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Avatar f tn Given that yesterday he said to not take the warfarin he was changing me from the genertic warfarin and putting me on the brand name of the med coumadin. Said some folks do not tolerate warfarin well but do well on coumadin and i am to start the coumadin today. I would be lying if i didn't say i am a bit gunshy at this point. This med has made me absolutely miserable and today is my 43rd bday...
Avatar m tn I take Warfarin to reduce clot formation, Plavix will not do that for me.
Avatar n tn - a substitute for warfarin (plavix and aspirin) _ just plavix without aspirin? Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I had a stroke due to a 100 percent occlusion of the carotid artery. After being on warfarin and plavix separatelyI had a TIA ,I am currently on both,and so far so good.Is this normal that my bleeding and bruising disappeared after combing the two drugs? i am happy but confused. Thanks Terry926 This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Heart-Disease/Plavix-vs-Coumadin/show/254168">Plavix vs Coumadin</a>.
Avatar m tn Until my stroke (several TIAs) 3 years ago I was relatively healthy. Recently my doctor took me off plavix andon warfarin (claiming it was batter for me). Also changed 40mg Sotolo to 5mg amilodipine besylate for a fib. I do not understand why the change. I no longer have a blocked artery and wonder why I still have to take blood thinners. What is the better route to take?
Avatar f tn Based on the level of risk, most patients are either started on aspirin or Warfarin (Coumadin). Clopidogrel (Plavix) is an anti-platelet agent and acts via a different mechanism than coumadin does (coagulation pathway). Adding Clopidogrel to aspirin is a guideline that holds a Class 2b (see below) recommendation, and usually considered in those in which Warfarin is unsuitable due to patient preference or physician's assessment on a patient's ability to safely sustain anticoagulation. 2.
Avatar n tn The only risk of long term use of warfarin is bleeding. The drug Plavix may be a little safer than warfarin. It helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming blood clots. You can discuss this alternative with your doctor.
612551 tn?1450025775 I use to take Plavix (Clopidogrel as clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate). It likes the blood thinner as you described above. No need blood test and it won't cause excessive bleeding. It has been approved in Australia for a while. It comes with clopidogrel 75mg 28 tablets in a box. Cost AUD $82.79 for no medicare patient. I have been diagnosed TIA. I also have a history of low platelets (ITP) so I can't take Warfarin nor Aspirin. The neurologist prescribed this Plavix for me.
Avatar n tn Futher to discussion re warfarin & eyebleeds (bleeds in eye), I have fairly frequent eybleeds which I find rather scary! The bleed usually continues for at least 2 days & takes over a week to clear. They have become worse & more frequent since I started on warfarin 2005. My INR tends to fluctuate & on 17/12/08 was 2.37. My current warfarin dose is 8 mg daily. Does this problem get worse over time?
1069105 tn?1256704012 There is mild prominence of the hilar vessels, suggestive of mild congestion.ā€ She was recruited into a Warfarin vs Apixaban double blind clinical trial & started the treatment on Aug-4, 2009. We later found out that she is on Warfarin w/ dosage unknown to us. 14 days after the Wafarin treatment, she fell (cause of falling unknown, according to her friend who was walking right next to her that my Mom stopped walking forward & dropped on the floor) & hit back of her head.
Avatar f tn I just recently had a drug-eluting stent put in. I am on blood pressure, plavix, aspirin and temporarily on prednisone. My question is, when I am taken off plavix in one year, what are my chances of getting a clot because of this? Has anyone had any problems with their pulse racing inconsistently after having a stent put in or because they are on prednisone?
Avatar n tn Warfarin (coumadin): Because of the increased risk of bleeding, the concomitant administration of Warfarin with Plavix should be undertaken with caution. (See PRECAUTIONS - General.) At high concentrations in vitro, clopidogrel inhibits P450 (C).
Avatar n tn When I went to get my initial IRN check, the nurse explained to me that there were different classes of drugs (I think 8) that worked on coagulation. Heparin was one, aspirin was another, then Coumadin/Warfarin, Plavix, etc. She explained that I had to be on the Warfarin and aspirin while healing because these were the drugs best suited to my condition.
Avatar f tn If you are bruising that easily with warfarin, clopidogrel(plavix) and aspirin, then I think your cardiologist is probably suggesting a wise change in your medication. Warfarin is a powerful anticoagulant and I think your stents should be fine with withdrawal of the plavix. The main concern here is obviously an internal bleed which can be life threatening. My opinion is that the balance for your safety has to be right, and the cardiologist has done that.
Avatar n tn mary, we sometimes use plavix and coumadin together. it is very patient specific and I cant make specific recommendations for you without knowing your full history. it is unclear at the present time if plavix and aspirin lower stroke risk as much as coumadin with atrial fibrillation. aspirin for coronary disease carries the same benefit at 81 mg a day as 325 a day with less bleeding risk. if that is why you are on it i would probably recommend staying on the lower dose.
Avatar n tn And his HDL is 33, Cholestrol 145, LDL is 52. I try to convene him to change the plavix by warfarin and keep his atrovastain but he refused. And Iā€™ m confused now by what I found online and what the doctor doing. Please advice me what is the best level for INR.
Avatar n tn - why a clot should form in my heart when the muscles were damaged six years back and considering that I am on aspirin+clopidogrel which too have anti clotting function. - warfarin may be slightly better as compared to aspirin+ clopidogrel, but in my case with no AF, does it makes sense getting into this risky business of conatantly monitoring of INR and fear of bleeding. - I have seen on net some other drugs in market which are equally good as warfarin with lower risk of bleeding.
745331 tn?1232833826 You are on aspirin AND warfarin? That is usually a no-no. Warfarin is a dangerous medication with many risks.
9088869 tn?1401643539 I've been put on Plavix, aspirin and Warfarin and have been taking these for ten years now. I've developed clots twice since the bypass operation in 2004. First time because I came off Plavix and aspirin for five days preceding a pending hernia operation. The morning of that operation I ended up in the emergency room due to clots from being off Plavix too long.
Avatar n tn i continued on warfarin 12 mg for 6 mnths after the surgery then now im on plavix for 3 mnths and aspirin for a life have a 9-hr flight next month and my dr told me that i must take a clexane afraid of the reaction of cleaxane and plavix together might cause me internal bleeding or there any chance of this??
Avatar f tn The problem is the radiologist wants me to go off Plavix and aspirin to do this. I am confused because the surgeon who saw me for the breast infection said he could aspirate the large, infected cyst in his office that day even though, at that time, I was on both Coumadin and Plavix. The cardiologist said I shouldn't have the biopsy until the middle of August.
1569985 tn?1328251082 I am worried about being on Warfarin. I really smacked it, but it did not break the skin and I did not see stars, pass out or anything. I called the nurse and she told me to watch for double vision or dizziness, but she said they worry more about people slipping and falling and cracking their head. So far I just have a slight headache, but my anxiety is kicking in and that's never good. Has anyone had this happen? Any input? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Plavix will be quite costly for us on a fixed income. Can coumadin (warfarin) be substituted for plavix?
Avatar f tn Hi Ray....I agree w/ed34. Warfarin is generic for Coumadin. Since it is the generic for brand Coumadin it is given in same dose. Mom took Warfarin for the 1st three months after her event. Month four, the pharmacy was temporarily out so I took brand name Coumadin (more$$, of course ;-) but it was the exact same dose. Month five, she was back on Warfarin. Best to you...
Avatar m tn Meds like Plavix and warfarin (Coumadin) always increase bruising. The blood is always right under the skin and looks different than deeper bruises.