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Avatar m tn What would be a good dosage of milk thistle? I bought a concentrated extract 1000mg softgels from WalMart but the suggested use is so vague, "take 1 two to four imes daily". I am also wondering how others have gained from ths herb?
Avatar m tn From what i have read it does help the normal functioning of the liver so what is good can't be bad huh.... Well my question is, currently i take 1 milk thistle daily on dosage: 175mg. However, in my local health store, they are advertising Super Milk thistle tabs at 3000mg. Do you think it would not be wise to change over to such a higher tab? I'm guessing these super tabs just benefit the liver more but what are your views?
Avatar f tn Where can I find Milk Thistle that is over 175mc per pill? I've tried Berkeley Bowl, Whole Foods, Walgreens and that's the strongest I've found. Now, does it make sense that my liver aches only when I take Milk Thistle? I've stopped & restarted several times & it appears that the herb actually makes it ache. The pain stops when I stop. Any ideas? Also, I have a friend who was born with Hep C. He is now 35 yrs old. He has been getting blood work every month for many years.
Avatar f tn I saw an herbalist/MD who recommends PhysioLogics Milk thistle extract, which is what I use;; 6 tabs daily of 250 mgs. I'd think fresh milk thistle made into an infusion would be stronger only due to it being fresher but its hard to know the dosage. illo mentioned sprinkling milk thistle in her cereal. Sorry, I don't have better info. for you. You could try searching the archives. Ask your doctor. Mine doesn't mind using it with tx.
Avatar n tn Does anyone continue on milk thistle while on meds? I take milk thistle and lecithin. I forgot to tell my MD as I've been taking both for over a year now before I decided to go on the meds and I continue to take them. Any thoughts on whether I should continue or not? (When I told my doc a year ago that I wanted to see if the milk thistle and lecithin would clear the virus, he rolled his eyes at me as if to say "Whatever".
1253246 tn?1332076910 Very Interesting I must say!!! New evidence implies that milk thistle interrupts the Hepatitis C virus' reproduction and proliferation cycles. by Nicole Cutler, L.Ac. For centuries, the extract from the milk thistle plant has been used to improve liver function. This practice is widely recognized - especially by the millions of people living with chronic Hepatitis C - a viral infection that can cause progressive damage to the liver.
Avatar n tn I have just read an article on milk thistle being helpful in cleansing/healing/regenerating the liver. My husband has autoimmune hepatitis and is on Prednisone 20mg. and Lactulose. Do you know anything about this herb and its compatibility with these drugs? He is also on Cipro once a week to prevent infection of ascities fluid in the abdomin.
2105146 tn?1334597383 Does anyone know if milk thistle is good, bad, or of no effect? I read somewhere that it is helpful for liver problems so started taking it. I won't see my dr. for almost three months so can't ask him until then.
Avatar m tn Just started taking milk thistle for my liver and gallbladder. I bought some milk thistle extract pills which contain 175mg per serving size of 2 pills. It says to take 2 pills daily with meals. Since a serving size is 2 pills, that means 175mg would be a serving. Does that mean 6 pills a day (2 with each meal)? The wording is really open ended. Just confused as to proper dosage. If anyone could shed some light on this, I would really appreciate the help.
Avatar f tn Hi, Ann8, I am still taking milk thistle. My PCP and GI both said it wouldn't hurt but its medically unproven. I have not had any lab work done since I started. Even if I saw an improvement in my ALT I guess I couldn't attribute it to the MT but I'd sure be inclined to keep taking it. HR has a list of supplements he recommends to support liver health. MT is on there. You are e-antigen negative and what is your viral load?
1717054 tn?1316716253 This link from Hepatitis C Central explains the advantages of taking Milk Thistle for anyone with Hep C, including taking it during treatment. I just wanted to pass this on if any of you are currently NOT taking this supplement. I have been taking this for years and am convinced that it has helped me. I hope this helps someone out there!
Avatar n tn I know about Maximum Milk thistle, it is just a bit too expensive and so I was wondering if anyone has a source for genuinely good Milk thistle, preferrably with indepedent testing and is there any idea as to what a proper dosage is? I was just diagnosed with Hep C and my liver enzymes are quite elevated, so I would like to get a handle on it as quickly as possible. Anyone here use Liv-52?
Avatar n tn BTW, the doctor did not increase his dosage of meds. We are looking at trying Maximum Milk Thistle that is supposed to be better than regular milk thistle. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for your input.
Avatar m tn Zelly or anyone else, I think you're taking milk thistle? I read on it. I'm a believer of herbal medicine. I guess it doesn't hurt to try? I went out and bought GNC milk thistle 200 mg/capsule today. I read that recommended dosage is 200-400 mg/day. So I plan taking them at 8am and 5pm every day. What is your dose? Are you still currently on it? How long have you been on it? Any side effects?
Avatar f tn One last time.... Milk thistle & Interferon--Dr. Weil's answer: Q Looking for a Liver Cure? Is it okay to take milk thistle with interferon injections? A Answer You definitely can - and should - take milk thistle if you're being treated with interferon (for chronic hepatitis B or C, I assume). Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is an herb that protects the liver from toxic injury and stimulates regeneration of the liver.
