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Avatar f tn What effect would taking it specifically with having a factor five disorders?
Avatar f tn I'm also concerned with the clients budget. I do colon hydrotherapy for my clients as well am familiar with the different colon cleansing as well thank you for the mention. I don't particularly want this client to do this as he has a lot of large ulcerations in his lining and do not want to further irritate the weak lining as well as push any debris out of the lumen to go systemic. Do you know of any products that work particularly well on amoebas?? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Zoloft for depression and anxiety and am preparing to do a detox colon cleanse. Is it safe to do a all natural herbal detox colon cleanse while on Zoloft as long as the Zoloft is taken a few hours apart from all other supplements?
Avatar m tn I just want to let every body who is suffering from the symptoms of constipation, IBS, Diabetes, High colesterol, high blood pressure, over weight, low metabolism (just to name a few) ACOG Colon Cleanse is a great product to investigate.
Avatar n tn Hey has anyone ever taken this stuff? Its colon cleanser. It's herbal and I am interested it. But wanted to know if anyone has taken it while on tx or should I wait? It claims that with a clean shoot your body absorbes meds better? Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Where can you go to have colon cleansed or can you do it at home. Ive seen some stuff at GNC but never actually looked into it but might consider it after having baby.
Avatar n tn By this time I had been severely constipated for a month + and the lump was still in my throat. I am on a natural 30 day herbal cleanse. I can now have a bowel movement once per day. But it's not loose as it was with laxitives and my stomach isn't as bloated. But I still feel pressure above the navel and around that whole area as though something is there. The lump is gradually getting worse.
Avatar f tn Let me know how it all works out tomorrow. Laxatives are no fun. Right now I am just taking a colon cleanse from Wal-Mart. I bloat less on colon cleanses than on laxitives. It's called 'Colon Clenz' and it comes in a white and tan box. It's my sixth colon cleanse brand. Things work for a bit and than they don't. At first I thought I found something that would work and then the next week I realize that it doesn't last forever. I bet you know how that goes.
Avatar n tn Hi, Try an herbal cleanse. You might want to gently remove the excess waste in your digetsive system, colon , and intestines. Cramps may be coming from build up or even digestive dissorders. A good gentle cleanse I know of is called ACOG colon cleanse. I use it myself and it does wonders for the elimintation process. It comes with an Aloe vera concentrated juice that soothes and heals for a easy, painless and totally natural bowel movement. I say look it up, find more info and see for yourself.
1223598 tn?1289972059 I want to go on a detoxifying, cleansing program of natural herbal capsules that cleanse liver and colon, because i have been told it may help my digestive system greatly. i am in pain and discomfort so i am really wanting to start my cleanse tomorrow morning. i am planning to drink lots of water, quit smoking, still eat what is on my meal plan whether its toxic or not, and drink lots of healthy raw juice. I also am going to drink green tea.
Avatar f tn These stimulants increase your heart rate, can lead to insomnia and loss of concentration, and really contradict the purpose of getting your body back to a natural chemical-free state. Another type of stimulant is a laxative. Laxatives are often used in colon cleanse products to help speed up the elimination portion of the detox. Yes, there are natural laxatives that occur in nature like Senna and other stimulants, mostly in the form of herbal laxative tea.
Avatar f tn Colon Hydrotherapy (also know as colonic irrigations), Enemas, Laxatives, and Oxygen-based Cleansers. Fleet Phospho-soda is a cheap laxative you can buy over the counter. Prior to a colonoscopy some medical offices tell you to drink an entire 3.5 oz bottle of Fleet the night before and another the morning of. Warning: stay real close to a toilet cuz in 20 minutes your butt explodes.
Avatar f tn However, I talked to an herbal doctor and he suggest an all natural digestive assistant called ACOG Colon Cleanse. It is also called ACOG Herbal Master Body and Colon Cleanse. He recommends it to all of his IBS and constipation patiens. I'll tell you, this stuff really works and I found that it not only helped my digestion, but it also keeps me at a good weight.
499534 tn?1328707778 I'm sure I'll think of it when I'm not on the computer. There are many good herbal formulas which don't include the colon cleanse, which many people just won't do. Herb Pharm has one, Eclectic Institute has one, and there are others.
Avatar n tn I copied and pasted it.... You may want to cleanse your colon. I know that when crud, parasites, etc.. is in your colon, it doesnt matter how healthy you eat because the parasites takes all the nutrients from your body.
