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Avatar m tn There is medication you can get from your doctor. It's call Zofran. There is a generic version that cost a whole lot less. I have taken both and many people on hep c treatment take it. Doctors should give everyone a prescription for throwing up before starting treatment. I knew to ask for Zofran before treatment because I had throw up issues while in cancer chemo. Give your doctor a call and get relief. It works great.
Avatar f tn I take Zofran everyday..usually get away w/just one pill...4mg...generic name is ONDANSETRON... Cost @ Walgreens for 30 pills is $495.00 USD..it is covered by most insurance companies...I did take phenegram..12.5mg as needed..made me tired and also mixed w/my antidepressants @ night and gave me restless leg syndrome... I like the Zofram a lot better.. NO SIDE EFFECTS... and it works quickly... Hope this info helps...
Avatar f tn Zofran IS available in a generic form. Ondansetron is the generic name. The patent for Zofran recently expired, which is why it can now be purchased and manufactured in a generic form. There are several strengths of generic Zofran available for sale, including Ondansetron 4 mg to 8 mg tablets. It also comes in several forms. I don't know the cost differance between generic and brand name but there should be a difference. With all newly patent expired meds the cost will eventually come down.
2147300 tn?1369693288 Ondansetron is also available without a brand name, ie as the generic medicine.) Ondansetron is used to prevent and treat nausea and vomiting that can be caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer, or by surgery. Vomiting is controlled by an area of the brain called the vomiting centre. The vomiting centre is responsible for causing feelings of sickness (nausea) and for the vomiting reflex.
1722607 tn?1335751458 I want to look them up thru my insurance to see how much they will cost me if needed. Just trying to budget how much treatment could end up costing.
Avatar f tn We are familiar with the Zofran (4mg aprox 6$ a pill !! ) and buying them 6 at a time due to the cost, and figure this- the compazine seemed to work a little better than the zofran! compazine was $11 for 100 pills! anyways, she was also on reglan. We are taking it one day at a time, Hopefully today we will learn more about when they will be draining or "tapping" the ascites. Hopefully that should releive some of the discomforts.
612876 tn?1355518095 Well, the on-call physician from my doc's office called the 1-800 number for the prior-approval department at my insurance and got them to re-certify my ondansetron (generic zofran) for 12 more months!! I had more anxiety when initially the pharmacy was still getting error messages, but I called back in another half hour and it went through! Now I just need to get a ride to the pharmacy by 9 PM ...
Avatar f tn Plus, they cleared up right after Inc. finished. The cost is less for treatment with Vic (if one treats for 24 weeks). But the cost is about the same as treating with Inc. if one treats for 48 weeks. I think it boils down to which side effects you would rather not have, which side effects are relatively easy to handle, which drug is most effective in your situation, and which drug the doctor is most familiar with and most comfortable with in terms of your situation.