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Avatar m tn There were no options, the surgery had to take place, and quickly as I showed signs of kidney failure, a BNP test showed my heart was affected, etc. Because of my Plavix and aspirin use, I had to be loaded with platlets and a cardiologist had to be present during the surgery. I had indeed bleeding issues spent a long, long time in the hospital.
Avatar m tn Then a drug eluting stent is inserted inside which is coated with chemicals to inhibit scar tissue formation. I know that bare metal stents are cheaper but I really don't know why they don't bin them now.
Avatar f tn If he had a massive heart attack, he will most likely not have the energy he had before. How much of his heart was damaged? Also, I have known several people with stents and afterwards had symptoms such as out of breath and were not able to do as much as before. Did the doctor say any restrictions? Usually they do not want the person to use their arms a lot such as scrubbing floors etc. If he has new heart medication and blood pressure medication, this can make him tired also.
Avatar m tn Get a second opinion from a non-interventional cardiologist who doesn't make this/her money by the number stents they do per year and the prestige with a hospital that looks the other way. If I had a number of stents, I would not be able to believe the stents weren't necessary, but I can say all too many unnecessary stent procedures happen intentionly with a profit motivation. Thanks for you question. Take care.
Avatar n tn Is there any info about long term plavix use. I have been taking Plavix along with Lisinopril and Toprol for the past two years after quad bypass but I don't feel very good about it anymore. Any info as in is this medicine weakening my internal organs.
Avatar f tn There is no scientific evidence to support plavix having any use for stents after 12 months. You should have grown a new lining well within that time. However, there have been a few alarms raised from the US saying some people have formed clots very soon after plavix was stopped. This is now a strange time because some Doctors feel its best to take it for life, some believe 3 years, some 2 years and some 1 year.
Avatar n tn The best cardiologist that I work with said that it looks like there is a possibility that people with the drug coated stents may have to take Plavix the rest of their lives. If anyone on Plavix has a doctor other than their cardiologist that tries to take them off Plavix, refuse and contact your cardiologist first.
Avatar n tn Small dose aspirin is fine to take with Plavix. Plavix is good so that you do not develop blood clots especially if you have coated stents. Some doctors recommend 6 months to a year on Plavix and some recommend for life. Plavix will help to avoid having heart attacks and strokes. The blood in your mouth is most likely because of the Plavix along with the bruising. It is the side effects. The circulation is from your heart medication and heart medication makes you tired.
Avatar n tn However, I did have the stents close up last time off of Plavix. My family Dr says they can use laviquin? However Nuerosurgeon says it is not the same as Plavix. I would have to stop working if I cannot have the surgery, pain is too much. Thank you in advance for your help.
Avatar n tn I was given no information on Pradaxa. With 5 DES stents...I am considering NOT going off the Plavix. Will this be a problem with Pradaxa. I bought the Pradaxa (very very expensive) but will not open the bottle until I am sure I can take all of the above meds and my Plavix, too. Is there any options for me if I decide NOT to take the Pradaxa. Am, I at risk of a stroke if I do not take it. I do not want to alter my other meds as I need them also. Would Coumadin be better?
1210142 tn?1266080631 I was also on Omeprazole with Plavix both times. My Doc said the evidence is weak, and if it does reduce the effects of plavix, then it's only slight. Until more conclusive studies are done, who knows.
1210142 tn?1266080631 Surgeons don't like Plavix, of course, but certainly know how to deal with those who need immediate surgery. Plavix is in my opinion a life saver, I'm back taking 150 mg as well as 325mg of aspirin. Yes, Like Ed, I bleed when my cat accidently scratches me or I nick myself shaving, and I bruise easily, but Tony, I'm still standing. I'd suggest you not play with your health, a lot of us pole-vaulted over mouse turds. Thanks for posting, keep us informed and best wishes.
Avatar n tn But, they decided to do a Cath when they saw elevated enzymes and stented a small blockage (50-60%)thus having to keep me on Plavix. (had stents put in 6 months earlier for low pressure readings) Cath doctor emphasized three times that I did not have a heart attack but a "heart event". He listed NSTEMI on the Cath report. He made the call for no coumadin to my Cardiologist. EF doctor frowned.
Avatar m tn To lower your risk of restenosis, ask them to use drug eluting stents and make sure you take Plavix for at least a year. As they go down the rca continually ballooning it, you will feel some chest discomfort for a few seconds at a time. This is normal and nothing to worry about. I think they will give you strong meds for this procedure to keep you comfortable. I had virtually the same thing done to my LAD in sept09 and it took about two hours.
Avatar n tn I went in to have a cardio catherization done so they could see better. Thats when they found the 2 stents almost 100 percent closed this is with eating well and taking perscribed medications. They also found 2 more arteries about 85 percent closed. I had no choice. They sceduled me the next morning for a quadruple bypass. It has been since February since I had surgery.
