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169942 tn?1383613300 I just saw this article on BBC and thought that it was potentially really good news. It is a theory by an Italian doctor on multiple sclerosis being caused by vein blockage in the brain causing iron to leak into brain tissue. If this stands the test of scientific and medical scrutiny it could lead to a cure. Very exciting!!
Avatar m tn my sister (24) was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, responded to steroid. now she suffered sudden & complete loss of vision in her left eye. she has been put on SOLUMEDROL. please suggest any available treatment modalities world over ? chances of return of vision ??
488198 tn?1493875092 A Genetic Cause For Multiple Sclerosis Is Identified And Funded By Science Patron, Jeffrey Epstein The CYP27B1 gene is discovered by Oxford University to be a leading cause for multiple sclerosis NEW YORK, June 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent study at Oxford University in England and published in Annals of Neurology, has identified a gene that causes vitamin D deficiency and may also be the cause of multiple sclerosis.
382218 tn?1341181487 Member organizations of the MSC include Accelerated Cure Project, the Consortium of MS Center, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, the International Organization of MS Nurses, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and United Spinal Association. Find the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition online at or visit MSC on Facebook at www.************/MSCoalition and on Twitter at @MS_Coalition.
333672 tn?1273792789 // ). It's run by some UK neuros/researchers for people with MS. What's nice about this blog is that not only do you get the research abstracts, but they also give some sort of context or commentary as to why you might be interested or how promising they think whatever it is will be. As a bonus, if you have a question about the research, they will often answer it in the comments.
382218 tn?1341181487 Primary Progressive, Relapse-Free Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Drug Masitinib Still In Phase 2b/3 Testing http://bionews-tx.
382218 tn?1341181487 php Long-Term Study With COPAXONE(R) Indicated Protective Effect On Brain Tissue In Multiple Sclerosis Patients Article Date: 29 Apr 2009 - 7:00 PDT "New data presented provided evidence that long-term treatment with COPAXONE® (glatiramer acetate injection) may offer sustained protection from neuronal/axonal injury.
8398640 tn?1398042546 Sorry his is old news. No one else has had any success with replicating his findings. He only had like 19 in the study. Most neurologists dismiss it. I wish I had better news.
Avatar f tn org/brochures and you can get many publications from The Basic Facts, The History of Multiple Sclerosis, to publications on Newly Diagnosed, Employment issues, Staying Well, Managing Specific Issues, Managing Major changes, And the list goes on and on.
Avatar m tn i had been diagonised with multiple sclerosis in the year 2001. now i am not able to walk. i am also not able to see clearly. my speech is also not clear. i think my type of ms is primary progressive since my condition has worsened gradually. pl suggest some medicines or other alternative therapy.