Phentermine makes me sleepy

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Avatar n tn All of you make me sick, in a good way. These pills have the reverse affect on me. I am so sleepy all day long. I take the pill about 5am and I feel like I have taken antihistamine. This is my 2nd day on Phen, I'm calling my doctor to see what I should do about tiredness. Please let me know if anyone else has this problem.
Avatar f tn I was down to salads and water, with no results what so ever. It also makes me very, very sleepy. I need to lose the weight, but nothing working.. any comments anyone has would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn I started phentermine and B12 shot on this is day 2 for me. My doc told me to take 1/2 pill for breakfast and the other 1/2 for lunch. was anyone else advised to do the same? Also, how many time should I go and get the B12 shot? thanks!
Avatar f tn I am glad someone feels good on phentermine. Personally it makes me a total witch. The girls at work have banned me from it and so has my husband. It keeps me on edge all day and my jaws hurt from being clenched plus I couldnt sleep, But when I did take it Iost like 35 lbs. it 3 months That was awesome for me. Check out they have a forum for side affects and for support. I just cant put everyone through that again so I have decided todo the hcg diet.
Avatar n tn Hi, Friends and I have been doing the Kevin Trudeau all organic diet (Phase I of IV) and been successfully losing weight and aches and pains. I could never lose weight, even when I was thin, but have been consistently losing and not even being hungry. Suggest you read his book the Weight Loss Cure. Sorry you are depressed. I have been too most of my life, but feeling much better.
Avatar n tn 5ml that I always use sparingly, usually to sleep better but that is not really working right now either and it only makes me sleepy a short time. Do you think nerves this bad can cause this? I am still having some PVC's but trying to ignore them because they said it makes it worse to worry.
333535 tn?1227022209 I too had horrible side effects on Lyrica..chest pain, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. I stopped taking it within 2 weeks I think.
401095 tn?1351395370 it is a choice that is hard cos i need to pay my reason i have hesitated is cos anything that makes me tense worsens my back pain..and this is a stimulant so i feel this may happen...still have not filled it..what he said makes sense/the dr/and he knows my history as I have been completely honest with him..he even knows I have taken sub given to me by friends in the past when i was out of pills...and even tho he is a doctor/he is not an addict...
214544 tn?1201150990 Flexeril makes me sleepy and slurrey as well I'm already on baclophen which works the same as zanaflez, my neuro debated between the two before choosing the baclophen, said it was easier to get the dosage adjusted correctly perc makes me nauseous..
Avatar f tn I am still a little sleepy though. I can feel my brain battling between whether or not I am sleepy or not (If that makes any sense). It feels like a blanket is covering the part of my brain sometimes. I'm thinking if it it does not go away, I will want the endo/thyrpid specialist to maybe up the dosage on the cytomel. (Is this a good idea?) Also, I may be anxious or impatient but I just weighed myself and noted that I am still at 215.2. I measured myself and in some areas I went up an inch.
465121 tn?1207838426 He agreed the lap band would be less invasive, but felt that the breathing issues needed to be more resolved. His recommendation was to start me on Phentermine 37.5 mg. 1 x per day, counsel with the Dietician and come back in a month. If losing weight in this one month's time contributes to better breathing and better days, then he will consider the lapband.
Avatar f tn dr also in which I havent been to in like 6 months so I dont know if I can go back, Ive read alot about withdrawals and what I need like in the Thomas recipe, I'm pretty much broke though right now and would love to try some things but cant, I will try to get what I need tomorrow and see if I can get a dr to prescribe me valium, clonodin because my blood pressure is high anyway and when I dont take my meds its through the roof, I cant take meds to make me sleep all the time as I have 2 children
Avatar n tn They also provide advice on how to take it, they suggest 2 days on then 2 days off which makes sense to me. Good luck everyone!
Avatar n tn I am taking Wellbutrin and i wanted to know if it causes weight loss or gain. Also will it interact with my Lipo& B12 shots... please respond.
