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Avatar n tn I went to walmart to purchase cylaris, I dont know it I will have any side effects but I will keep you posted. My weight for today is 220. I will keep you posted on my success, side effects, or whatever will happen. Wish me luck.
Avatar n tn Most of it is in my abdomen and rear end. Nothing work, zenical put the weight on, I took pentermine for 7 week and lost 2 pounds. Any help?
Avatar f tn I've tried just about everything you could possibly think of (including homeopathic and alternative medicine theparpies) and I can't function with this level of pain. That is why I am considering the Ultram; for pain control and nothing to do with losing weight. Is it worth it?
179856 tn?1333550962 Yes, yes.... the weight gain after tx. It creeps up on you. For me it was because food had never tasted so good. The first 3 months post tx I stuffed myself with all kinds of food. Everything was soooo delicious. Stuff I didn't eat before starting tx. Like marshmallows, cream, candies, cakes, commercial chocolate... I developed a sweet tooth. Before starting tx I didn't even have sugar in anything.
Avatar n tn I am on 500 mg and it has done nothing for weight loss. It actually constipated me for the first few days and gave me heartburn and chest pain. I don't know if that is normal or not. My doctor says I am insulin resistant and he thinks this will help me loss weight. Should I ask to increase it? Or is it to soon?
440193 tn?1293814117 Hello there, I'm hoping someone out there may have experianced this problem, or may have some ideas as to what is going on with me,For the last six month, I have been steadly losing the hair on the right side of my body,my mother is a hairstylist she specializes in hair loss ,wigs and hairpieces for any type of hairloss,including cancer, and alopecia.
469720 tn?1388149949 You are overweight or obese and you carry the weight around your middle. For men, this means a waist that measures greater than 40 inches around. For women, it means a waist that measures greater than 35 inches around. You have high blood pressure (130/85 mm Hg or greater). You have a high amount of sugar in your blood (a fasting blood sugar of 110 mg/dL or greater). You have a high amount of fat in your blood (a triglyceride level of 150 mg/dL or greater).
Avatar n tn i have had very high cholestrol, i have worked on losing weight and exercising, eating healthy too, i've also had niacin b3 in my diet, i came across a homeopathic medication and many others ive posted on here, i havent yet checked my cholestrol levels but i believe this will work, again i have pasted a link below fromt he internet about this
Avatar n tn I am actually under weight now for my size, but I do like the way I look. I couldn't put on weight if i tried, I am afraid that if I stop takeing wellbrutrin that I will gain weight due to being use to eatting a lot now. if anyone gains weight I would be amazed. I am contemplating getting off of it due to all the bad side effects I get, the worst being dry mouth. I hope I was of help.
Avatar n tn I am finally off and hoping that I can lose some of this weight. If anyone has a success story about losing weight after quitting lexapro, please post it. I could use one.
Avatar m tn Amway Salmon omega fish oil capsules 4 daily 3.Bio E capsules 4 daily 4.Vitamin C 2000 mg daily 5.Niacin NF 2 tablets daily 6.Carnitor(Levocarnitine) tablets 7.Co enzyme Q10(CoQ or Ecozyme) 90 mg daily 6.Cobadex 1 capsule daily 7.Homoeopathic tonic Crataegus mother tincture 3 times daily These may help you to withstand the disease, angioplasty and the large number of medicines Statin drugs given for cholesterol reduction reduce synthesis of Co Q10 and lead to wekness of heart muscle.
Avatar m tn 6,000/day usually and very rare occurrences of couplets, triplets, or runs) caffeine alcohol General list of things that seem to help Eating right losing weight exercise Magnesium eliminate caffeine eliminate alcohol control stress, anxiety, stop depression Statins (statins have been clinically proven to reduce or even stop recovery PVCs in a large study) If I look at the two lists the one root cause that fits the data is Ischemia (blood flow compromise).
Avatar f tn Approximately 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight is recommended in the diet each day for someone with stable liver disease. People with unstable liver disease or decompensated cirrhosis need to lower the percentage of protein content in their diets so that it falls between approximately 10 to 15 %. And, they need to eat only vegetable sources of protein.
15607012 tn?1442453350 Thank you so much for getting back with me Niko. I hate losing posts! Thank you for taking the time to rewrite it! Before I get to my next post to provide more information I'll respond to yours first. I'll just go down the list and cover each item. One of the first tests I had with my PCP was a test looking for H. Pylori and the two tests ran came back negative. This was in October of 2013. Also with my urine being so cloudy I've had some tests ran.
Avatar n tn hi i have white dots on my nails for more then 5 months now, they wont go, i was being investigated for liver issues but it turns out it was fatty liver, i decided to start losing weight and stuff, wel i lost 2 stones quite rapidly, could this have caused the dots? but its been a good few months i havent lost weight, i have gone back to my normal diet too, i heard liver issues can cause them but are rare and kidney disease, would this be due to the rapid weight losss? some kind of defficiency?
