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Avatar f tn Blood tests show that the BUN and creatinine levels are slightly elevated. If prograf does effect the kidneys, what measures can be taken to help minimize damage to the kidneys and help protect the kidneys??? Thank you in advance.
141598 tn?1355675363 I'm taking Prograf (FK506 Tacrolimus) for post liver transplant survival - almost 4 yrs. Prograf made me hyperglycemic which created a lifestyle change of no sugars, <2g carb sugar, and no fruit. My fasting glucose is always below 125 and my HgbA1c always 6%. I take 250 mg of Metformin once a day. Several weeks back I consumed < ¼th tsp of mango as a test. Within two hours my glucose level went to 161. I have tried to eat fruits over the years but each time I'm jacked.
Avatar m tn There was just a report on the news last week that statins have been linked top type II diabetes. My wife is on 80mg of Simvastatin while I'm on 20mg. Coincidence or not, we both contracted type II in recent years. I believe that the benefits pf statins outweigh the risks and have altered my eating lifestyle so to nearly exclude carbohydrates. This has enabled me to continue statin regime while keeping my fasting blood glucose levels at acceptaptable unmedicated levels.
163305 tn?1333672171 I do not know all the reasons, but I know that one of the side effects of Prograf is that it pormotes tumor growth and makes patients on Prograf a little more likely to get cancer and especially skin cancer. I am sorry I just have these anecdotes and not really any study data to support it, but I thought I would pass it on.
1135761 tn?1260560694 the joint pain is not a common sequela of liver transplantation whereas the de novo development of diabetes is.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any links to share about studies in regards to diabetes and hep c. I asked by by diabetes docotor and my hep c doctor about a link between the two diseases and both said there wasn't one. Since I am not over weight and there is no diabetes in my family I am inclined to think there is a link. Also have read here more then once about those of us who crave sugar while on tx, a side effect I have been going through and giving into recently, not good for my diabetes.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am CF, post dbl lung & kidney transplants, and taking lipitor (5mgQD) for prevention of chronic rejection, using its anti-inflammatory effects. I take it at night (HS). Breakfast sugars, taking 2 mg Prednisone, are harder to control & rise faster than remainder of day. Does lipitor have effects on the liver which impact the liver's release of glucogen? This is without taking lexapro, advair, albuterol or other meds (excepting 2 mg prednisone) which would affect blood sugar.
Avatar f tn At ten in the morning I take 17 mg of Wysolone. I also take 750 mg Cellcept and 2 mg PanGraf in the morning and same dose in the eveningEvening primrose. My sugar level seems to shoot up at times each and every day. I have noticed that around lunch time it starts to shoot up from normal of 110 to 250 within an hour and even without / before any new food or bevereage intake - that is glucose rises around 1 PM without any new meal being yet taken in.
Avatar n tn HOW can you control diabetes when it is caused by a medication and you are still taking the medication? 2.) HOW does prograf give you diabetes? I'm assuming it is the effect it has on the islets of the pancreas, but I'm not sure. Last month my dr said I was insulin insufficient; this week she changed it to insulin resistant. Can anyone answer my questions? or add info? thanks.
Avatar m tn Now he is discharged from hospital and visiting follow up to hepatologists. He takes 3.5 mg prograf two times, 750mg cellceft two times and 15mg (now) prednisolone one time daily. But his tacrolimus level become lower and lower (from 6.8--5.8--3.9--3.4--2.4 now) .His all liver enzymes such as ALT,AST,gamma GT, and serum postassium,creatinine are within normal range,his USG-Droppler and CXY are all normal.He suffers nothing except insomia. I know 3.5mg prograf bd is highest for patient.
Avatar n tn I'm a lung transplant & kidney transplant, with diabetes. My diabetes is a combination of types 1 & 2 - it's Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes. I use insulin. I take lexapro for depression caused by prograf, a drug similar to cyclosporine. Prograf is my primary drug for stopping rejection. The lexapro works GREAT, but raises my blood sugars substantially. What anti-depressants, SSRIs or TCAs, have less an effect on blood sugar levels?
1644856 tn?1301042401 Will it come because of the fk prograf? I also fight diabetes,which I never had before the transplant.Now I feel like some junkie on pain killers.What do you think of all this? I`am worried about the future.
Avatar f tn He is on Cellcept, prograf, and is in a clinical trial (so we don't really know what the extra meds are). Should we be concerned???
Avatar n tn pancreas transplant. Since then I have been on three kinds of drugs for my transplant. Cellcept, Predizone, and Prograf are the drugs that I am taking. With these drugs along with having diabetes up until 5 years ago affect my chances of producing a child. I am also 32 years of age.