Avatar n tn I was wondering , this is the first I have heard of this diet pill, makes me feel like I am living back in the dark ages. I do not spend much time on the computer. Anyway, I typed this bypass2 slimball into the computer and nothing came up. Could someone let me know how I could order this or request information on this product? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn Also.....How important the whey protein drink because it makes me want to vomit! Is there anything else I can substitute?
Avatar m tn after a few years I stopped it all EXCEPT diphenhydramine. I have no explanation for why this one stuck with me, I suppose because it's so easy to get? Now when I say "extreme" long-term abuse I mean extreme. I've been through periods of 80-100 pills nightly (25 mg each) and now I limit it to 40-50-ish.
Avatar n tn issues so maybe thats why i can't eat- anywho, i have bad tingling in my feet and i am also wondering if there is a specific diet to follow in order to lose weight on this med. Has helped w/ my migraines, has also made me sleepy. I also take zoloft and yasmin. Does anyone know if there is an increased risk for blood clots while on this, i tend to be a worrier and i just want to know from someone who knows whats up? thanks!
Avatar n tn )Now I have to take so many that they just make me sleepy. Used to they allowed me to function and gave me a better quality of life from the pain. Now it takes away the pain but I have to take so many at a time , I get sleepy, and to tired to function.I've never had to deal with anything like this and to be perfectly honest....I'm scared to death.I realize I can not keep taking these.Its a never ending veciuos cycle of hell!
Avatar n tn My pain management specialist prescribed Clonidine for me. The bottle says it's .1 g. And yes, it does make you sleepy. Very sleepy. Nighty Night..............
Avatar n tn Every time I come to this site and read more postings makes me feel so much better......I AM NOT IN THIS ALONE!!! Finally I "think" I am starting to lose weight...I think it happened that last few days, I feel much less bloated and the hunger is barely there.
Avatar n tn 3 months ago I was diagnosed with bipolar which now makes complete sense to me although I am quite angry as enough is enough already. well the mood stabilizer put 12 lbs on in 3 months partly beause I spent most of the time in bed not wanting to move because i couldn't believe the confirmed diagnosis. I am relieved and angry . My neurologist has me on neurontin for pain and it works like magic. I begged her for topamax after researching it for 2 minutes lol.
Avatar n tn i am very worried thta something is wrong with me and have a unsympathtic over worked doctor who makes me feel no better.can someone give me a answer please?
Avatar f tn I'm not worried about the holidays because I have been turned off all food and I don't think it will be difficult to continue following what the naturopath has told me to do. By the a lot of really facilitates weight loss. I eat about 500g of yogourt per day and drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day. Topamax alone won't make you lose the weight, it will just make it easier for you to do it on your own. I hope this helps you!! Have a great week!!
Avatar n tn I have been on Topomax since Sept 05. I have been struggling with migraines for about 13 years, and i'm 29. I am also on birth control, Relpax (for onset of migraines), Effexor XR. I have been to the best dr's in the city of Pgh. I have even traveled outside of the city to get other opinions. NOt only do I have migraines, but I also get daily headaches, which most of the time, by late afternoon, turn into a migraine. I am on 100mg of Topomax.
Avatar f tn However, after eating so much, I still did lose three pounds in the first 48 hours, but the book states people can GAIN weight of 4 - 6 pounds during this period. This makes me concerned that I'm doing something wrong since I'm loosing weight from the start. He futher states that proper forced feeding is essential for the remainder of the protocol to run smoothly. My second concern is that Dr.
Avatar n tn It is very strange that something that hurts me also makes me feel better. I take prozac and a low dose of xanax, but it isn't helping much. My head it covered with scabs. I hope you and I find an answer to our problem. There are many people with this problem. We are not alone. God bless and good luck.
Avatar n tn I am insulin resistant and have started taking 500 mg Metformin about 5-10 minutes before meals.This affects my appetite tremendously and makes me feel full. I have lost 12 pounds in about 3 weeks. I drive a truck at night and am very inactive.As I got very bored driving,my companion was "food".You know where that Learn to take your Metformin with food and I think you will see some weight loss.I experienced some stomach distress at first, but decided to stick it out.