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Avatar f tn I could respond that the question "Is X a narcotic?" depends on your definition of 'narcotic', since law enforcement uses one defintion (incorrectly) while the medical/pharmaceutical community uses another.
Avatar m tn Many doctors recommend a non-narcotic RX for those it is effective for. Ambien, Lunesta,etc. work well in most ppl and is preferred over narcotics because of dependency risks and the possibility of withdrawal down the road that perhaps could have been avoided. I would be extremely cautious using any 'natural' products that claim to have sleep enhancing properties. I can't stress this enough as many of the most hepatotoxic agents to be found anywhere come from herbal concoctions promoting sleep.
526311 tn?1229289930 I have always abused hydros off and on, but my true addiction was to lunesta and ambien. Even though they tell you that it is non-narcotic, that is a pile of ****. It started out as one a night to sleep, then quickly escalated to 3-4 several times a day. If you aren't taking them as prescribed, 1 a night, then you are getting addicted to them. They had control of my life for 2 years and almost ended my marriage and my life.
Avatar f tn if i took it like i was supposed to it was about 3 or 4 but when i wasnt able to get heroin i was very scared of wd ( before i stopped using) sometimes id take 8-9 at a time and i kno tht its VERY VERY dangerous but i was scared to wd. when i was using it for detox i had mayb 7 a day for 2 days then taper down from there. now im on suboxone and im not allowed to take tramadol bc of the program which is ok.
526311 tn?1229289930 I had to take a couple following my gallbladder surgery, but I took them as prescribed You probably weren’t expecting a reply such as this one, but I wanted to share my experience so you would know what could happen. Even though the Ambien and Lunesta are non-narcotic and the ad says they can be taken as long as needed, they are very dangerous and can make you change entirely. My 17 year old daughter told me just the other day that she was so glad to have her mommy back.
Avatar n tn I was almost 6 years clean from heroin when I took pills after surgery. Ok then... if you go to a doc... and do something outpatient like Suboxone. It is a narcotic. however it is part blocker so it has a ceiling affect and does not get you high. It is perfect for a short term taper of less then 21 days.. some docs use it longer however I read everywhere that people on it longer end up having WD symptoms from it. Only certified docs can prescribe it.. go to suboxone.
Avatar m tn I would think that dry mouth would be very common for narcotic drugs......any of them. Also, you're probably grinding your teeth, causing them to wear down. That's another problem with narcotics or really any controlled med. I have always done that when I was taking pills. The way to beat the pain is to talk to a doctor about non-narcotic alternatives. You could try massage, therapy, anti-inflammatories......there are definitely alternatives to methadone.
Avatar n tn OY MY GOSH YES!!!! Ambien and Lunesta are what did me in. I was a binge user with the hydros and could take em or leave em. Meaning if I had them I took them, but if I didn't I was okay. The sleeping pills are what killed me. Over 3 months I wrecked our vehicles 4 times because of them. I would go to work and then as soon as I got home I would take some (around4:00 pm.) Then I would wake up a little while later and would get in the car and drive.
1162610 tn?1262832616 But tonight the pain is getting to me. I wonder if this is real pain or is this pain from cutting down on my narcotic. I'm taking tramadol to help with the aches, but it doesn't really work. I was prescribed Clonidine for the withdrawals and it helps, but it knocks me out. I feel like I could crawl in bed right now. So, after 7 weeks post-op from hip replacement, do you think some of my current pain is from the withdrawal or is this genuine pain, esp. after I've had physical therapy?
Avatar n tn I'm currently trying to stop using it by tapering the dose. I break the oblong pill in half, and take only half the dose, and not every night. As mremeet says, there are better ways to get back into good sleeping habits after treatment ends. But on treatment, sleep (for me, anyway) was very tough without an aid such as Ambien.
Avatar f tn I used it for several months during w/d from hydros and then I had major problems from using the Ambien as prescribed NEVER abused it. It has taken me months to get over it. My sleep is just now returning to normal the ambien does more harm than good in the long run. I know it is awful to go without sleep and that the over the counter meds don't help when w/d from hydros or norcos but be very careful with the ambien. Should never be used more than 7-10days per Ambien website...
Avatar n tn 12 days without using wnet back to work for 2 nights and used each night, now at 5 days without using back at work tommorow. I am DESPERATE not to use again this comming rotation. Does anyone have any tips on how to manage ones self around all that temptation. I am close to losing everything.
Avatar m tn I would want to know from the members of this forum about how many people are using Seroquel only as a sleeping aid in doses of 25 mg and 50 mg.All suggestions and answers are welcome.
Avatar m tn how much on average did u take of morphine daily for the past month? and that is the only narcotic u take? just trying to get a feel for where u r at....and now u r 0 meds? other than zoloft?
Avatar f tn I've always been a responsible person with a good job and good morals. A few years ago my boyfriend was using pain pills regularly. If I had a bad migraine or something he would give me one. I never thought I was in danger of addiction. I've never had an addictive personality. Well I began to use recreationally occasionally. Like take one every couple months at an event or something like that. Nearly two years ago my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I was devasted.
Avatar n tn yeah, I have gone ct of norcos in the past(about 20 times like a mellon brain,all because I ate them up fast) and it seemed like I was back to normal after a few weeks, hence then I would think I was superman, and would suddenly now handle using better........never happened ,always went back to using large amounts. well now I know why,given what my brains receptors were USE to !! Yes, I never experienced anything nearly as bad as shaking methadone.
