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Avatar f tn I am a 39 year old, female. I was put on Pravastatin about 9 weeks ago as my cholesterol had gone from 190 to 225 from the previous year. I have a family history of heart disease (my father passed away after a second heart attack at 53). I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago and was placed on Levoxyl (75mg) and my levels have remained normal. I went to have my cholesterol checked after taking the pravastatin for 9 weeks.
Avatar f tn I was put on Pravastatin about 9 weeks ago as my cholesterol had gone from 190 to 225 from the previous year. I have a family history of heart disease (my father passed away after a second heart attack at 53). I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago and was placed on Levoxyl (75mg) and my levels have remained normal. I went to have my cholesterol checked after taking the pravastatin for 9 weeks.
Avatar n tn Two recent trials have compared the clinical outcomes of intensive lipid lowering with atorvastatin 80 mg/day and standard lowering with pravastatin 40 mg/day. In the Pravastatin or Atorvastatin Evaluation and Infection Therapy (PROVE IT) trial, patients with acute coronary artery syndromes were enrolled, and pravastatin lowered the low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol to 2.46 mmol/l, whereas atorvastatin lowered it to 1.60 mmol/l.
Avatar f tn Can someone explain what, if any, evidence there for a switch from simvastatin to pravastatin? My husband's doctor said there is new evidence that simvastatin may be detrimental. Unfortunately, my husband did not quiz him further. He already has one stent in a narrow back artery but he has brought his cholesterol down considerably with the statins.
Avatar m tn 59 yo white male. 1 year post MI with two stents in my RCA. I am active and with high a normal BMI of 25 No problem walking a fast mile or with light exercise. My LVEF was 50% right after MI and 45% 2 months later. due for another echo in 2 months. my lipids are under control - LDL < 70 and TC < 140, with or without the 10 mg pravastatin I am prescribed as I eat mostly a quality plant based diet, low in fats and simple carbs.. My question has to do with drugs.
1806721 tn?1554333407 I started taking Pravastatin 20mg/d since one month ago. It wakes me up every night at 3 or 4am with body aches. My doctor did a blood test and my liver/kidney is ok, so he wants me to try to stay on statin. My question is: Is there any danger to take Ambien together with Pravastatin? I really very desperately need to sleep through the night... Thanks so much for your help!
Avatar f tn // Have you discussed this with your doctor? If you take other drugs and/or supplements check with your pharmacist regarding drug interactions.
Avatar n tn I was on 40mg of Pravastatin and now am on 80mg. Is my doc just being aggressive? Or is there another reason for the big increase? I welcome any speculations.
1375932 tn?1279301132 t want weight gain, and that is a strong potential with Elavil. I need loss, not gain! For now, I use Xanax for the emotional component, since I retired from the "glass of wine" when I started nitro. Just as well. I wish there were a vasodialating anti-depressant to try. I tried Buspirone, but the CP didn't disappear.
Avatar m tn m still trying to get a clarification. Anyway, the cardiologist put me on Amlodopine and Pravastatin. Now, on a daily basis it seems, my heart rate increases and beats at 90-115 bpm (normally in the mid 70s). At the same time, I've started on a vegetarian diet to try to lower my cholesterol. To try to make sure I get enough protein, I am using a protein drink (10-14 gr protein each). I drink 1-2 of these per day.
Avatar n tn I recently was prescripbed pravastatin and I notice a higher number when I test after a night of fasting in my Blood Glucose. Is there a posibility that could cause the rise.
Avatar f tn Dr had changed from Lipitor (generic) to Pravastatin 40 mg, but still horrible muscle pain. Dr wants to put on another statin( saying this has less side effects) and extremly expensive...But I would like to try a Non Statin is there is one on the market, or would there be supplements that are available and have good results? Mainly I would like names of non statins to research and discuss.
Avatar m tn Is it safe to take Levothyroxine at the same time as Pravastatin? Also, 2 months ago, I started to take my Levothyroxine at bedtime instead of in the morning as it is more convenient. and after a recent bloodtest my GP has reduced my Thyroxine to 75mcg instead of 100mcg. Could taking it at bedtime be the reason for this reduction? I will obviously ask my GP about this on my next visit to the surgery but would be grateful for any advice.
