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Avatar m tn In a statement Thursday, the FDA said it is taking steps to revoke Menaflex's approval, although it also plans to meet with the company to discuss what data would be needed to prove the device is actually safe and effective. An FDA spokesman said the agency has revoked device approvals before, although the step is rare. ReGen, based in Hackensack, N.J.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 57 female w/anxiety and vertgo for 17 years,take .25mg Xanax and 80mg Micardis for blood pressure. Been able to manage my attacks OK.About 2 weeks ago @ 10:30AM at work after being on the computer I start feeling very dizzy and weak like I'm going to fall out of my chair or need to lean on my desk to hold myself up and like I need to go to sleep.When I force myself to get up to walk,I'm feel like I need to hold on to wall or desk to balance,it lasts for 1 hour then OK.
Avatar m tn after clinical trials he gave the formula to the NOW company for FREE to help people with liver problems, especially hepatitis. out of all the sups so far this has made me feel the best. and not sure but i think the CoQ-10 has helped lower my BP, for the last month my BP has dropped to 110/75. before taking it, it was always around 135-140 over 80-90, and these higher #'s were with taking a BP med, 40mg micardis. of course the better BP could be from me exercising more and watching diet.
Avatar n tn My mother has hypertension and diabetes but both are well under control by medicine (Micardis, a type of ARB which she recenly switched to from Cozaar, and Glibenclamide). She was once detected to have some blockade in an ECG about a year and a half ago but was assured that was not serious. Subsequent ECG did not reveal abnormality. Can anyone help?