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572651 tn?1333939396 I have nitroquik - sublingual nitroglycerin - to take if I have angina pains - this morning about 5 am I was miserable and couldn't tell if it was heart or ms symptoms and I took one. As always it stopped my discomfort, depressed my already low blood pressure and I went to sleep for about 3 hours. I've used nitroquik for the past 3 months or so and it always stops the pain and gives me relief within minutes. It makes me wonder if nitroglycerin is part of anyone's MS drug protocol?
Avatar n tn What kind of tablet for angina? Was the angina evaluated by stress testing, CT or Cath? What were the results of these test? No one can possibly provide you with a reasonable answer to your question based on the very limited information you provide. You should be asking this question of the physician who did your testing and diagnosed your angina as well as prescribed your medications.
Avatar f tn I continue to use my nitroclycerin spray just prior to engaging in any strenuous activities, and I have never had any further angina problems since. Nitroglycerin dilates your blood vessels and therefore lowers your blood pressure and strain on the heart. But most importantly, it dilates the coronary arteries, when your coronary arteries are having problems dilating, it causes the angina. When your coronary arteries are dilated, that means they are openning up and allowing better blood flow.
Avatar f tn is their a cure for angina. also i get a dry throat also a pain in my chest. this is really worrying me.
Avatar n tn My son is 26 and has had sever chest pain from time to time in the morning and late at night. His Grandfather had Angina. From all I have read it sounds like my son could be have this problem. His blood presure is good but not his eating habits. So is Angina hereditary, and found in people his age??
Avatar n tn I have new onset chest pain, that has all the earmarks of Angina. My PCP ordered an ECHO Stress that was normal except for some ST and T wave changes. When I saw him, I asked about these changes and if they might mean that my chest pain is heart related. He really did not respond to my question, and addressed other health problems I am having. That leaves me in a quandary.
Avatar n tn His age along with a normal stress test almost completely rules out angina, it would be very, very unlikely. There are other conditions that mimic angina and pain from cardiac causes that are more likely. Esophagitis is an inflammation of the esophagus normally caused by acid reflux. The tricky thing with this condition is that it stimulates the same nerve that angina does to cause symptoms.
Avatar n tn If there were another significant blockage or if the stent was occulding, would I not have more persistant or predicatable angina while being active? Could you please tell me if it makes sense that angina often occurs "after" exercise as opposed to "during" exercise? I speed walk approx. 2.5 - 5km per day and often have no discomfort. However, if I am tired or if I go for 2 walks per day, I often notice that evening I will have more chest discomfort while at rest.
Avatar n tn My wife has recently been diagnoised with vasospastic angina. One week ago she had chest pressure, pain and left arm and hand numbness, so she went to the emergency room. She is 39 years old, about 25 pounds over weight and has high cholesterol. No family history of heart problems. She recently started a new healthy diet approximatley one month prior to the episode. The highest level of her troponin was 10.2 and when she was discharged it was 4.1.
Avatar f tn it was not caused by a blockage but by vaso-spasms related to unstable angina and I was placed on medications to try to manage this. (As per the Hospital Cardiologist after a heart cath) One of the meds I was given was sublingual nitroglycerin and I have had to use it many times so far (I only use it when the chest pains last longer than 20-30 minutes or get really bad).
Avatar m tn I am a 38 year old male. Recently diagnosed with vasospastic angina. I was prescribed Nitroglycerin sublingal spray (and calcium channel blocker Diltiazem), I was told that I should use the nitro whenever I get chest pain and to spray once wait 3 minutes if it doesn't work then spray again, if it doesn't work then call the doctor. (protocol was different last week when I was first prescribed tablet form).
Avatar n tn Pain that lasts only a few seconds or continuously for days on end is almost never angina. Atypical angina is pain due to coronary artery disease that is different from that described above. It is a diagnosis of exclusion, which means that other causes of the chest pain (e.g. musculoskeletal, psychological, GI source, lung source, etc.) must be ruled out first. Patients are commonly followed with yearly thallium tests and occasionally PET scans if available in their area.
Avatar n tn I was under enormous stress when the pains started and the fear that it was cardiac in origin added to it. I had the nitroglycerin sublingual tablets. I took them, sometimes they helped, other times they didn't. To this day I have no definitive answer as to the cause of my pains, but they seem to have subsided for the past 6-7 months. Try the nitro and see if it helps. My guess is that it won't help indigestion, but would if it was due to vasospasm or other cardiac cause.
