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Avatar f tn how many shots of the neuprogen do you give yourself before the side effects stop and i mean the pain gopes away i have only had 1 till monday that will be my 2nd
Avatar f tn It was when my ANC dropped to 400 for two weeks that I started the Neupogen. I have to admit not feeling side effects much, but so much was masked by the treatment drugs. After I was done with tx I continued the Neupogen for about a month because my ANC was slow to recover. At that time, I could really feel the side effects of the Neupogen alone, and I would call it bone aches.
Avatar n tn In my experience, a neupogen shot raises your wbc immediately...One shot, once or twice a week should be all you will need. A wbc of 1.4 after one shot on Neupogen will probably go all the way up in the normal range...It will slowly come down again, therefore needing it maybe twice a week..Have your doctor monitor you closely the first few weeks of using it. But daily to me sounds like way too much.
Avatar f tn On the other side of the coin, I took Neupogen occasionally when the ANC was in the 300 range, and had no side effects at all. Zilch. SO it's different for everyone.
Avatar n tn I can keep taking my full dose of Pegasys without worrying about infections. I don't seem to have any bad side effects from Neupogen. I think it's best to take the Neupogen shot on a different day from the Peg. I take my Neupogen on Mondays, the Peg on Thursdays.
Avatar n tn Iwillwin, Neupogin was a miracle for me - no serious side effects. The injection side was a bit hard and stayed tender but I was able to stay on the full Pegasys dosage. In two weeks my former low Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) was higher than it has every been. From a low of 536 (500 is the critical number) to over 12,000!! I make people healthy just by standing close to them! To get your ANC count change the White Blood Count so it is not a decimal. So a count of 2.2 becomes 2200.
Avatar f tn I have been researching these drugs which are often given to cancer patients to treat anemia, however Clinical studies have shown Procrit to increase the risk of serious side effects (eg, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, heart failure) and death in some cases. It has also been shown to shorten the overall survival and/or increase the risk of tumor growth or recurrence in patients with certain types of cancer.
Avatar n tn A friend found this information in one drug database regarding Neupogen blood adverse effects. I suppose my Dr. was being extra cautious, but I'm glad I didn't take it anyway as it is very expensive and as you know better than I do, it has it's own unpleasant side effects. C. MYELODYSPLASTIC SYNDROME 1. INCIDENCE a. 5.5% to 16.
484932 tn?1226516891 I find that really odd - that you are having a reaction to neupogen 16 days after the shot. I believe neupogen is fast acting and does not stay in the system very long. Many cancer patients receive several shots, days in a row, to bring up the WBC levels.
Avatar n tn After tx was done and continuing the neupogen for an additional 3 weeks, the side effects became more obvious. I believe the Inf/Riba masked the sx making it difficult to separate. As much as I appreciate that neupogen allowed me to not require a dose reduction of interferon, I began to not look forward to the shots, shoving another drug into my body with unknown effects.
Avatar m tn Shortness of breath is pretty bad. I may have to look at neupogen for some assistance. Any comments on the side effects of this injection would be appreciated. I'm thinking the pros may outweigh the cons right about now.
Avatar f tn I am already on daily shots with the Infergen so there's always a shot night with that. I did the Neupogen about 20 min. ago and then, tonight at bedtime I'll do the Infergen. Then, tomorrown night, I'll do the 1st Procrit shot and the Infergen. The 2nd Procrit shot will be on Sat. I'll be getting my viral load and CBC/LFT done in a couple of weeks.
691935 tn?1421030690 I never had bad side effects, but I think the side effects were masked by the side effects of all the other treatment drugs. After tx I continued using it to help bring up my ANC and by itself, I could feel the side effects (bone aches) . Hi Libby, good to see you posting....
1025981 tn?1261096799 I have been sent home with the instructions to take two neupogen shots a week, 300 mcg per shot. Take one the same day as shot on Monday and then a second neupogen shot on Thursday. Does anyone have any input on this? What about folks saying NOT to take it the same day as your shot?
Avatar f tn I am not on chemotherapy but I have to take Neupogen 2x/week at 480mcg a shot. The bone pain I have is horrible, the weirdest pain I have ever had before. My bone marrow gets so swollen that I can actually feel my heart beat in my femur, pelvis and ribs. That happens if I get up too fast, or bend over. On top of that I have the "bone aches and sharp zings" of pain for a day and a half after a shot. The first night I woke up shaking, because of the pain my body was experiencing.
Avatar m tn Wondering how long does Neupogen take to kick in and are there any side effects? Also, do I need to take any precautions to avoid infection with a low Neutrophils, Absolute until the Neupogen works?
1391695 tn?1298143389 Most people seem to get a good response to the neupogen regarding increased anc. It has crappy side effects for me, although many people get no sides from it.
173975 tn?1216261375 I've had 2 shots of neupogen so far, both at the hematologist's office. The second shot was the same day I did the pegasys and I had no problem. As a matter o fact, I (think) I remember feeling really good that weekend. But My doc gave me a script for self injectable meds to save me a trip to the hemo. He had already informed me that, based on his interpretation of my weekly labs, I was gonna need the neup every two weeks coz of dropping wbc and anc counts.
Avatar f tn Hello and Welcome Treatment effects everyone differently. I did not feel any side effects until I was into my second month. Everyone responds differently. I remember taking my first shot and just sitting and waiting to get sick, but it never happended. You may go through TX with just minor sides.
Avatar n tn I now find that I am having these same significant side effects later in tx. This didn't happen last round, but I went 48 then. Anyone else have this happen?
Avatar f tn anyone know info on this subject please let me know. I can take the side effects and the aches and pains; BUT, I can not live with grey streaks in my hair. How ironic huh. Thanks for letting me vent and post my questions.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning with nothing more than the usual morning aches and pains, no apparent side effects. I recieved my medicine tuesday evening and put it in the fridge overnight. Wednesday morning I put it back in the styrofoam cooler with the ice pack and some additional ice and took it with me because I was not going to get back home before having to got to the doctor thursday afternoon. I drive a big truck that does not ride very smooth but I cushioned it in some blankets and a pillow.
Avatar f tn typically, intervention doesn’t need to occur until .50 or so. Some folks do report side effects from Neupogen, although certainly not all. I never personally required it so I can’t speak from personal experience. How far was the Neupogen spaced from the IFN injection; what you describe sounds very much like interferon side effects?
Avatar n tn I was also told not to worry although the insert lists loads of potential side effects. Cancer patients may be taking it 5 days a week. They aren't as tough as us (lol). The reason they give us neupogen is to increase our white blood cells which drop in response to the interferon. The problem with low wbcs is it leaves us open for infections that can be very serious.
315094 tn?1201393650 On the other hand, so many folks here have taken neupogen and other than the annoying side effects, I have never heard of the cancer issue. Low numbers is a VERY serious issue to continuing treatment.....seems like something to consider. Tx is all a balancing act, anyway, isn't it? We all do whatever it takes to get thru the 48 weeks...rescue drugs, extra rest, myself...I ate one heck of a lot of popsicles but still lost about 40 lbs.
564735 tn?1263947126 Hi, hope your feeling better. I too experienced these side effects when I had my first Neulasta shot back in 2004. I called on call because my fever was over 101 and they told me to go to the ER because of the high fever. They said my white count was high when they did blood work at the ER (I knew because of the shot) but they admitted me because of the fever, but I went home the next day. The side effects didn't last more that 2 days.