209656 tn?1272300665 WHY? They are non-narcotic, they give me absoulty NO buzz whatsoever, they do not alter my mind...why are some people so addicted to a non mind altering drug? I dont understand where the addiction is in tramadol.. Well anyway, got almost 5 hours of sleep today (well woke up at 3am and PM a good friend) then got another hour. So I am happy and good to go today. Hope everyone is well, and has a ver blessed and happy day today!
Avatar n tn He began abusing his 40mg twice per day prescription - taking 160-200mg per day. He detoxed at the clinic by using suboxone for 4 days starting at 8mg and tapering off. He is finishing this tomorrow but is complaining of severe back pain. Back injury was the reason for the oxy to begin with. They are trying Lyrica. I am worried about it's reproductive harm issues, addictive properties, abuse potential, etc...
Avatar n tn I can't seem to go below 5-6 norco a day, if I do, it really kicks my *** and can't function to well without taking 1-2. Clonidine hcl .1mg seems to have little effect on helping to sleep, but lunesta sparingly lets me get 3-5 hours every couple days, still waking to (restless leg syndrome/ skin crawling) type of sensation that is relieved by 1 norco and about 30 -45 minutes, sometimes I may even get another hour sleep.
Avatar f tn what a show. its like looking into our lives, back when we were using, or those still using. i have started watching in this past month or so. it is therapy for me. next week is brand new shows. its about a girl, taking all kinds of pills. they show her collapsed on her kitchen floor. some of these are just so heartbreaking.
Avatar n tn Thanks, your input is helpful because my husband uses Adderall & any other narcotic he can get (I have some for my own problems & he's stolen them too many times to count) plus he uses Ambien every night (for 4 yrs now) yet will drink Diet Coke right before going to bed, does nothing to help his sleep problems & then binge eats in bed while high on it.
884943 tn?1241662998 My 2 weeks of vacation each year turned into 2 weeks of trying (and failing) to get off. It was hopeless. Then I heard of a friend who got off by using suboxone. So i called my local Physc. Doc and made the appointment. Took my first suboxone and 20 minutes later felt like a million dollars. I had done it. I had gotten off Opiates. This was going to be a breeze!! If I had just know then, I could have strangled my doctor while I was there..... OK...enough of me.
Avatar m tn I still have chronic pain issues associated with degenerative spine disorder, but I found non narcotic remedies on my own. Yet, when using it was nice to be able to nod off and sleep for hours. I struggled with dysphoria throughout my sub use because sleep was so hard to find. Luckily, I stumbled upon an understanding doc when I quit subs who prescribed me 10 mg Lexapro for the days and .5 Xanax for nights (by the way, benzos were never an issue for me; definitely not my DOC).
Avatar n tn When I first started withdrawing, I was taking anything and everything OTC and prescription oriented that WASN'T a narcotic to try and help myself recover. Unfortunately, I stumbled into a neuroleptic known as Gabapentin/Neurontin. Doing a lot of research, I believe I've developed what is known as acute akathisia, which is basically RLS for your entire body, briefly described. It is characterized by insomnia, anxiety, depression, restlessness, etc.
Avatar f tn Now I can sleep like a baby, and I absolutly love to sleep. Unfortunalty I don't have much advice for using pain meds as they are prescribed by an 'INFORMED PHYSICIAN' an infomed physician is someone that knows that you are an opiate addict that tends to abuse your medication.. I'm so thankful that I don't really have pain problems, but I've asked myself what I'd do if I did... I can honestly say that I'd be more inclined to non-narcotic pain relief methods.
Avatar n tn I, personally, would discourage that. Ativan is not a narcotic, true, but it is JUST AS ADDICTIVE as a narcotic.....and the w'ds are worse. I've been there (accidentally, as I ran out of my prescription for ativan and didn't think anything of it......until I started withdrawing from it). Bad news. I don't think you want to trade one thing for another.....and it doesn't take long at all for the human body to become physically dependent upon ativan.
659608 tn?1318292966 Dr. Park and members: What is your recomendation and feelings on using Medicinal Marijuana for Fibromyalgia symptoms? There are so many conflicting articles, it's hard to know the real truth, so a doctor's view point wuld be very helpful.
Avatar n tn Well, I tired going to bed around 8pm and it's 10:30pm now. I even took my Lunesta and couldn't stay asleep. I did find out that the Lunesta actually calms down my wd's, so I'm not crying at the moment. I just feel so bad for my son. It was a definite struggle today just to make myself get up and feed him. He's so sweet though. He came over several times today to hug me because I was crying and he doesn't understand. It breaks my heart.
Avatar n tn They should visit their PCP and ask for an antidepressants suck as Lexapro as it works on GAD, generalized anxiety disorder and something to sleep like Rozerem or Lunesta something that is non narcotic, As I have heard of patients not sleeping or weeks to months. I'm talking about a full nights sleep not 1-2 hrs a night. Your normal sleep pattern will return in about 3-6 months.
Avatar n tn i do know that xanax can cause some careful with that drug..u dont need a new doc....also narcotic wd causes this..for me i felt great for a week or so after detox.then fatigue and depression set ready for any mood as they may change alot right now..this is why aftercare is so important...for me it was good days and bad days, then more and more good days after a while...everyone has bad days tho...not just addicts in recovery..