given the Rhogham in the hospital during my second miscarriage however not during the first.
Avatar f tn Everything I read says to take progesterone, not that it's a guarantee, but that it could help prevent my outcome. I'm sooo confused, can anyone help or have any suggestions? This is my 2nd miscarriage in 4 month.
Avatar n tn There are many many drugs that can help prevent miscarriage. I reccommend talking to a doctor to help find out if something could be causing you to miscarry(maybe something other than low progesterone). Good luck.