Avatar m tn Notes on “Milk Thistle,” Francine Rainone, D.O., Ph.D., M.S. AMERICAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN Milk thistle has been used as a cytoprotectant for the treatment of liver disease, for the treatment and prevention of cancer, and as a supportive treatment of Amanita phalloides poisoning. Clinical studies are largely heterogeneous and contradictory. Aside from mild gastrointestinal distress and allergic reactions, side effects are rare, and serious toxicity rarely has been reported.
766573 tn?1365170066 They contrasted 2 different doses of milk thistle (which were from 3 to 5 times the normal dosage) vs placebo, all taken 3 times a day for 24 weeks. Results of the study indicated that after 24 weeks of treatment with either 420 or 700 mg of milk thistle, only 2 patients in each treatment group met the primary outcome measure of a serum ALT level of 45 U/L or less (considered within the normal range) or less than 65 U/L, provided this was more than a 50% decline from baseline values (4.
Avatar m tn Do you know what is the optimal dosage we should take Milk Thistle ? I take 2-3 pills per day, usually 1 with each meal, each capsule is 500 mg.
144210 tn?1273092382 That being said, there's no downside to taking milk thistle as far as I know. If you're experiencing symptoms from HCV and the milk thistle helps, then I'd take it. If you think it's going to change the progression of the disease, then I'd skip it.
Avatar m tn I am thinking to change the brand (maybe switch to “Maximum Milk Thistle”). I knew that Milk Thistle is not supposed to cure HCV neither to reduce VL but I expected that it will bring to norm the ALT and AST results. My questions to the friend in the forum: anyone experienced better results with Milk Thistle? Can it be better if I change brand ? What is the recommended dosage (I take 3 capsules in a day, after meal, each capsule – 500 mg, I think that have no problem to take even much more).
446474 tn?1446351282 Herb Favored by Hep C Patients Has No Medical Benefit: Study NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Nov 10 - "Milk thistle extract, an herbal supplement popular among patients with chronic liver disease, had no benefit for hepatitis C patients, a new study found. In a randomized multicenter trial, milk thistle-the botanical compound silymarin-did not beat the placebo at improving liver function test results.
Avatar f tn I purchased Nature's Way Brand Milk Thistle, which - according to the packaging - contains 175 mg Milk Thistle extract (seed), 80% silymarin; and 180 mg Blessed Thistle (stern, leaf, flower). Is this safe? Is it helpful? Is there any kind of sensation at the liver site which indicates that you need to seek medical help immediately? I've read on the forum that some people actually experience bleeds. Does this manifest as bruising, or can it happen w/o any visible indications?
Avatar n tn Has anyone here "EVER" been put on the Wrong Dosage? If So, Now How is that going to effect my outcome, & is it to late to correct this? I am about to have my first Real "Riba-Rage" over this as I feel sure it was my "Nurse Hatchet" That screwed up & gave me the wrong "Pre-Printed" Prescription. I am totally pissed.
Avatar f tn I would suggest calling a lactation consultant to ask about fenugreek and blessed thistle. If you google motherlove more milk capsules, they have great reviews on increasing supply. When I was relactating, I used fenugreek, blessed thistle, and domperidone. Your ob can prescribe the domperidone. There's also a tea called mothers milk tea you can get at gnc or vitamin shoppe and it also helps increase supply, it just tastes awful.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone my name is Anna , I have my 2 year old little Becky she was born with a liver shunt , we opted to have surgery Jan 8 2013 but her bile acid are not normal probably will never be , she has also mvd , someone suggested milk thistle can really help her i bought some it has 468 mg syllimarin and some organic alcohol she weighs 6 pounds maltese , im worried about dosage and the alcohol in it can someone please help me out im giving her 3 drops per day Anna
Avatar f tn I just read a post where someone said to take 900mg of milk thistle, divided up to three times a day. I've only been taking 350mg every 4 days or so. I don't have a Hep doctor, but 3 doctors at my methadone clinic who are very knowledgable about Hep (do to 90% of their clients having C) said to NOT take milk thistle daily, but to do it every few days. Why? Are they wrong? Is the smaller amount even helping?
Avatar f tn 7) The biggest mistake people make when doing anything for their liver, is to use Milk Thistle. 8) Milk Thistle is without question the worst herb now being used for liver issues. 9) Milk Thistle does the exact opposite of what an herb should do to help the liver. 10) Use of Milk Thistle could make you sick or sicker. 11) Milk Thistle supports the structure and function of the liver.
Avatar n tn I remember my very first visit 3.5 years ago with my Gastro doc. As I was walking out of his office he said "you are probally going to go and try Milk Thistle and all the other stuff but it won't work". Interesting thing to say I thought. Since then I have been under the care of a ND along with my Gastro Doc and my ND has me on milk thistle. Is it helping?? I don't know, my alts/asts go up and down depending on my stress and exercise level and whatever else makes them flucuate.
1057195 tn?1289366929 Hi, I am breast feeding but I think I have a low milk supply. My baby is 3 weeks now and she is drinking a lot. By the time the evening rolls around I am out of milk until later that night. I have been prescribed Metoclopramide (10 MG tablets) by my OB but it makes me very irritable and somewhat depressed. I am suppose to take it 3X a day but I just couldn't deal with the side effects (but it works). Does anyone know others ways to improve a low milk supply, please help:(.