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Avatar f tn When my blood sugers get real high I have to do a fast acting.
Avatar n tn I had to go on county insurance because I lost my job, and they wont cover Humalog or Novolog. The only fast acting insulin they cover is Novolin R. The problem is that I am on an insulin pump. I know this stuff is different than what I was taking (Humalog, or the equivelent Novolog), but I don't know what it is going to do to me. My doctor isn't knowledgable and I'm stuck with her. I can't go anywhere else.
Avatar m tn What is the mfg brand name and type of insulin? With Novolin R after opening the vile it is good for 45 days and should be discarded after then, even if there is fluid remaining in the vile. Or discarded immediately if it appears cloudy.
Avatar f tn The pills was what i was on first before i was pregnant i don't know why they don't want us to take the pills. I would talk to the main doctor too. You don't have another hospital to go to. I live in the city and I can think of 4 high risk so that's why I was able to switch. I hope and pray it works out because it can be stressful and I don't want that for you and your baby.
Avatar f tn my dog was diagnosed this past tues as diabetic. the vet gave him 3 units of novolin N & said to feed him w/d, 1/2 can every 12 hrs & a shot of novolin N after eatting. the next morning we did & he vomited most of his food. vet said to bring him back and monitored his gluc levels & put him on iv for dehydration. when our vet closed at 4 we were told to take him to to the hospital to be monitored if we were able to.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 36 yr old male, T1 diabetic since age 14. I'm currently taking Novolin N & R, 3 shots a day. I'm switching my insulin to Lantas and Novalog (4 shots per day). I have a couple questions that I didn't have time to ask the dr. yet. 1) Do I still make adjustments on the novalog according to my BS readings before eating? Ex: If it's high, do I take more than prescribed? 2) Do I make adjustments for a heavy day of exercise?
Avatar m tn Moderate acting insulins are the ones we use for basal (background) insulin. Examples are Humalin-R (older insulin), levemir, lantus etc. Then we have the action profile: whether there is a peak or not. The older insulins, particularly humalin-R do not have a flat action profile. they still have a peak and one has to be aware of this - though it can be very useful in addressing the dawn phenomenon. When I was taking Humalin-R I would typically go low by late morning.
1274110 tn?1270792161 40MG 2 Beconase AQ PRN Lantus 70 units 2 Novolin R Sliding scale PRN Flaxseed Oil 1000MG 1 Co Q-10 100MG 1 Vision Vitamin 2 Calcium/D 600MG 1 Vitamin D 1000U 1 Chromium Picolinate 200MCG 1
Avatar f tn Someone i know gave me some insulin that they came across, Lantus, Novolog mix 70/30, and novolin R. I am taking now lantus 25 units at night, and the last bottle of novolog regular i have been using the sliding scale last DR. gave. I wanted to know how to use the Novolog mix? and do i need regular insulin while take the Novolog mix? and should i stop taking the lantus if i start the novolog mix? Any help is welcomed, please and thank you.
Avatar f tn I use Novolin R, fast acting, 2-3 hours after dinner but only when my glucose levels is above 150 mg/dl.
Avatar n tn please back to hep c stage 4 gino typ 1 others out ther if your diabetic and your having blood sugar problems from your liver flare ups eny ideas on dealing with it im on novolin r, lantus,and glipizide also [byetta]-lizzerd spit..........