Mesalamine immunosuppressant

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Avatar m tn Hello, Can you please tell me if Mesalamine/Mesalazine/Pentasa can cause delayed seroconversion for HIV ?
Avatar m tn ( Especially i take Mesalamine/pentasa since 3 years everyday This symptoms are killing me ! I feel so tired :( Legs and arms are disappearing !
Avatar n tn Hair loss is a side effect from Mesalamine, which is an NSAID (non-steroid anti inflammatory). Treatment with NSAID's creates a shock to your system which transforms hairs in the growing stage to the dormant stage (for a few months) and then the shedding stage. This is why you don't see the shedding until a few months in. The damage is done when the hair is rendered dormant, but the shedding that follows takes a few months. Do some research on NSAID's and hair loss.