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Avatar n tn Your doctor may be able to write you a Rx for cardiac rehabilitation or physical therapy in order for you to pursue this as an adjunct to your POTS treatment. Ugh, I keep telling myself I'm going to stop popping back up on the computer and I keep doing it anyway and tehn feeling sick. Okay, back to bed with me. Sorry!
Avatar n tn Sorry, but that humor went over like a lead balloon. Maybe I've just spent too many years doing pro bono work for sex workers and women in abusive relationships who were on the receiving end of too much violence. Jokes about violence do nothing for me. The visual imagery of it is off-putting. I don't like it when men make jokes about violence, and it's just as offensive when women do it. I happen to be a pacifist anyway, so, yep, your "humor" was lost on me.
Avatar n tn Over the past two years I have undergone pain management, physical therapy, facet blocks, epidurals, and even an implanted morphine pump with no help. I am now facing an extensive surgery with a fusion that will cover the entire lumbar region of my back. Methadone is the first thing I have been given that has actually given me any pain relief. I am a hard worker, (formerly 80 hours a week), formerly very active person and have never suffered from depression in my life.
Avatar n tn Pretty soon you will be over the worst off the physical of course the physical is the easy part seen as you have been threw this a few times you know the importance of aftercare what do you have lined up.. Getting clean is the easy part staying clean is the hard part ..Good luck.
Avatar n tn I was a law enforcement officer and had to retire due to after effects. I was 54 when diagnosed and had to be at the top of my physical abilities because I was a specialized case officer that was required of me. I was involved with a lot of training of new young officers and was always able to out do them and laugh with them about this old man showing them that they need to be realy strong to do the job they where about to except.