Avatar m tn A 6-month prospective observational study was conducted with 84 CAD patients receiving pravastatin treatment in order to evaluate the relationship between lifestyle modification, in particular aerobic exercise, and plaque volume as assessed by intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). Lifestyle during the study period was assessed by the-lifestyle modification score. A significant decrease in plaque volume by 12.9% was observed after 6 months of pravastatin therapy (P<0.0001 vs baseline).
1806721 tn?1554333407 My doctor has put me on generic pravastatin 20mg. A few days after I started the drug, I had a fever with flu-like symptom, and when that went away in a few days, I have been having hip/knee pains and fatigue that gets worse over the course of 2 weeks. My question is: Could these symptoms be related with pravastatin? Will these symptoms go away after a while?
Avatar m tn I started running about a month ago and currently going to gym 5-6 days a week with 6 days cardion and three days weight training.On the treadmill I normally do 10 min warmup and then 30 sec running and 30 sec walking for 20 minutes then a 5 minute cool down. On Thursday I was about 26 minutes into my cardio when it felt like someone hit me with a broom stick across my mid back. It caused my breating to gasp twice. I then noticed pain in my center right portion of my back.
Avatar n tn My (74 year old) father currently is taking these medications together Pravastatin Sodium 80mg, Zetia 10 mg, Isosorbide Mnonitrate 30 mg, Metoprolol tartrate 50 mg, Plavix 75 mg, Amlodipine Besylate 10 mg, Aspirin (nsaid) 81 mg low dose The doctor told him his liver count is up 66 and the lower range is 64. Would any of these drugs or combination of these drugs make liver count increase?
Avatar f tn i was newly diagnosed 4 months ago- i'm taking glimeperide 1 mg and pravastatin 40 mg each once a day. my numbers are between low 80's and 120's. my big concern is my weight i was 161lbs 5ft 6 but i lost 40 lbs over the last year--last i got on the scale i was 117.5lbs the dr was new so he doesn't notice the weight loss although i get on the scale every visit ( only 3 ) my a1c was 5.8 and he said we'll do labs in a year?
Avatar m tn I have had high blood pressure (130/90-180/110)in which I just started taking pravastatin for, low pulse (35-55 Bpm), tightness/pressure in my head, weakness in my legs, lightheaded, dizzy, and my eyes have problems focusing and things go blurry. In fact when I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago (for these issues) my pulse never dropped below 50 and now it stays in the 35-47 Bpm range. I wake up dizzy every morning and these symptoms don't really go away. They stay with me all day.
179856 tn?1333547362 Pfeffer et al, in the prospective pravastatin pooling project, observed that 0.5% of the patients who received 40 mg of pravastatin had ALT levels >5 times ULN and 0.2% had ALT levels >9 times ULN (Circulation 2002;105:2341–2346). Interestingly, during several statin trials, investigators observed similar incidence of increased liver enzymes in patients receiving placebo.
Avatar m tn I take Pravastatin, and my liver Enzymes GGT are high, but ALT and AST are in normal range, not sure why, I have heard different answers some doctors ar concern and others are not
Avatar n tn In early September, I was prescribed a statin for the first time, 40 mg of Pravastatin, to be taken at night. After 2 weeks, I started having muscle pain/weakness in my legs but for the first time in my life had very odd heart palpatations after lying down in bed for about 10 minutes when I was first trying to sleep. I stopped taking the Pravastatin after about 1 month.
Avatar f tn Look up weight gain according to BMI and it will give you a good idea on the amount of weight you should gain according to your body type.
Avatar f tn Well I'm 7 months that means I'm 27 weeks and I have only gain 1 pound my midwife said it was OK 4 me to not gain weight bcz I'm over weight so u girls tell me it seems like I won't have to do a lot of weight loss. How far are u nd how much you gain?
Avatar f tn You won't gain weight until later...
Avatar f tn Of course you'll gain weight.
Avatar f tn Aww don't worry. In my experience, weight gain tends to stall at the end.
Avatar n tn You gain the most weight in the last 8 weeks. So you might barely gain now, and then pack it on fast toward the end which is normal.