Phentermine for teenagers

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Avatar n tn I just got my first month prescription for phentermine. My weight is 175 and im hoping to lose at least 30 lbs by may 20 for our caribbean vacation. Should i start my pills the same day i start shot? also should i buy or take a water pll?
Avatar n tn As you are so young the problem is that this has a speed like effect and can affect the brain and believe it or not your brain is still developing until ur about 25. Look for other posts on 'phentermine' as that is the active ingredient. Learn all you can.
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with pcos 6 years ago but have struggled with issues for 12 years. i was on phentermine when i was first diagnosed but i was pulled off after only three months but it wasn't doing anything anyway. i have been on a number of birth control pills that are supposed to help but they only make me sick and my blood pressure to go up. i have been looking for someone who actually knows what's going on with this. i read your post about the naturopath and i was curious what that was?
343765 tn?1202526132 There are people on this site who have been in bigeminy (PVCs every other beat, nonstop) for MONTHES with no relief until the darn things just stop as soon as they came. For myself, I was shocked to learn that many people also live in a permanent state of Atrial Fib. The heart can really take alot! Now, you just go right ahead and do what you must to regain composure even if it means that you are crawling on everyone's nerves- they'll get it over it!
Avatar n tn I was told by my doctor 20ml for depression and 60ml for OCD, but it will vary depending upon patient. It's best for you to talk to your doctor about this compulsion, so they can start you on the best treatment option for you, Its very unlikely your doctor will judge you, but if you don't get on with your doctor, I'd go see another one. A doctor that judges you shouldn't be a doctor at all.