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Avatar n tn I was t start taking Serophene on day 3 of my period so you can see my dilema... Was it a period, or should I expect to get my period AFTER finishing the 10 days of Prometrium? I don't want to start the Serophene if it wasn't really a period. Any else have this type of spotting during taking Prometrium and did you wait until after the 10 day cycle and THEN get a period? Thanks...
Avatar n tn We BD'ed around the time I thought I was ovulating (if I ovulated) and I went to an RE October 5th who put me on Prometrium to start my period and prescribed Clomid 50mg to start after my period came. My question is this: I've been taking the Prometrium for 5 days now and no sign of my period.. How long does it usually take?? Also, I've taken an HPT that was negative but if for some reason I were to be pregnant it doesn't hurt the baby right?
Avatar f tn My dr. just put me on Prometrium 200mg at bedtime with hope to get my period. Has anyone taken this for similar reason and what was your outcome? We are trying to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn my doc. put me on prometrium 200mg everyday for 12 days to reg. my period, he said i am ov. but he just dont know when, ive been taking them for about ayear know and i always come on 2days after taking my 12th pill,its been 2wks now since i took my 12th pill and no period, my nimples are sore and i took a preg. test and it was neg. if theres any body out there having the same problems as me, please help me understand what i am going through!
Avatar n tn My ob/gyn has put me on Prometrium to help regulate my menstrual cycle. My husband and I are trying to concieve our second child. With my first child I was put on prometrium for the first trimester due to low progesterone levels. This month I thought there was a chance I was pregnant and he told me instead of taking it days 16-25 I should remain on it until I know for sure if I am pregnant. I still have not gotten my period, and I am 3 days late.
Avatar n tn Hello Ladies, Can someone tell me about prometrium? Does it prolong your period and make you feel like ****?
Avatar n tn I am not sure. Was your period just late so they put you on prometrium? What are your cycles usually like?
Avatar f tn Typically with progesterone/prometrium once you stop it you will then get your period, unfortuantely it doesnt' mean that you are for sure ovulating though.. the only way to for sure know is for them to check hormone levels (progesterone after O time) and ultimately to get an ultrasound to see if you have mature follicles developing and releasing.. do you get positive OPKs? (LH surges) Progesterone is great with people with Luteal phase defect or spotting too early after Ovulation..
Avatar f tn my doctor put me on prometrium. 1st month 10 days later i got my period. 2nd month 10 days later i only spotted for a day and no period. Did this happend to anyone? What could it be?
Avatar n tn I am taking prometrium, after my period starts when should I ov. And will I ov. I never had to keep tract of all that because I was on the pill until about a year ago. I am trying to get pregnant and I finally did about a month and a half ago, but I m/c. I have only taken about 5 of the pills and I am trying to start now. So I dont know if I am supposed to count this as day one. I feel like my hormones get all messed up when I take this pill and I wind up bleeding every other day.
Avatar f tn I just think it's so weird that my dr. gave me prometrium to make my period start, and then once I got pregnant he put me back on it to stop spotting.
Avatar n tn If neg, wait 5 more days test again, if neg come off prometrium and I'll probably get a period. Has anyone gotten their period while on prometrium? Can prometrium just delay getting my period and I'm still not pg? THANKS!
Avatar n tn I have a quick question why did my doctor put me on prometrium (which i've ALWAYS taken in the past to basically force a period out of me when i hadn't had one in months) recently to help w/ my progesterone levels? I am about 6 weeks along and had a miscarrriage in june due to deathly low progesterone levels hints why they look action so quick and put me on this pill.
Avatar n tn I have just completed my second round of shots and IUI's and am currently taking prometrium and estrogen. Its been 16 since my IUI and no period, I took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative, does anyone know what is going on? does the estrogen or prometrium have anything to do with it? is there a possibility that the home preganancy test was a false negative?
