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Avatar m tn He has taken predisone twice but we have always refused the stronger meds due to the side effects and long term effects. He is feeling so awful and he is in so much pain that we are strongly consiering the methodtrexate injections that our dr is offering. Has anyone here had experience with this medication with kids/teens?
277836 tn?1359669774 It is given a s a short course therapy and followed by maintenance therapy with other medications. Long term treatment with steroids will result in various side effects some of which you have mentioned. UC requring long term steroids can with treated with other medications like azathioprine or oral & topical 5ASA combinations. Discuss with your gastroenterologists regarding these options.
277836 tn?1359669774 ) and prednisolone/cyclosporins. The last two medications have more side effects especially on long term usage. Therefore, you need to discuss with your doctor about the possibility of switching your medication to 5-ASA compounds. However it depends upon the severity of your disease. Management also depends upon the part of the gut which is affected by ulcerative colitis. Left lower side of colon can be treatred with enema or suppositories where as the right side needs systemic (oral ) therapy.
483733 tn?1326802046 One of the scariest side effects for me was the fact that long term use of it can cause lymphoma. My doc said for every 1000 people on Imuran one person will get lymphoma, That is not a statistic that I want to be. Prednisone is also one of the worse drugs on the market that anyone could possibly take, but I hvae had to a few times. I would rather take the prednisone anyday then the Imuran. Currently, I am on Pentasa and it is working amazingly well.
776872 tn?1247942280 I've been told i'll have to be on pred for 6 weeks because i've heard of the long term side effects ie weight gain,acne, sleep insomnia etc i'm thinking of speaking to my consultant which will be on the 5th of aug and ask if i can take something else that would not give me these side effects in the long run. Yet again thank you for your comments.
Avatar n tn Wish they had told me of these long term effects before. Thankfully, no new tumours found. Surprisingly, he has now referred me to a Professor of Endocrinology - complex "multi factorial problems" as he put it. With being on steroids for Crohn's some 30+ years, and now on Arimidex for breast cancer, my bone density has been seriously depleted.
Avatar n tn while Flagyl can have some pretty nasty side effects, some docs will prescribe Cipro long term for maintaining remission. when you said you stopped 6mp cause of toxic levels, where you referring to metabolite levels based on the tests by Prometheus Labs? were you having any other problems/side effects from the 6mp (nausea, vomiting, elevated LFTs, etc)? did you try to lower the dose first to see if blood work improved? is your disease primarily in your colon? mostly distal?
Avatar n tn I was on oral methotrexate for 8 yrs, then 2 yrs on injections. I had no troublesome side effects. However, after a right hemi-colectomy (resection of the last part of my small intestine, the ileo-caecal valve and 1st part of the colon) my mtx was stopped for about 9 months. I then had a severe flare with a dangerously high level of C-reactive protein. This was 270 when the norm is 5 or less.
Avatar f tn He has been taking pentasa since then. No other meds. I worry about all the side effects. But now he has been complaining of some pain when he urinates and he feels that he does not empty his bladder. The urologist took some tests(urinalysis, bladder ultrasound) everything is normal. Doctor thinks he might have a prostate infection due to the colitis. Now he wants him to take antibiotics. Has anyone had any problems with the prostate?
Avatar n tn I am now starting to have the same pains/symptoms as you again. My GI prescribed Pentasa as a long term medication to see if we can keep it at bay. Good Luck!! I hope the remicade works for you.
Avatar m tn Do u know the SX? or effects long term??
686769 tn?1236275731 My rheumatologist give me a shot of steroids, which helped me get back on my feet and back to work, but said that only the steroids keep my arthritis under control at this point and he is suggesting to put me on Humira as a long term solution. Initially I agreed for him to get approval from my insurance to get the approval, but after reading a few horror stories about the side effects of Humira I told him to hold off.
Avatar n tn Patients who do not benefit from it or who cannot tolerate it may be put on other mesalamine-containing drugs, generally known as 5-ASA agents, such as Asacol, Dipentum, or Pentasa. Possible side effects of mesalamine preparations include nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea, and headache. Some patients take corticosteroids to control inflammation.
Avatar n tn Been on Asacol,Pentasa,Dipentum,Rowasa enemas , 6MP, Cipro, Flagyl and some others I cant remember right now. When nothing else would work I would go on mega doses of Steroids and the bleeding would slow way down but never stop. But last Feb.moved, new Doctors, like starting over. I had a General Practitioner for Thyroid, Heart, Arthritis, Bi Polar and some other stuff. I got a GI Doc for the Gerd and Crohns.
Avatar n tn And that, in all likelyhood, your daughter will need medication to control this disease long term if not forever. Accept it today and you will buy you and your daughter a much smoother course in the future. I cannot stress how important a good GI (peds GI even better!) is going to be to her course. Become a memeber in the Crohn's and Colitis foundation ASAP. In this disease, through the alternative medicine out the window.
Avatar n tn , we're concerned about the long term effects of such potent drugs. Any moms and dads out there with experience? We're probably going to seek a second opinion from Boston as soon as we can.
Avatar n tn I had chronic heartburn for 30 years, as long as tums or tagamet were available and I wasn't doing alot of complaining my Dr. never suggested any furher testing...18 months ago a Dr. did suggest an EGD. That test saved my life. since then I have had 10 repeat EGDs, many dilations, Referred to one of the best gastroenterology clinics in the country, had major thoracic surgery, and will need life time surveillance and treatment....
Avatar n tn After many doctor visits, appointments with numerous specialists (including an RA specialist, after taking many ugly meds with bad side effects) I was sent to a GI and diagnosed with Chrons Colitis. He said that the arthritis is a direct side effect of the Chrons. I only got my life back after a crazy regimine of steroids and Celebrex. Now I am being weened off of the steroids (it is painful and the arthritis flares up every now and then) and am on Imuran and am bouncing back.
Avatar n tn but this is so infrequent that i always thougt it was unrelated. Medications- not really, i have tried pentasa (dont thnk it worked) and now am trying Xifaxan which some days i think helps and others not. Thanks for the comment on the temperature-- i was thinking that a consistentely low temp meant something about the immune system, but i didnt know what. i wonder if its significant that both you and i have low temps. it wasnt long ago that i did avg a higher 98.6-type temp.
724734 tn?1230944872 after 2 weeks of working out eating healthy standing long hours ( i was leaning to 1 side at the time ive noticed ) protien shakes around 1200 cals a day or more.... also 4 Ls of water a day ( exercises include 6 min abs bike riding dumbbells sqauts and palaetes ) also abdominal massages to try loosen up the abdominal fat ( i am skinny ) i noticed the left side poking out alot more then the right side next to the belly button... i thought :o ab!!??? then i realised no swelling...
Avatar n tn Doctor has never spoken about tightening, or as some have posted, being a long term thing. He mentioned that after eight weeks it would be removed in surgery. I feel, like most everyone else here like I am completely lost and that this is never going to get better. Anybody with any insight? Hope all are well as I know many are worse off than me.