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220282 tn?1214322419 - you probably mean elementary diet - is usually used in impaired absorption in small intestine. You have to get information what physical problems were confirmed so far. Long term elementary diet is not good for the liver.
Avatar m tn My symtons include excessive thin mucus in upper sinus, sometimes I can blow it our clear; in the middle way, I have crust accumulated in my nostril and sometimes I can pick and get it out (quiet a bit); and in my lower breath path or deep in my throat, I have thickened mucus and gel like tiny balls and hard to get them out. I have tried different things to reduce the mucus secreation. However none of them has been proven effective or without side effect. Lately I started to us SinusWars2.
Avatar f tn Ive been put on allgery meds, two different antibocs back to back and had three x-rays and a mri, and now i am going in again so they can stick a tube down my throat to see if they can see if anything is wrong. So far all my test have shown up clear but my life is just starting to suck, I cough and cough and as soon as i spit it out more is there to take its place.
Avatar m tn Many people here taking the Incivek triple or the Victrellis triple had the same experience. I am not sure if the Peg/Riba gave people a bad taste in their mouth. I did not have that problem the first time. With Incivek I did. Others have reported getting some relief from sour candy drops or lemon drops. As OH said ginger is good. It will get better as time goes on. I had problems as well. I hope that you remain UND.
1194973 tn?1385507504 Taking Omeprazole and the likes could lead to mineral and Vitamin deficiencies due to resulting lack of acid in the stomach. Search You Tube for Magnesium Deficiency. I listened to several Medical personnel talking about Magnesium. Trying to spread the word. Magnesium is a Miracle mineral. It will help several of your symptoms - in time.
974371 tn?1424656729 This test will indicate fairly accurately low thyroid function. I don't see why any doctor would take a shot in the dark and prescribe omeprazole -a proton pump inhibitor for excessive gastric acid levels- in light of ongoing unresolved G/I issues. I would have guessed the opposite -low gastric acid levels, same symptoms for GERD as with high gastric acid levels!- If you have had specific tests to verify high gastric acid levels, please disregard my previous statement.
Avatar n tn I remember clenching down and the feeling of the tube in my throat. I remember it all. If you're having this procedure just make sure they sedate you properly. If they ask, tell them you're a heavyweight. I thought they could get a better idea by using body weight/age/height, etc. This is like asking how many ounces of special sauce you prefer on your Big Mac, or exactly how much Maalox does it take to soothe your heartburn...Ugh!! Anyway, nobody cares and I'm very uncomfortable.
363682 tn?1299492962 This has some molecular and genetic explanation which has something to do with alcohol metabolism in the body. In the absence of other symptoms though (eg weight loss,changes in bowel movement,neurological deficits) ,this may not be very urgent. One important thing to exclude here though is an allergic reaction.Watch out for any diffiulty of breathing, rash that involves the entire body and generalized sensation of flushing. Continue to have a close follow up with your doctor.
Avatar f tn They are keeping an eye on it and i need to get another cat scan in 2 months time to see if it gets larger in size, as of now it is in the normal variance range. They dont' seem to think it could result in the pain i am having though and have classified it as a red herring. This leaves me with the pain that I've always had and now a new problem to worry about. I need to find out what this is. If anyone thinks they know please help!!!
Avatar n tn My itchiness has been getting progessively worse for the past few years. I'd say almost 3 yrs now. It's to the point where I can't even engage in intercourse with my partner, go shopping or even go out in the sun. I keep hearing and reading how Urticaria, usually has signs on the skin surface but I don't, except for the really bad itchy feeling.