464076 tn?1371541017 I walk 1 to 2 miles every day and the Lord is giving me revived strength both physically and spiritually. My mind is clear and I can actually remember things now! It's like night and day in contrast. I am expecting to come off disability next month and return to work full time. I can't wait! May the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ bless each of you. May He bring forth healing and ease your suffering.
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, I after almost 8months of itching finally a blockage in the anterior duct is detected along with the posterior one. 3months back ERCP was done and liver engymes are perfectly normal. But due to high dose of tacrolimus the creatinine is gratually on rise(it is now around 1.9). My doc is trying to reduce the dose. Since I was on tacrolimus only(as Mycophenolate causes TLC to go down in two occasion), sirolimus 1mg is started along with reduced tacrolimus(2mg BD, Tac level ~4.5).
1078974 tn?1255982057 ) In the past month, both my dad and my grandmother were diagnosed with Type 2 and I was warned I may be at risk too. I want to do everything I can to learn more about diabetes (T1 and T2) and how it affects your daily life, emotions, etc. If you would like to help me on this project, here are some questions I'd like to hear more about. Answer as much or as little as you'd like. Anything helps. Also, if you don't want to post everything to the public, just shoot me a message. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am curious as why you do not mention that Glargine(lantus) does NOT have a license for twice daily usage ,levemir has a licensce for OD and BD and has weight benefits for type 2 patients???? or are you heavily sponsored/involved with the manufactureres of glargine? I am interested.
Avatar n tn I know of one man who after 5 years stopped taking his prograf. He's 9 years out and doing fine. He's lucky he had a donor whose liver was a perfect match for him, he had no rejection episodes, etc. It's a risk but research is ongoing. Having had my daughter as my live liver donor, and no rejection episodes, I think I'd be a good candidate and am very interested in this subject. Currently I'm on .5mg prograf twice daily, the lowest dosage possible.
686869 tn?1227203535 Then we went to 500mg of cellcept and 2mg of got better. Then we went to 500mg of cellcept and 4mg of prograf and this is where I have been since then. My surgeons told me that I have a very strong immune system and all systems are different. They even told me that most people take less. After the surgeons feel that you are stable they let you go. Now you must find someone to monitor your care and blood work. I get blood work done every 2 months now.
Avatar m tn I am working on running an idea past my surgeon whereby I'd up TX doses and begin reducing Prograf and try to train my more stimulated immune system to tolerate a new truce with the tiny bit of HCV that remains - or maybe eliminate that, though I kind of doubt that's possible with just Peg/Riba.
Avatar f tn The kidney is working okay, but my diabetes and Hypertension are out of control. I do take prograf 1mg twice a day and 750 ml of cellcept also twice a day. My Nep. does not want to switch my meds. even if that I want to research for other immunosuppressing drugs that could be a better alternative for me. I have a high risk of losing my sight. I am happy for all those doing good after transplant.
Avatar f tn I have had Auto Immune Hep for 9 years now. I recently had a transjugular biopsy and I was told it shows I am in Stage 4 Cirrhosis of the Liver. My previous Biopsy 3 yrs before showed I was at stage 0-1... I have been taking medications and see my doctor on a regular basis... How can I advance so fast undetected and now that I am in stage 4 how long can will it be before my liver fails completely.
1691407 tn?1332716147 We just got a call from the doc's and they are worried about his diabetes. Two weeks ago, his sugar levels were hi, 600+, so we have changed his insulin doses and now for the past week his average has been about 250. So the doc's are deciding if that is good enough to start. They may want to wait another week and see how his numbers are.
Avatar n tn 26 I'm a 36 year old female who's had diabetes for 35 years. I've posted a couple of questions and you guys always seem to know the answers. I've had two heart attacks in the past eight months, have eight stents (6- LAD and 2- RCA). I've recently been listed as Status II on the heart transplant list by Medical City Dallas. I was just told that my PRA is 98.
Avatar f tn This indigenous population in Panama consumes a large amount of cocoa rich in flavanols and, despite a diet that also has a large amount of salt, they have a very low prevalence of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer compared with Kuna Indians living in Panama City.
Avatar f tn Other drugs that I know about for treatment of AIH are Cyclosprin and Prograf (Tacrolimus) which have traditionally been used in the transplant population to prevent organ rejection. I don't know a lot about autoimmune disease and the current drugs that are used but it shouldn't be too hard to find with Google. I think you should definitely get seen by a hepatologist and preferably one associated with a transplant center.
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