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Avatar n tn helps me sleep better at night, remained focused/ on-task ,helped me gain the motivation to get up in the morning, work out 3-5x week,follow through on assignments and in terms of use of drugs or alcohol use---any type of recreational usage of either drugs or alcohol naturally tapered off to no use shortly after I finished undergraduate school---I was fortunate to have realized early on that alcohol made depression 100x worse and plus I was too much of a calorie counter to enjoy drinking--and e
2016728 tn?1328362441 Refer your doctor to for more info. Chromatography is a precise lab test that looks for the specific metabolites of any medication, and can determine dose and medication of that medication within reasonable time periods. There are very few false results from chromatography, certainly no false opioid positives for someone who's had a poppy seed bagel, or false MJ readings for someone taking omeprazole. Dr offices and pain clinics use immunoassay because it is cheap and quick.
Avatar n tn Hydrocodone is pretty much my pill of choice, mainly because I have access to 240 10's a month at cost. Its funny how having this supply makes me use less. I like to stop for a few weeks or evrn months at a time. W/D's are always tough. Colonidine is also something that I have access to. As far as it helping with W/D. It really does help, mind you this does not get you high.
Avatar m tn after a few years I stopped it all EXCEPT diphenhydramine. I have no explanation for why this one stuck with me, I suppose because it's so easy to get? Now when I say "extreme" long-term abuse I mean extreme. I've been through periods of 80-100 pills nightly (25 mg each) and now I limit it to 40-50-ish.
Avatar n tn I am always viewed by others as someone who is bright, charming, reliable and well knowledged in the use off illegal drugs. As well as someone who can be turned to for advice. back in my school days (not long ago really) I took a lot more drugs than I do now. These days I only participate in such rituals as a "weekend" thing. I have also started writing arcticles for "High Times" magazine on my Real life experiances with drug use, although yet they have not been published.
Avatar n tn I'm a 37 year old male i do realy well in life i have a good family and love life but i've been doing drugs for 24 years and like weed i realy don't like any other drugs any more . I started doing larcets aroung a year ago on and off and i find lately if i don't have thim i feel like i'm turning inside out! I use to smoke weed 5 to 10 time aday but if i smoke now i feel like i do when i'm not doing larcets.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else ever feel that for the time you use and abuse, then you stop, that all of those emotions that were bottled up for the time you took the pills come spilling out and then you're left to deal with them?? I call it the coke-bottle effect. You can only put so much carbonation in a bottle before it explodes (bad analogy, I know!).
Avatar n tn Zanax use to work really well- but it stopped so i was put on klonipin- that worked for about 2 years- so i saw a psychitrist and he diagnoised me w/ social anixiety disorder. Anyway he started me on effexor w/ my klonipin and at first my anixiety was getting better- my dr. increased the effexor to 150mg a day and it helped even more w/ anixiety-but i became 2 laid back- i didnt care a/b my appearance or even getting dressed for the day. I became a couch potato and stayed tired alot.
Avatar n tn umm..side affects..of course ! unless you the 2 male things we have down there..stop it..HCG does not in anyway help with weight loss..need proof...just ask...
Avatar n tn I was told by my doctor 20ml for depression and 60ml for OCD, but it will vary depending upon patient. It's best for you to talk to your doctor about this compulsion, so they can start you on the best treatment option for you, Its very unlikely your doctor will judge you, but if you don't get on with your doctor, I'd go see another one. A doctor that judges you shouldn't be a doctor at all.