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Avatar n tn I wanted to read up on something called my-b-tabs and Lipo BC - Fat Burner capsules. While searching I saw where you could buy Phentermine online for $117 for 90 tablets -37.5 mg. Are these the real phentermine. I'm sure there are some reliable places ....has anyone ever ordered the phentermine online from a reputable source??
Avatar n tn Can someone tell me where I can buy phentermine online with out a prescription or DR? I have tried a few of the sites that I have seen posted on here but I do not see the phentermine or sometimes the site wont pull up. Thank you!!!
Avatar f tn I do not have the extra income to hand to the doctors to write me a prescription. Every time I try to find it online I get redirected to a generic brand or sites trying to sell it for $200-$300. Please help if you have any information I would appreciate it sooooooooooooooo much.
Avatar f tn Anyone know where I can find phentermine online without a prescription (or it costing close to $200!)? Know there's a lot of fake stuff from India floating around...Obviously looking for anyone who's used a site so it's verifiably real. THANK YOU! Would love a PM....
Avatar n tn And how good is it to buy HCG weight loss shots online?
Avatar n tn Also, I get mine filled at Target their cost is $28 and some change however I only pay $13 and some change because I use prescription discount cards I have, you can get them online and print your cards right then, free. good luck finding somewhere in your area.
Avatar n tn I just got a prescription to start taking Phentermine. Can anyone give me some feed back on this pill? What kind of results have you had, how did you take it and how much, did you change your eatting habits? Also I heard this makes you have bad mood swings, has anyone had any problems with it?
565430 tn?1272699420 Its starting to do my head in a bit. So i decided to go to one of those online Pharmacys to try and get some Valium. Im gonig to try the Thomas recipe... gonna take a few days off next weekend. Has anyone had any experiences with thes Pharmacys online are they Legit or what?
Avatar n tn Be careful when purchasing phentermine online. You cannot be sure of the quality of medication you will receive when you purchase via the internet. I have taken phentermine many times...bad, I know...but I always go through a doc. There a many weight loss programs in my area that offer prescription assistance. You pay them a fee, and they "give" you the medicine.
Avatar m tn A Phentermine is a most probable pill online for your good health. It is a main way to develop prescribed weight loss pills. It impacts an effective treatment for every guy to serves as a balance diet. To buy diet pills is a condition where lots of problems happen. Choosing a best diet pill is a combination of all fruitful services, each and everything denotes a powerful service for your wonderful dream.
Avatar n tn by prescription. Using online sources for Rx medications without a prescription is very risky. Such practices are illegal and as a consumer you never know exactly what you are getting.
Avatar n tn I am looking for another trusted online site. Can anyone help me? I've been off of phentermine for two months and I am now gaining the lost weight fast. PLEASE HELP. Thank You.
Avatar m tn ru/phentarmine.html online phentermine phentermine buy buy online phentermine online pharmacy phentermine online phentermine prescription 37.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me where I can purchase Phentermine or Adipex using a mastercard without a doctor's prescription? I had ordered some online last month from an overseas company and never received the product. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn would like to find a Dr that willprescribe phentermine online, can you help me, I do not like to buy this drug without a Dr's prescription as the stuff I have seen out there is not the real product.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tried to order from those online pharmacies that say they verify the RX with your Dr before continuing? I remember years ago seeing a report on TV saying that some reporters were able to order without their doctor being contacted. I'm sure they really would contact them now though. I guess I'm just thinking out loud. I'm in the same boat as many of you.
Avatar n tn Can I get it orally? Can someone tell me of online stores that sell these drugs w/o a prescription at fair prices - I know you can't tell me, but perhaps drop a few hints? How much does it cost for everything? How long do you do this program for (is there a min & max time limit)? What does the diet consist of? Are their special directions for taking the phen when on this diet or particular dosage recommendations?
Avatar n tn com It was $99 to start which included the Lipo B Shot, the prescription for the phentermine which cost $13.45 to fill and vitamins, a complete body and blood work up. I was very very happy with the staff. Good Luck! I too am thinkingthin!
Avatar n tn // Oh and dont confuse the prescription drug Phentermine with the herbal substitute Phentremine...Most doctors will give you the Phentermine at 30mg or more to start you off with the B-12...they may also give you multi-vitamins... My doctor is in I commute...I live in NJ...I wish I could find a doctor here...
Avatar n tn Kim240, I don't think you actually have phentermine because it's not sold at rite aid or anywhere else w/o a prescription. Unless you got it at the pharmacy at the rite aid with a prescription from a doctor. If you didn't get it with a prescription, then it's definitely not phentermine. Also, double check the spelling on your bottle. There are a lot of other over the counter and nonprescription so called appetite suppressants that have a similar spelling to the real phentermine.
Avatar n tn Did you have a prescription? I'm looking for an online pharmacy that doesn't require one...
Avatar n tn Phentermine, as many other prescription drugs, works with neurotransmitters in the brain. It is a centrally-acting stimulant chemically related to the amphetamines. It stimulates neuron bundles to release a particular group of neurotransmitters known as catecholamines; these include dopamine, epinephrine (also known as adrenalin), and norepinephrine (noradrenaline).
Avatar n tn I trying to find out how to get some phentermine pills so that I can loose some weight fast?
Avatar f tn //
Avatar n tn 00 get your prescription for phentermine and your water pill. Get the phentermine downstairs in the pharmacy for $29.00 and the fluid at Walmart for $4.00 just have the pharmacist transfer the water pill. Tell the doctor to give you the bumex 1mg. water it's the best out there.
Avatar f tn I took Phentermine for 2 years in my They have not banned Phentermine, they banned Phen/Fen. They took the second part of the diet cocktail off the market because it was causing heart damage. I used to take it for energy, cuz I was a shallow work out freak. When I stopped taking it, the only withdrawal I had was zero energy. Because you are not taking speed anymore. You wont get sick. But it will take you time to get your real energy back. The big problem you have now is the xanax.