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Avatar f tn I have been on Ortho Evra for a year now. I have been diagnosed with PCOS, although, aside from being irregular I haven't ever had any other symptoms with it. I went on Ortho Evra because I was really anemic, and the irregularity was annoying me, so the patches fixed both. I loved it up until the past month or two when I started noticing that I'm becoming crazy. Slowly I've become really paranoid and been thinking really morbid things.
Avatar f tn Ortho Evra®, Ovcon® 35, Ortho Tri-Cyclen®, Othro-Cyclen®, Necon® 1/35, Alesse®, Levlite®, Tri-Levlen or Trivora.
Avatar f tn I am currently on the implanon but will be switching to the ortho evra patch . What are some thoughts or opinions on this birth control ? Is there anything bad you experienced or maybe some good effects to it ? ADVICE ?
Avatar f tn On the contrary I can tell you one I wouldn't recommend!! Ortho-Evra. Horrible. I was only on it for four months because I just couldn't take it, I was severely moody, depressed, low sex drive, and when I went off it, I swear if someone even looked at me funny I was in tears. I believe because it is only a weekly thing there were more hormones than say the Ortho-TriCyclen Lo would have. IMO, I've always felt the lowest dose is probably the best.
Avatar f tn I'm concerned mostly because I recently changed my birth control to the ortho evra patch, to my understanding blood clots are more prominent in it than other birth control methods. I went to my free college medical clinic, they took some blood to check my hemoglobin, a chest xray and an EKG, all came back normal. The doctor told me to go to the hospital because they can do tests there that the clinic can't do, one test she mentioned was a CT of the chest.
Avatar f tn My Fav is The Patch Ortho Evra ...least fav is the pill because thats how I got pregnant. No ugly side effects for me.
Avatar n tn I tried the Metformin, and that didn't work for me, but last March I went on Ortho Evra (the Patch) and that really worked for me. I can totally understand the crazy mood swings, because I was there. You could also just need more time to get used to the hormones in the Yasmin. I know for the first few months, I had bad headaches and spotting until my body adjusted. But talk to your doctor and see what she says.
Avatar f tn (I knew that I was depressed, but I didn't realize HOW depressed I was until after I stopped taking it, and I thought that the depression was because of hormone changes after the pregnancy). I was also dizzy, lightheaded, and nauseated a lot. I finally concluded that the pills were the problem, and switched to another oral contraceptive.
982207 tn?1251854486 I was wondering if any of you have had this ( could also be from other forms of birth control as well, ortho evra, the patch, injections, and some of the pills available too) when i cross-reference the symptoms of MS and the same with the complications of birth control, it is quite odd that they mimic the same things.
1855970 tn?1325827213 I didn't want to because I'd had past horrible experiences with Ortho Evra, and Yaz. I finally caved and tried another newer one they had. I forget the name now.. and I had just started a new, amazing job. I sunk into a deep depression and anxiety. I refused to go to work one day, and it was not a good thing. I was so emotional, distraught and lost that my fiance told me to stop taking the birth control. The only good thing they had done for me was that I had finally had a period.
Avatar m tn does not even say they completed it... on the other hand, my ortho evra patch insert has one section dedicated to the possibility of death from contraceptives use. talk about risk reward. dying or having a baby..
10947 tn?1281407852 I think that perimenopause, the meds and using the Ortho Evra patch set up an enhanced mood/emotions stage that needed a lot of energy to overcome. BF lack of tact did not help either. But I held and it passed and I hardly remember the feelings I lived then. Talking things out is scary sometimes but worth knowing where everything stands. Having teenagers in the house can't be easy either. My ex's son had a lot of power games going which put a strain on our relationship.
Avatar n tn i too have a problem with acne especially on the side of my face and forhead that i never before had. my periods have always been irregualar even on bc pills. so far ortho evra has been doing well. the doctor said since it is transdermal and doesnt have to go through your system and break down(stomach , liver etc) that the body might be taking in more hormones and regulate it. the only problem still is acne...
Avatar n tn My health insurance didn't cover Seasonale but it does cover Ortho - SO, i'm taking Ortho like Seasonale, and paying for the extra packs! Hopefully it will work out.. we'll see.. ANYWAY - long story - but I loved Seasonale for a long time, after taking it a while my periods were only about 3 days long which was great! Good luck with it!!
Avatar f tn This is something I've researched quite extensively-since this applies to me. Here's my email, in case I run out of room and you have further questions. (***@****)Also, proceed with caution-if you have any breast cancer in your immediate family, etc. There have been a number of studies on this subject, here and elsewhere,google it(hepatitis+c+estrogen)or go to (PubMed+T.Poynard+estrogen)This article in PubMed will tell you what they think. Good article.
Avatar n tn But from the description of that diagnoses, I said that this cannot be whats wrong. So I thought back and I said that it has to be the Ortho Evra. So I thought maybe if I stop using it, it would leave out of my system. But would my hair stop falling out and go back to normal. So I hope we all who are having this problem find the solution to it.