Avatar m tn I have written about my Faith, but what about the work I had to do, and the work many others had to do to make my Faith REAL? I continued looking for something REAL with God on the so-called "impossible" task of making my parents well, and eventually found something ordinary, simple, literally hidden under my nose(occasionally) and in my fridge on the bottom shelf!, unknown to me! Raw, Fresh, Clean, Living Vegetables and Fruit. We all know they are "good" for us...
Avatar n tn One thing that helped me besides taking these herbs was kidney, gall bladder, liver and colon cleanse. While I was home on sick leave I also swollowed at least three cloves of garlic and drops from tinctures of Cheyenne every day to cleanse my blood.
Avatar f tn Read Amberen Reviews to know more about it |best colon cleanse
Avatar n tn Ask you doctor about Bio-nutria health products, like Herbal Colon Cleanse, optimal digest. For more information about pure, safe benefical products, please contact me at ***@**** We have alot of natural products you might want to check out, check them out with your doctor too!
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for reading my post and guiding me in the right direction. I will definitely try out the cleanse, natural remedies and the diet. I have heard of leaky gut syndrome but didn't really research into it. I guess the liquid dripping sensation can be called a leaky gut. If there is something I come across I will definitely keep you posted.
Avatar n tn High fiber diet, drink 1/2 my body weight in oz of water daily, add super blue green algae supplements three times per day, Alpha Sun enzymes, Spectrabiotics to promote good bacteria growth and Stemplex capsules desgined to enhance the growth of adult stems cells. Also do a colon cleanse to flush out bacteria in the colon (took 5 weeks), a liver detox (1 week) and a bladder detox (1 week). The colon cleanse nutrients included flax seed which I have read is a tumor killer/suppressor.
Avatar n tn My problems seem to stem from food poisoning almost 6 years ago. I just ordered Hulda Clark's parasite cleanse, which incorporates Black walnut hull, cloves, wormwood, ornithine, and arginine. I know, I know, I feel silly but I've been desperate for so long. I got a DVD interview with her and she seems like she knows her stuff. Anyway, please let me know what you think!
Avatar f tn And to Sarah, the herbal laxatives are Natural Balances Colon Cleanse and Natural Factors Ultra-Lax which contains calcium, licorice, and peppermint to name a few. I found out I have a rheumatologists appointment scheduled for tomlorrow that I had scheduled months prior and forgot about. I am hoping this is a second chance to be heard as my first rheumatologist was a closed-minded quack apparently.
Avatar m tn I'm completely clueless as to what this could be, I don't think it's a bacterial infection since my white blood cell count is normal, I know it's not malaria, Im not sure if it's parasites (just to be sure I have purchased a colon cleansing kit and started the program). The specialists best guess is that it's viral that I should wait it out, which I want to if the symptoms weren't so intense. I realize I did a whole bunch of dumb things, I just never though anything could ever touch me.
Avatar n tn I know of some one who had a similar problem I'll tell you how they got rid of it. It seems like you've been to the medical doctors and haven't found an answer. Have you been to an herbal specialist? There is an herbal product called ACOG Herbal Master Body & Colon Cleanse that is highly recommended for IBS. If you do some research you will find that this 50 year old pioneer formula is perfect for not only IBS but a healthy digestive system alltogether.
Avatar f tn She refused chemotherapy because it was both nasty and carcinogenic. She opted instead for natural supplements. At the top of the list was milk thistle. After nine years she remains cancer free and in good health.
1516249 tn?1423465385 This is the IDIOM we use to manage or cure GP and all its manifested issues. The mechanism of Blood Cleanse/Intestinal cleanse along with building alkaline reserves through Organic salts and seeds , Blood purification and L Glutamine based intestinal repairs shall help manage problem for good.
Avatar m tn dandelion root, wormwood, black radish, artichoke and especially the Cardo Mariano that helps regenerate. In addition, liver and kidneys should be detoxified, and if there is damage to these organs, the appropriate treatment should be given to regenerate them. Diet: Given that Candida loves sweet foods, all sweeteners containing the following compounds should be removed: dextrose, sucrose, glucose, maltose, lactose, fructose and sucralose.
865902 tn?1239312521 ” When it is, your liver and kidneys are designed to handle those “toxins” and will do so far better than anything someone tries to sell you. 2. Diets only work when they restrict calories. 3. Your colon is fine and does not deserve to be regularly “cleansed.” Colonics have been around since the early 1900’s (maybe earlier) and the fact that they are still being used is only evidence of the gullibility of humans. 4. Never trust something that claims to “strengthen the immune system.