Avatar m tn If they knew you was in a high risk period for developing a clot, I'm sure you would be on additional anti clotting agents along with plavix/aspirin, such as clexane or warfarin. I did have a heart attack before my first stent, but everyone in the ward including those who had not suffered MI were being told 6 weeks no flying time. I think the english just tend to be very cautious to be on the safer side. When it was standard to be on plavix for year, I was on it for nearly 2.
Avatar m tn The drug-elluting stents are a bit larger and didn't fit my tortuous, small vessels. I've had no problem with restinosis of the bare-metal stents because of plavix and aspirin therapy. All of us with heart trouble on this board come with different experiences, so we have different messages. I'd strongly recommend you get a second opinion. Leaving a patient in charge of such a decision demands it. Keep us informed.
Avatar n tn phenomenon, however, the overall risk of stent restenosis still appears substantially lower with drug coated stents than with bare metal stents. The risk of late occlusion is very small (apparently, approximately, 1 in 200), especially compared to the risk of early restenosis with bare metal stents (which can be as high as 15 - 30%), but when it occurs it can happen quite suddenly, and can rapidly lead to heart attack or death.
Avatar m tn When good blood flow is restored, this should stop. I have 10 stents, and with each treatment, throat discomfort and chest pain has stopped immediately, before leaving the cath lab. What you can expect is energy levels and shortness of breath to continue for three months, due to the heart muscle needing time to recover. Depending on the size of the blockage/s involved, the cells may be damaged and need time to repair internal damage.
Avatar f tn I had an MI in July which was treated with angioplasty and 5 drug-eluding stents. I was prescribed 75mg Plavix and 81mg. Nothing about getting my blood levels checked was ever mentioned. I understand this is necessary if a person is on Coumidin but do not know if it is needed when on Plavix. Does anyone here know?
Avatar m tn After a year there is no evidence to suggest plavix has any benefits as the stent is well embedded in the artery lining by then. However, this is related directly to benefits affecting stents, because both plavix and aspirin will continue to reduce clotting times in your blood as long as you take them. I am on plavix for life and not aspirin, because aspirin gave me too many gastric issues.
Avatar m tn As of today, he was told he will be on Plavix the rest of his life. I wanted to know if the use of Plavix would cause problems with him continuing to qualify for a cdl to drive his tractor trailer?
237039 tn?1264261657 Recently I have been diagnosed with mini strokes. My doctor stopped the Plavix and has me on Coumadin (Wafarin) Why? I didn't ask. I have to be monitored on this drug and can't take aspirin. Besides the pricing what's the difference?
Avatar m tn I don't believe that any medication exists which would help to reduce a 95% blockage, or millions of people in different countries would be using them. I think they were wise to use stents in your circumstance, it was a single vessel issue, not multiple vessels. I always think it's best to have the least risk procedure first, then bypass at a later date if required. There are no guarantees with any procedure, even bypass surgery.
Avatar m tn I had 3 medicated stents implanted a year ago and was prescribed 75mg of Plavix for the same period. I have asked my doctor if I could stop and he told me that it may collapse the stents. Is it true? Recently I developed excessive gas and uncontrolled flatulence which subsided when I stopped taking Plavix for 9 days to take a colonoscopy so I would like to stop taking this pill.
214864 tn?1229718839 Approximately half of the patients were treated with medical therapy only and half with angioplasty/stents. 17% of those on the medical therapy group died or had a heart attack in this period, but almost two-thirds of those events occurred in the first 90 days. A similar pattern was seen in the angioplasty/stent cohort. Heart attacks are caused by sudden blood clots in the coronary artery which cut off the blood supply to the heart.
Avatar n tn I need knee surgery badly and need to be off Plavix for 5 days prior to surgery. Cardiologist has vetoed all surgery. I have 3 stents and with 2 of the stents, I have been on Plavix for 15 months and the last stent..on Plavix for 9 months. What is Cleveland Clinics thoughts on this? I think the overall recommenedation is a 3-6 months depending on if it is a taxus or cypher stent, but we usually try to keep people on it for atleast a year, sometimes indefinitely.
1509233 tn?1289964807 If you had just one or two blockages which have been successfully treated with stents, and you have no tissue damage, then your prognosis is good. You could ask to come off beta blockers after a few months then return to your normal weight lifting, IF the Doctor agrees to it from your condition at the time. One thing I would suggest is lots of walking so you don't lose much of your fitness.
Avatar f tn At 61, my spouse had 99% collapse of largest right coronary artery. 2 coated stents inserted. 75% failure of left coronary artery at branch. 1 coated stent inserted. Initial good outcome. 5 years later, spouse is continually tired, low grade depression, back pain, no energy, skin turns grey when exposed to warm (not hot) weather and/or minimal exertion. Spouse taking lipitor, plavix, 80mg aspirin. Dr. only performs blood tests x1/year. No stress test since stents implanted.