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382218 tn?1341181487 Member organizations of the MSC include Accelerated Cure Project, the Consortium of MS Center, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, the International Organization of MS Nurses, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and United Spinal Association. Find the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition online at or visit MSC on Facebook at www.************/MSCoalition and on Twitter at @MS_Coalition.
572651 tn?1530999357 Lulu has shared with us before that the MSAA - Multiple Sclerosis Association of America - helps with some MRI costs. Although I believe there's is limited to diagnostic level imaging, they may well be able to point you toward so good resources for follow-up imaging. I believe you can find them at Good luck to you! Any chance you can see a more reasonable neuro who will begin treatment based on history and then see you quickly for follow-up?
Avatar f tn Hi Monkie, Welcome to our community here and I guess I should also probably welcome you to the world of MS. From the urgency of the neurologist's office to get you in, I would guess that they found enough evidence to begin treatment. Did you notice how many times I used "guess" in the above? That's all it is, but your phone call sounds like my phone call when I was dxd. It was a "the doctor wants to see you Thursday - what time is good for you?
Avatar n tn Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with peripheral neuropathy, which causes tingling, and numbness, overlapping symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic demyelinating neurological disorder where the disease phase is characterized by active phase and remissions. It has multiple symptoms and signs and is a diagnosis of exclusion.
Avatar n tn Thanks for writing in. Yes there is a documented association of human herpes virus with multiple sclerosis etiology. You need to tell your neurologist about this. You need to be treated for this though genital herpes cannot be cured. There are antiviral drugs like acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir which can shorten the episodes and decrease their severity. Acyclovir reduces the pain and number of lesions in the initial case of herpes and reduces recurrence.
559187 tn?1330782856 Having to take a poll, I would say that the present evidence of an association of relapses of multiple sclerosis is strong for the post‐partum period (Confavreux et al., 1998), is becoming possibly disputable for infections (Sibley et al., 1985; Buljevac et al., 2002), is minor, if any, for trauma (Goodin et al., 1999) and stress (Mohr et al., 2000), and is none for vaccinations, at least in patients free of relapse for >12 months (Confavreux et al., 2001).
Avatar f tn I know that O-bands in CSF have to be compared to the number is blood taken at the same time; only the number that exceed those in the blood count toward whatever it is we're supposed to learn specific to MS from this test. The lesion noted seems to be shrinking fast. I know there's more on lesions in our health pages, but I don't recall hearing of them going away so quickly. Of course, I don't recall hearing of anyone's being measured three times in two months, either.
Avatar m tn For anyone interested, I got an announcement from Shared Solutions, about a talk on March 25 called "Treatment Strategies in Multiple Sclerosis." The speaker is Boyd Dwyer from Mid Maryland Neurology (don't know him). Registration is from 6:00pm to 6:30pm, and the talk is from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Location is the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel, 5701 Marinelli Road, Bethesda, MD.
Avatar n tn certain possible causes of muscle twitches are muscle fatigue, anxiety, certain medicines, caffeine, stroke, multiple sclerosis, trauma to the nerves and nervous system disorder. It may be seen in association with fibromyalgia syndrome. This need to be investigated by a neurologist and treatment would depend on the diagnosis. Certain stretching and exercise, massaging the affected muscle, medicines like klonopin may help stop the twitches and spasms.
572651 tn?1530999357 com/go/multiple-sclerosis/webcasts/the-latest-on-visible-and-invisible-signs-of-ms =========================================================== *New developments: Multiple Sclerosis News From Medical News Today MSIF (Multiple Sclerosis International Federation)
Avatar f tn Because the clinical radiologic diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is still challenging as a result of the nonspecific appearance of multiple sclerosis plaques on T2-weighted imaging, the prominent perivenular spaces may be a sign we can identify on conventional MR imaging to increase our clinical suspicion for multiple sclerosis.
Avatar f tn Most neuros - at least MS neuros - read their own MRI's and don't consult the radiologist's report. The nuances of MS are very difficult to understand and it sometimes takes someone very skilled to read them. Did your chiro see your pics or just read the report? If you have a neuro, I would definitely give them a call and talk to someone about your latest symptoms. The loss of smell is interesting - I found this from
Avatar f tn Lipoma is found among people with Multiple sclerosis, especially people who are female, 50-59 old, also have Constipation, and take medication Avonex. We study 61 people who have Lipoma and Multiple sclerosis from FDA and social media. Find out below who they are, other conditions they have and drugs they take. You are not alone: join a support group for people who have Multiple sclerosis and Lipoma .. This is just one of many that have lipomas with MS . So there is definitely an association.
987762 tn?1331027953 Other less-recognized phenomena from sympathetic nervous system disruption are vasomotor dysregulation (cold, purple feet), cardiovascular changes (orthostatic changes in blood pressure, poor variation of the EKG R-R interval on Valsalva maneuver, possibly increasing risk of surgery), poor pilocarpine-induced sweating, poor sympathetic skin responses—especially in progressive multiple sclerosis (Karaszewski et al 1990; Acevedo et al 2000), pupillary abnormalities, and possibly fatigue.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome, Your question has landed in the Multiple Sclerosis community which may not of been where you intended for your question to be honest i find it mind boggling that you haven't been given an official medical explanation, if you have been left to search for answers your doctors need a kick up the backside!! What i can tell you is that MS has a strong association with both heat exposure and visual issues.
Avatar f tn I just posted this comment.I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in my country, but I live in Florida,United States.I want to get the most suitable and affordable medical insurance that will cover multiple sclerosis patients,but I don't know which one is the most reliable one.
Avatar f tn The association of eye signs with neurological symptoms of right leg pain also warrants exclusion of MS, multiple sclerosis where the disease phase is characterized by active phase and remissions. It has multiple symptoms and signs and is a diagnosis of exclusion. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness in any area, problems with walking and coordination, tremors in one or more arms and legs.
1324871 tn?1288981706 Numbness in the chin is seen as a forerunner or association of collagen vascular diseases, viral infections, bell’s palsy, lyme’s disease or as a first sign of temporal arteritis, carcinomas, HIV, multiple sclerosis. Consult a neurologist as soon as possible for proper evaluation of any impending cranial nerve palsy. Take care.