Avatar f tn Hi, Soror you cracked me up!!! You are SO invited to join the CCC (Childless Couple Club) we have secret handshakes & everything. :) I'm 38, married for 18 yrs to a man 12 yrs older then me. I KNEW I didn't want kids before I was married at 20. I've been on BC for 18 yrs. Was on the Pill for 15 yrs, & the Ortho Evra patch for the last 3.
Avatar n tn Since I have sensitive skin I can't do the ortho evra so that only leaves the shot. I have read everyone's experiences and I wish everyone the very best. I just wanted to vent and tell about my story.
Avatar n tn - anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations and fluttering - depression - excessive weight gain - hair loss *I already have a prob. with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, so I am currently on medication. (Will be weaned off if not good during the pregnancy - just wanted you to know I am thinking it all through:) *It is one thing to gain maybe 5 lbs. or to gain weight when pregnant. I have been pregnant before and understand weight gain comes with this.
Avatar n tn My first attack was brought on by the ortho evra patch and now this. There should be some serious consequences for this unacceptable birth control. I'm sorry for any harm that the merina had done to all these female. I'm four days post-merina and i'm feeling like a mess. I wish help is some where out there for me but i will not find it in these doctors any more, they are all in it to make money. Until i stumble on a self cure, i remain hopeful for life.
Avatar n tn I am on the pill and after the second week when my period was done, I started a new month of birth control (I've been on ortho tri-cyclin for years). I am just now starting my second week of this month's cycle of pills and I have been CRAMPING since day 3. I have had a lot of unprotected sex with my husband during the entire time, and I REALLY don't think I am pregnant, I just want to know why I am cramping so bad when I'm not even close to my period again.
Avatar n tn He prescribed nexium, bently, for IBS, and Pamelor to calm my stomach as this could also be caused by my anxiety/depression. I rarely have the episodes during the day, they are more common at night for me. I usually have my husband make me some chammomile tea and eat a few saltine crackers. The next few days after this I feel very tired and still a little sick from my stomach. And yes, like the other women, I do feel these the week before and during my menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn At the time of the stroke symptoms I had I was using the birth control patch Ortho Evra. I was told by everyone to stop. I did. I haven't had any other kind of episode. No headaches before or after. I had a dull ache in my head while I lost vision and had numbness in my left side in November when I went to the ER. Is there a way to really tell the difference between a TIA and a Complicated headache? My question really is, is it common for a 33 year old to have those complicated headaches?
Avatar n tn and because I'm terrible about taking pills on time. My previous forms of birth control included Ortho Tricyclen, Ortho Lo and Ortho Evra. Most recently, I was on Depo Provera for two years (FYI: Depo isn't the monster that people make it out to be. It's a good option for some people so don't be afraid to look into it). The doctor I went to prefers to do the insertion on a patient who is on her period. But since I have been on Depo Provera I haven't had a period in about 22 months!
Avatar n tn Im 19 years old and have been using ortho evra patches since i was 15. I stopped using the patch because of health insurance reasons and my period has been on the haywire since. At first it didnt come for a couple of months but when it did come it lasted for a week and a half. Then it finally went away for a week and then the next week I had light bleeding.
Avatar n tn I have been on birth control pills since age 21. Switched to Evra (patch) at age 28. At age 30, started spotting mid-cycle and on strained bowel movement. This coincided with my moving to Canada and I thought that the patch in Canada might be a different type/ dose, hence causing the mid-cycle bleeding. Family doctor checked my pap results, said there are no problems and to live with it, since it's just an 'annoyance.
Avatar n tn Now I'm on generic Ortho-Tricyclen. Starting my third month of this, and am getting very frustrated, depressed, and aggravated. Lethargic, disgusted with how I feel all the time. Tired when I go to bed, tired when I get up. Exhausted at work and can't afford to miss because I'm divorced and footing all my bills alone. (Complainer's Corner is over here, by the way. LOL) And, Gaiill, the "whooshing" sound you hear is classic of tinnitus, another symptom of menopause.
Avatar n tn True dat on the monistat! Tried the Monistat 1 because I am a lazy American and I demand immediate results, and I didn't want to worry about my poor little coochie anymore....same results! Burning / Itching which steadily increased as the ovule dissolved in me. After about 40 minutes of trying to squirm in my seat and take it, it became suddenly more intense right at the opening (felt like someone was trying to insert a tampon soaked in Hydrochloric Acid in me) and I couldn't take it anymore.
Avatar n tn I got off the patch (ortho-evra) and had really irregular periods for 4 months, but have been 28 days since then. I am 5 days late, 2 negative HPT and am really sad. I feel bloated and a little bit crampy, but no other symptoms. I just found out that my best friend is pregnant after only one month of trying and am over the moon for her, but makes me think something may be wrong with me.