Avatar n tn I know many experts that would give you opposite answers. I would recommend losing weight. If your cholesterol remained this high at an ideal body weight, I would probably start you on cholesterol lowering medication.
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Avatar n tn So, if you HDL 2 is in range, you may be worrying for no reason. HDL can only be readily raised by losing weight, controling diabetes or prediabetes, or by taking niacin. Avoiding execessive carbohydrates even in people with normal glucose control may be helpful as well. How much fish oil can I safely take? Look at the AHA website. They give recommendations as to intake of fish oil. The amount is gaged by adding the mgs of EPA + DHA. Niacin........
Avatar n tn ) - also, exercise (if you're able) is likely to improve NO production. And the body needs Magnesium to make NO. Good luck to you, Chris.
Avatar f tn I have my yearly gyn visit due soon, so perhaps I will have him do a hormone panel or something like that. In the mean time, I am losing some weight and exercising everyday. I am also eating low carb now, which I used to do for years, but since my surgery I have slacked off on eating right , have gained weight etc. etc. This was a wake up call for me, and I am lucky to have discoverd it early. I am still testing myself several times daily.
Avatar n tn As time passed I realized a lessening of body aches so I decided not to go back on the Zocor. It has now been 5 months since I have taken Zocor. Meanwhile, I have been losing weight (about 5 pounds) without changing my diet. I realized that my pants were baggy in the thighs and seat. I am skinny and don't need to lose weight at all. What I have lost is muscle.
152159 tn?1200086054 thanks for the thoughful response. I basically am waiting for this next workup. Interestingly, my cardio's response to my last panel (the one with low HDL) was that "everything looks can lower the triglycerides by not eating so much fast food". She didn't seem concerned. Anyway, I'm going to a new guy now...and hopefully my numbers will be better. My HDL was 42 not great...but I think that is within the normal range? I am going to ask about Niacin...
Avatar m tn Hi! Well aerobic exercise, losing weight, avoiding saturated fats and taking mono-unsaturated fats helps raise HDL levels. Other than this omega-3 fatty acid supplements and niacin can also help raise the HDL levels but ask your doctor before starting this. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
1795137 tn?1315731325 I considered myself increibly lucky and did what I could to maintain it. After having my fifth child, I found losing the weight a little more difficult. I was able to lose it, but it took much longer than it had in the past. I was already 30, I thought maybe it was just part of getting older. When it came time for my sixth pregnancy, the game totally changed. With him, I ended up gaining a lot of weight and fairly quickly.
Avatar m tn My doctor put me on Glucophage to help bring down my blood sugar, had me take Niacin supplements for my trigylcerides and developed a weight loss regime for me to lose the excess pounds. She did not put me on blood pressure medication because she felt that if I lost weight, that would probably do the trick. Six months have passed and I have managed to lose sixty pounds and managed to lower my blood sugar, trigylcerides and blood pressure.
6224500 tn?1388951268 I have been referred to an endo by my doctor but I'm also planning on going to a naturapathic doctor to sort out some other issues. I've been losing weight despite eating a lot and I've been getting pains in the back of my sides hence why I've been seeking alternative therapies. I also have records of the following: * Blood pressure - due to my suspicions of having what I thought was low blood pressure and is actually high blood pressure instead.
Avatar m tn In February of this year I was hospitalized for 3 days with a heart arrhythmia most likely caused by a Niacin supplement that I was taking for high cholesterol, as well as the Welbutrin that I had been taking for depression. I wore a monitor for a month and was put on atenolol to help with palpitations, and was given a clean bill of health. But this started some of the symptoms of anxiety, including night sweats and a bit of generalized fear.
Avatar m tn Lose Weight If you're overweight, talk to your doctor about beginning a weight loss program. Losing weight can help you reduce your levels of triglycerides, LDL, and total cholesterol. Shedding even a few pounds can also boost your good cholesterol level -- it tends to go up 1 point for every 6 pounds you lose.
1806721 tn?1510192923 I just want to know in general how people manage both high cholestrol and diabetes together? For my immediate concern, how can I stop my body from losing water? The more I drink, the more I urinate, and the more thirsty I am. Is this common for someone with high blood sugar level?
Avatar n tn If this remains the case, it's definitely important to raise the HDL, probably with Niacin. My husband's HDL dropped from 40 to 29 recently. He went on Niacin and within weeks he was up to 34 on just the 500 dosage. The stuff works, though the flushing sucks. If they recommend it, definitely do it. In the mean time, continue eating right and doing the positive things you're doing. Sometimes cholesterol is a family thing that creeps up as you go through adulthood.