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Avatar n tn We BD'ed around the time I thought I was ovulating (if I ovulated) and I went to an RE October 5th who put me on Prometrium to start my period and prescribed Clomid 50mg to start after my period came. My question is this: I've been taking the Prometrium for 5 days now and no sign of my period.. How long does it usually take?? Also, I've taken an HPT that was negative but if for some reason I were to be pregnant it doesn't hurt the baby right?
Avatar n tn I took prometrium as well, and in my case it was taken orally. There are still a few side effects - made me a bit sleepy is one that comes to mind, but at least no irritation. In terms of effectiveness my RE says its no different. That might be a good alternative for you to ask your Dr. about. But as Christine says, I wouldn't reduce them or stop them without consultation. The good news is most Dr.'s will have you stop prometrium around 13 weeks.
377493 tn?1356505749 This time it's a higher dosage...200mg X3, and it's the first time they have been prescribed to me in the form of vaginal suppositories. I have taken them orally in the past (as per my OB), but my RE prefers them vaginally, mainly due to side effects like being tired. And because this is a higher dosage then I've taken before, she's thinks this will be easier for me. Ok, I'm good with that, but I have a few questions. So, how far exactly do you push them up? Is it messy?
1176767 tn?1266191694 Everywhere i go anymore women are pregnant, now another girl in my salon is pregnant, its constantly in my face, and feel like a terrible person, its so hard for me to be happy for her when im green with envy, and thats so not like me. I so feel like charlotte from sex in the city.
287071 tn?1365196113 I'm looking for experiences with vaginal prometrium. I am in my 5th week and with my son I was on oral 200mg/day. Now with this pregnancy the nurse practioner prescribed 200mg vaginal 2x/day. I'll do whatever is going to ensrue a healthy pregnancy but am curious about the experiences anyone had with the vaginal prometrium. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Progesterone is synthesized from a starting material from a plant source and is chemically identical to progesterone of human ovarian origin. PROMETRIUM Capsules are available in multiple strengths to afford dosage flexibility for optimum management. PROMETRIUM Capsules contain 100 mg or 200 mg micronized progesterone. The inactive ingredients for PROMETRIUM Capsules 100 mg include: peanut oil NF, gelatin NF, glycerin USP, lecithin NF, titanium dioxide USP, D&C Yellow No.
294043 tn?1354211546 I did mine right before bed and woke up early in the morning, stuck one in and went back to bed for an hour or so. The discharge is pretty gross. Chunky, spongey, cottage cheesy is a good definition. It will take a while to start seeing the discharge, only when you have a lot built up. Don't be alarmed if it comes out brown, grey, or even black! It is just some dried up blood that is mixed in it. My Dr also told me to use my finger to get some of the chunkiness out.
Avatar f tn I read, too, that progesterone injections may be more effective, but my OB's office doesn't offer that. Could anyone who's used Prometrium in their 1st trimester share some info on how soon or how much their progesterone level rose after taking Prometrium? Thank you!!
188576 tn?1287722662 Otherwise they would have never known I was dilating. I went in thinking they would just send me home and tell me it was a pregnancy pain I was experiencing, but instead they did the FFN test and sent me over to the hospital to monitor me. My doctor said she guessed that the test would be negative and that I wouldn't be contracting, but I was, every 3 minutes. Several of my friends are nurses as well as my aunt and all say that the test isn't that accurate.
Avatar n tn He is a firm believer in ONLY progesterone powder in a capsule (not gels) I could tell a difference in my discharge too) for all three I have 100mg vaginally 3 times per day. With this pregnancy I bled a little so they also added 10cc of Intramuscular progesterone once a day for weeks 11-13.
Avatar f tn I read, too, that progesterone injections may be more effective, but my OB's office doesn't offer that. Could anyone who's used Prometrium in their 1st trimester share some info on how soon or how much their progesterone level rose after taking Prometrium? Thank you!!
184622 tn?1258559967 7 So my RE prescribed prometrium suppositories for 9 weeks. Well, last week my RE released me to an OBGYN who wants me to start halfing my dose to every other day and completely off by next week. Problem is, my original prescription was for 9 weeks which would put me taking them for at least 3 more weeks. Should I feel safe coming off my prescription so soon? She didn't even have any new blood work with my new progesterone levels to go by when she took me off.
Avatar n tn I first found out I was pregnant on 6-22-08, which was a Sunday, from a home pregnancy test. I took another one the next morning and it said not pregnant so I went to the doctors that day and they confirmed a pregnancy. That Wednesday I had slight spotting and went to the E.R. to find out what was going on. My HCG level was only like 28. I have not seen anymore spotting since that day but my HCG level is just slowly going up and my Progesterone level was low as well. It was only like 7.
