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1247529 tn?1313499931 Suggested exercises for Low Libido, Low level of hormones,Erectile dysfunction etc. Male deer exercise Female deer exercise, kegel exercise, Sat kriya(Satkriya) Tadan kriya kundalini yoga. Massaging perineum. Google above phrases and select those you like.You may consult doctor to rule out any medical cause and then do some of the above exercises.
Avatar n tn ) About 15 weeks ago I started a diet and exercise program. (I have lost 14 pounds.) For exercise I do stairmaster stepmill for 30 minutes almost every day. I take the steps two-at-a-time for at least 5 of those minutes (so there is a lot of stretching going on in the perineal area.) 2.) About 2 weeks ago I had a sore throat and cough, took Azithromycin (Z-pac). 3.) About 2 weeks ago I strained my lower (sacral) back while lifting something.
Avatar n tn Luckily I stopped in time, and can still lead a quasi-normal life with the help of exercise and NO drugs.
Avatar n tn I have been extremely bloated for about three weeks now, and have gained a few pounds (I exercise frequently, just like before). I'm not pregnant, either. I'm so confused and annoyed with these effects after coming off Yasmin. I also never thought I'd be so eager to get a period--just to know things are normal, and I really I hope I don't gain any more weight--I'd like to go back to the weight I was while on Yasmin. If I ever take BCP again, I won't choose Yasmin.
Avatar n tn This information, as well as your mother’s health, will help to determine the chemotherapy regimen. Her doctor will be best equipped to discuss the specific regimens that will be recommended as well as the duration. He/she will also be best qualified to discuss prognosis as it relates specifically to her situation.
363682 tn?1299492962 I am 28 with no other health problems. I never noticed a problem until a couple years ago when I consumed many drinks but the headaches have gotten more severe and are triggered with much less alcohol. I also have only found relieve by taking 800 to 1200 mg of ibuprofen. It is so bad I don't even enjoy it anymore.
Avatar n tn Luckily my girlfriend is a champ and isn't too conserned about me getting off, but she's more worried if there are any health issuse i need to be aware of... I don't really think I'm comfortable enough to say "I'm addicted to porn!" Oh well, I suppose I'll take everyone's addvice and just cut back on the porn and masturbation.
Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with multilevel degenerative disc disease c-4 through c-7. I'm now 43 years old. I've been waiting 3 years for disc replacement surgery to be a little more mainstream treatment. I'm interested in hearing anything about this procedure for the C-spine. I'm considered a surgery candidtate for c-5/6 and c-6/7 levels.
Avatar n tn Your in danger go to doc it's serous bigtime 12 at once thats serious. Sorry but I'm concerned about your health so should you.
1647691 tn?1363727302 Even had a disagreement with the lady in the health shop as some are marked as safe in pregnancy. I told her that the internet disagrees as they dont have a controlling body for testing. She didn't like me much. I love the world wide web hehe haven't touched the green teas. Have to say don't like them. Feeling sick about tomorrows appointment. The sleepless nights still continue after that 2ww.
162948 tn?1205256292 but the cause of removel was I've had other health problems that docs couldn't find out whats causing dizzness, legs swealling up, bad acne, excess weight gain and loss. 5 in a day to week 25 lbs.. getting a secon opion on uturin pain she said I had cysit rupture, a bit odd between 3 ob visits had several pregnacy tests done.