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Avatar f tn Oral ketamine and transdermal nitroglycerin as analgesic adjuvants to oral morphine therapy for cancer pain management. Anesthesiology. 1999;90:1528–1533. Li T, Zhu ZH, Liu X, Hu X, Zhao J, Sham PC, et al.. Association analysis of polymorphisms in the DRD4 gene and heroin abuse in Chinese subjects. American Journal of Medical Genetics. 2000;96:616–621. Lotsch J, Skarke C, Grosch S, Darimont J, Schmidt H, Geisslinger G.
Avatar m tn Afterimages are seen by everyone. Please read the article "Afterimage" in Wikipedia. Maybe your first problem might be related to this. Another problem of many people - the myopics in particular - are "Floaters". There's also an article in Wikipedia about "Floater".
Avatar m tn )) I hope i will soon get an Angiography for prinzmetal, so the docs will be able to give me nitroglycerin in case i really need it. I don't want to be the 23year old victim of a heartattack because the doctor's believed i was just being "panicky". My possible "prinzmetal attacks" are characterized by sudden onset tachycardia triggered by chest pain. I also have muscle twitches all over my body all the time. The only place where i get painful spasm is in the chest though.
Avatar f tn Hi, you say you have a history, but there's something a bit unclear. Your medication. Do you still have sudden MI with the medication you are on now, or has the current medication regime so far stopped them? you say you still get chest pains. Your medication is highly based on nitrates which are a way to try and force the arteries open all the time. Your body can get used to these and the effects can lessen over time, but perhaps you could ask your Doctor to try a different approach.
Avatar m tn "As to the antidepressants, be very careful, my cardiologist said they are known to cause heart issues" This is a blanket statement which is both incomplete and needlessly frightening. It needs to be elaborated on. Antidepressants are indeed known to cause heart issues in some cases, but the relevant questions are "Which antidepressants?", "What heart issues?", "How often?", and in which patients?
Avatar f tn My grandmother suffers from angina and uses nitroglycerin so I know of some of the symptoms of angina as she told me, but I don't think I have that. I don't think I have pre-diabetes as my HbA1c was 33 and the range I think for that is 48. But I didn't fast and my blood glucose was also quite good. Again, I didn't fast for that either but the doctor doesn't tell me these things or when doing a full blood panel they mention a blood glucose fasting!
Avatar n tn I went to a gastroenterologist and she put me on antibiotics and Nitroglycerin ointment. This seems to be working, but slowly. I also had a colonoscopy and upper-GI/lower bowel series which impeded healing. The Nitroglycerin gives you a bit of a headache, but it is better than the alternative. I also take Colace daily and stay on a high fiber diet and drink a LOT of water. I hope this helps a little - I didn't realize so many others are suffering from similar issues.