Avatar n tn Hi there was wondering if anyone can help does taking nitro-glycerine spray sublingually for angina increase your risk of developing a brian aneurysm as i am worried by the headaches i get when i take it and because it dilates the blood vessels in the brain i am worried it could lead to aneuryms forming as their is a slight family history of them,can anyone tell me the risk from using the spray.
Avatar n tn I suppose she may have Prinzmetal's angina or microvascular angina. A stress test would not necessarily help sort this out. There are sophisticated sorts of measurements that can be made during a cardiac catheterization to provoke spasm or to assess the microcirculation done at referral medical centers. If her doctors feel that a more definitive diagnosis needs to be made, this type of testing could be pursued.
Avatar f tn I read about nitroglycerin and Propranolol Hydrochloride would you recommend it?
Avatar n tn I was up and dressed for work a few days ago and all of a sudden My chest felt like it was squeezing and my throat felt like it was closing, I did not have pain in my Jaw line but a lot of pain in my chin. The pain was constant and heavy. I got really nauseated and light headed , I have had a mild heart attack before but this was a lot worse. I have Nitro pills and as soon as I took my Nitro the pain let up and eased. I went to the e.r. and they did blood test for my enzymes and all was fine.
Avatar n tn The metoprolol would keep your heart rate down until they figure out what is causing the angina. New angina has to be taken seriously. Not to alarm, but it might be related to the previous stent. Only way to know for sure, would be to do the cath. Best of luck with this.
Avatar n tn hi i was looking for some information on angina in people under 30 years old....and also angina caused by artery spasm.who gets artery spasm more often///what are the tests done to confirm artery spasm...any info would be helpful....
Avatar n tn Is the triage decision based on need or the need/ability to pay quotient? It seems mighty easy to hand a person with angina a bottle of nitroglycerin tablets. That "treatment" must be over a hundred years old now. If a person has angina and lots of money can that person buy themselves a bypass instead of gulping nitro and enduring less secure solutions such as stents-even if they would not "medically" be considered a candidate?
Avatar n tn Stress and anxiety causes feelings of angina. When I have a good attack I look gray. Have had heart catherization, arteries looked great. Dr said he hopes his looks like that when he is 65. Had Lung test they came back all right. Doctor just said for relief could take nitroglycerin. What effect will this have on heart long range. Is there a medical term for this.
Avatar n tn Since that date he has had regular chest pains after the least amt of exertion (e.g. walking 50 ft). Nitroglycerin stops the angina attacks, but gives him a severe headache. He doesn't want to be dependent on this med, but would obviously prefer not to have the pain at all. He is also fearful with each bout of what may happen next. My father is willing to travel to your clinic if there is any hope for an improvement in his quality of life.
14693641 tn?1435938944 He recommended I continue taking the Imdur, and the Nitroglycerin. However, if the episodes of angina get worse or more frequent in nature I am to call 911 and get to the Hospital. Has anyone else experienced angina following having Stents inserted ?
Avatar m tn Is there something like unstable variant angina and if so is that different from unstable angina? I.e. does unstable angina always refer to the heart rather than the arteries contracting?
690060 tn?1247845341 The story has it that at the first factory where dynamite was made, workers who had angina felt better on Mondays that they had felt at home over the weekend. So the discovery was made accidentally. The ironic twist is that Alfred Nobel, who had gotten ultra wealthy as the inventor of dynamite (which is the form that made nitro safe to use), himself had heart disease but refused to use the nitro for his own heart.
Avatar n tn Positionally relieved pain, or pain that "changes" is not characteristic of angina or pain of a cardiac origin. What you are experiencing is not angina.
424634 tn?1277861128 Hi- Is it possible for angina to just go away. I had chest pains for about a year, several times week. About a month and a half ago, I had several severe angina attacks over the course of a couple of weeks, 3 of which woke me during the night. The last one I had was at night, and it was so bad I was terrified to even move, severe chest pressure, burning pain straight through to my back, and a choking sensation.
Avatar m tn If a focal spasm (a spasm at just one spot) occurs and you have ST-segment elevation on an ECG, you have Prinzmetal's angina. Prinzmetal's angina is treated with medications, specifically nitroglycerin. An over the counter product is L-arginine which enhances nitric oxide (NO) synthesis so this is also helpful. Pariet is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) and works by slowing or preventing the production of acid in the stomach.
Avatar m tn People who have panic attacks and chestpain that is not angina or prinzmetal angina related, how exactly does that chestpain come to be? What causes it? My doctor has told me I have panic attacks, but i doubt his diagnosis. I suspect prinzmetal.