Avatar n tn i was told to take 200mg prometrium for 10 days to bring on my period but i got her on day 7 so should i count that as day 1 what would you do?
Avatar n tn I have been taking 100MG of Prometrium 2DPO. My period was due on Sunday. I am 14DPO and still no period and no BFP. Is it because I am taking the Prometrium?
Avatar n tn I had IUI last month and I was on 300mg of prometrium and I did get my period...I asked if and why and they said that prometrium is not to stop the period but to help your progesterone levels incase you do get your period... Good Luck and hopefully you are feeling what are implantation cramps...
637951 tn?1257273944 When I took prometrium 3 years ago, it took about 12 or 14 days to get my period. I only had one cycle since I got pregnant with my son on the second round. Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn I finished taking prometrium and it's been 4 days since then and still no period. I have been spotting since about the 5th day of taking it, though. Is the spotting a sign that I probably won't get a normal period? I know they say you can get a period anytime within 2 weeks of finishing the last pill, but doesn't is usually come within a few days of stopping? If I don't end up ever getting it, does it mean that I need a higher dosage of it?
Avatar n tn Im 22 and Im taking prometrium to help start my period and im having brown discharge and I have six pills left of 20. Im taking 400mg a night. I have ovarian cysts so should I be starting my period any day now? I really hope I'm not pregnant.
Avatar n tn I take Prometrium 14 days on and 14 days off to regulate my period. This cycle my period came 10 days early. Should I start the Prometrium again since it is my day 1?
1613595 tn?1302552190 My doctor put me on prometrium and estrogen for my HOT flashes during early menopause and my husband and i want to have a baby. Will taking these two medicines help or hinder our chances of getting pregnant? i haven't had my period in 2 months. I know that going through early menopause at 39yrs is unusual, and our chances are slim.Has anyone had any success with this? Is anyone going through what I am going through?
Avatar f tn She said if I was going to get my period -then I would. The 2nd cycle on prometrium my period came on time. Right now I'm actually about 13 weeks pregnant. I have a blood clotting issue that the treatment is to take baby aspirin - that's seeming to do the trick. The dr's office said to take the prometirum from when I ovluate until I get my period or I'm 12 weeks.
Avatar n tn I am suppose to start taking Prometrium today and last month I was given a shot of progesterone to help me start. Could I have ovulated last month? I am still about two weeks away from when I should have my period but I have been feeling weird. I have sore nipples and pain in my lower right side of my stomach. Could this be me ovulating? It has been so long since I have had a regular cycle, I don't know what to do or think. Could I already be pregant and not know it?
514684 tn?1211465708 Only time I do have a period is if I'm on birth control. Although I get the good ol cramps/PMS like clockwork but nothing happens. It seems I'm on the same cycle as my 2 sisters (they have no issues w/ infertility, in fact my older sister just found out she is pregnant - huge shocker) Anyway, OBGYN would just take blood and give me a dose of Clomid to take. My period would come for 1-2 months.. then nothing. We decided to aggressively try so made an appointment with a RE...
Avatar f tn I've been doing some research on prometrium . I was prescribed prometrium since the month of Feb. In Feb.,I ovulated with the help of clomid and prometrium. My progesterone levels were 34. In March my cycle never came and I contacted my Dr on Apr. 9 letting her know I never had my cycle. She schedule me to take some test to take . On 14 my cycle visited and was very weird . her instructions for the prometrium is to take on cycle day 16 and continue to take until a cycle comes.
Avatar n tn I am 46 years old, no period for over 3 months. My doctor measured my uterine lining at 19 mm, so he put me on 100 mg Prometrium once a day for 7 days. At day 3 I started bleeding very heavily (2 pads plus 2 tampons per hour). I am on day 6 now. I was told that I would not bleed for about a week after taking Prometrium. My doctor did not do a biopsy, but told me I could have cancer. Is bleeding right away on Prometrium normal? My FSH level 10 months ago was 52.