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Avatar n tn Why are you considering taking milk thistle? Do you have liver disease? Milk thistle hasn’t really shown much in the way of clinical evidence of being effective for treating liver injury.
286124 tn?1214938528 Milk thistle is used for the liver - - - there are no contraindications for the milk thistle and pain pills .......
Avatar m tn How many among you are taking or have taken Milk Thistle. I started taking one tablet a day and Doc was amazed to see decline in the Viral Load from 11000 to 120 in less than 3 months. Cant be absolute if this was because of Milk Thistle or something else.. No diff on ALT remained 80.. rest normal.
Avatar f tn I forgot to tell you after you go to mayo clinic review of milk thistle you go to the site that says Milk Thistle and under that it has Mayo Clinic and it does give a web address I tried it and can't get there so it is easier to just do it like I said.
Avatar m tn I would like more information on this milk thistle everyone keeps talking about along with what is classified as a 'heatlhy diet'..... From vegetables, fruit, drinks, meat etc.....
Avatar m tn hi i would like to no witch is better maximum milk thistle or standardized they are a lot of milk thistle out thire
Avatar f tn We do have the right to express our opinions, with a few exceptions, health matters being one of them, that arena needs peer reviewed science. Did I miss something regarding milk thistle? The main point seems to be milk thistle "walls" off the live preventing it from doing its job.
Avatar f tn I am planning on going back to get another blood test soon, however, wanted to share with the group that I started taking Milk Thistle about three weeks ago to see whether this might help lower my enzyme levels to normal. What I have been finding is that I no longer need to take the prilosec or zantac, there is something (or appears to be something) in the Milk Thistle that is both helping me feel better as well as well as lowering my need for prilosec or other antacids.
Avatar f tn if you have cirrhosis of the liver does milk thistle help to regenarate the liver and if so to what degree?I also have an enlarged spleen and suffer with stomache and back ache which my doctor say,s is associated with this and prescribes me paracetamol which i thought was bad for the liver.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Hep-c and Cirrhosis on Jan.5th 2015.....both Chronic ? My viral load is 676 , my meld score is 12....I have no idea what any of this means ? I'm 54 years old ! I have no insurance and Ive been turned down from Medicaid 2 times...Which means No G.I. Doctor , in fact no Dr. at all but a Primary Doctor at a clinic here in Savannah Ga. ! He informed me he knows absolutely nothing about liver disease's etc.
2105146 tn?1334593783 Does anyone know if milk thistle is good, bad, or of no effect? I read somewhere that it is helpful for liver problems so started taking it. I won't see my dr. for almost three months so can't ask him until then.
Avatar n tn ve been searching everything I can and saw sites that say milk thistle helps protect the liver from damage. Just wondering if anybody is using this?
Avatar f tn has anyone ever heard of a mineral or vitamin called milk thistle? i was told by a friend that it gets rid of toxins in the body and can help people with fms and cfs!? any info?
Avatar f tn There is no consensus among hepatologists about taking mik thistle, so for that reason I wouldn't do it. That said, there are members here who have reported that their hepatologists had no problem with their patients taking it. Some hepatologists say it's okay to take only before or after treatment itself and some say it's even okay to take during treatment. I would definitely look to the advice of your own hepatologist in this matter, if you want to pursue it.
1154822 tn?1262230166 I have been hearing alot of talk about Milk Thistle being the new magic tonic for the liver, any thoughts on this?
Avatar f tn when I mentioned to my doctor that I took MILK THISTLE, he gave me a look of disgust. He never answered me should I not take it just hype, or does it mabey have some benifit?
1523804 tn?1316560909 From seed, milk thistle will take around three weeks to germinate. HARVESTING: Cut off flower heads when white pappus tuft begins to develop as the flower dries at the end of the growing season. Seeds can be harvested for a few weeks. DRYING METHODS / YIELD: Let the cut flower heads dry in a sunny, warm place for 5 to 7 days or in a brown paper bag in a dry, warm place. After dried, place in a burlap sack and chop at the flower heads to remove seeds.
Avatar n tn Do NOT take milk thistle while on treatment as it can hurt the efficacy of the medications. In fact unless you know for a fact (that the supplement has been studied thoroughly for reactions to interferon and ribavirin) that it won't hurt anything it's definitely better safe than sorry.