Avatar n tn I had to wait 3 months after my mc to get one and then my doc put me on prometrium and clomid so I had my period and then I had to wait 2 months to get it and he put me on prometrium and a double dosage of clomid... So I don't know how many days between af!! This is so complicated!
Avatar n tn I was on the medication until I was 12 weeks pregnant (I am now 20 weeks). I had an early miscarriage in October, and my doctor belived it was because my levels were low so he put me on them as soon as we found out I was pregnant this time. I had an oral dosage 200 mil. 3 x a day.
Avatar n tn Anyway, has anyone had any similar experiences with such a high progesterone level while taking Prometrium? Will the Prometrium skew the results that much? Any thoughts, advice, anything will be appreciated!!!
Avatar n tn Now, given that your endometrium is most definately not normal, I am sure they will follow you very closely for signs that the pregnancy is developing normally. The growth of the fetus, in particular, will be closely followed and you will be watched carefully for signs of preterm labor and/or placental abruption or abnormal placental implantation. It is a wonderful thing that you are seeing a high risk obstetrician.
Avatar f tn with my progesterone level (which is still in the normal range) and did feel like he needed to adjust my dosage on the Prometrium. I've had a miscarriage before and I know if it's going to happen, it's going to happen but has anyone had a drop in progesterone and went on to have a successful pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Then over Christmas, twice, I forgot to take a tablet in the evening then resumed the regular dosage. During this time, I also took a home pregnancy test and it was positive! Two days later, 1-1-02, I had pink spotting again. It has continued for 6 days, turning brown when my doctor suggested taking one tab, then turning pink again when doctor suggested taking two again. I also had sharp shooting pains in my lower abdomen but have diminished to almost none now, 1-6-02.
Avatar f tn If low progesterone is the problem then he definitely COULD have and should have increased the dosage. I was on 400mg of Prometrium the beginning of this pregnancy. You can use to find a doctor in your area and read ratings about them.
Avatar n tn lots baby dust to the both of you, and lets all keep tammy 26 in our prayers for a healthy pregnancy, which I'm know she will have.
Avatar n tn What do you mean when you say that a positive blood test doesn't mean a successful pregnancy? My blood test came back positve on Aug. 8 with a HCG level of 302 then I had to go back on Aug. 10 and my HCG was 708. I took another one yesterday but my doc hasn't called me back with the results. So, should I still be worried???? mrsstr- Good luck to you and I hope that your bpt come back positive.
Avatar f tn I'm hopeful the freezing of the remaining 3 will go well and I will find out tomorrow about that. I go in for my blood work pregnancy test on the 20th! I am feeling so relieved right now! Thanks for all the support! rghkah - good luck on starting your meds tonight - that is so exciting! waiting - that is great you are one week away from your test date! I'm not planning to take a HPT because I'd be too worried I would get a false positive and get my hopes up.
604185 tn?1233964457 It's to nice see all of you in 2ww. I hope every one here gets a BFP and have healthy pregnancy. tones99-good luck for today. Cleto-we have the same test date..:) I might cave in and test before that. During my 2nd IVF fresh cycle I tested on 10th day post transfer and got a positive. This time it's a frozen transfer and might be little different. I have PCOS too. Risa-I feel cramping is normal. I am feel crampy too and also has slight back pain. Good luck to you.
231441 tn?1333896366 It was bittersweet! I'm so excited for her but am not in the mood to hear about her pregnancy! I'm trying sooo hard not to be negative and only have positive thoughts...she is like my is just hard! Sorry...just needed to vent! Hang in there everyone!!! BFP's soon!!
Avatar n tn The reason for this is because the hormone that is detected in a pregnancy test is beta hCG. The injection that triggers your ovulation is hCG. If you were to perform a urine or a blood pregnancy test prior to the 14 days after the hCG injection, you will get a false positive result.
1454590 tn?1285272156 hi all im looking for clomid buddies who i can share my experience with and vice versa!! i am starting my first cycle of clomid 50mg unmonitored in october when my AF comes due about the 9th. would really like some ladies who are going through the same thing to chat with and compare notes! baby dust to you all!!
Avatar m tn Is the dr going to test you every other day to see if the progesterone levels increase so they will know if they should increase the dosage or if it is fine at the dosage they have you on? I take prometrium when I get pregnant and have found that it has a great effect on helping the progesterone levels.