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Avatar f tn 32 weeks if I go getca prenatal massage would I hurt anything? Gotten them earlier in my pregnacy but im wayyyyyy bigger ... suggestions?
Avatar f tn I used to be a massage therapist with an dvanced certification in prenatal and yes they can be so great for your pregnant body!
Avatar m tn In any case, how in heaven's name do you cannect such risks with towels or massage tables? And even if you can think up a reason that this might be a risk, soapy water instantaneously kills both these viruses, as well as HIV and any other virus I can think of. That's why hand-washing is so effective in preventing viral infections. Bottom line: zero risk, no worries. Don't get tested. Continue unprotected sex with your regular parnter(s).
Avatar f tn Do not just get a normal massage. Also, some places have tables with a cutout for belly so you can lay face down. mine did and it felt so great to lay that way. Others will have you lay on your side, but i asked dr prior to going and she said it was totally fine as long as it was a prenatal/pregnancy massage. I 100% recommend it for anyone!!! I want another, but am at 38 weeks, so i'm almost done and massages are not cheap.
Avatar f tn So the first part of the massage was awesome, they have special tables that dip in so you can comfortably lay on your stomach, so my back massage was great. But then the lady had me lay on my back and while she was massaging my legs I started to feel really faint and hot so I had to ask her to stop and get me some water. After the water I felt fine but then she started massaging my stomach and that was super uncomfortable. You can't push on a pregnant ladies stomach!
Avatar f tn Massage CANNOT cause miscarriage-Only if it is performed incorrectly can it have any reflection on a healthy pregnancy. Mediums used in massage can have a negative affect in the first trimester & certain oils may be harmful throughout pregnancy ie Lavender. We have special massage tables with bump holes so the client is perfectly comfortable throughout the whole treatment-We also offer many other treatments during pregnancy.
349463 tn?1333575176 After having to go through the 3 hour blood test yesterday my dh bought me a half spa day package. I just got back it was amazing. The massage therapist had a special pregnant moms table I got to lay on my belly!!!!!!!!! It was the greatest thing ever. It was like a regular table with all the padding on it and the sheets then he dropped this middle part out just for my belly and pushed the pads down into the hole so I was supported, but didn't have any weight on the belly.
Avatar f tn I made the error of going to a massage which was not such a good place. I was touched in the anal region - and at that time I felt some pain - like I had been scratched or something. A week later I developed burning and pain sensation in the the anus and while urinating in the penis. I had some Keflex from a previous dosage which I had not fully consumed previously, and took about 7-8 tables twice daily until they finished. Problem got slightly better but came back.
Avatar m tn I go to a licensed therapeutic massage parlor occasionally. I strip naked and get get a full body oil massage, no touching or sex of any kind. Last week when I laid down on my back naked on the table, I realized that the towel cover of the table was warm and wet, particularly around my penis cap area (maybe from a previous use). I got the massage as usual.
Avatar n tn What are the odds of getting crabs from lying on a dirty massage table? One of THOSE massage tables that, and I am unsure of this, and didn't think of it at the time, may not have been cleaned prior to my use. No personal genital to genital contact with the masseuse....but I am worried about the possibility of getting the lice. Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn a therapeutic massage is not a risk for std's. any real massage provider properly cleans their tables, changes their sheets and washes their hands in between clients so nothing to be concerned about.
Avatar f tn Just make sure you ask and tell the place your pregnant, there's certain guidelines the massage therapists have to follow... And also ask if they have special tables or if they have you just lay on your side, because laying on your side for an hour can be quite uncomfortable!
1742220 tn?1331360327 I really have to be in the mood to clothes shop especially in the mall and this happens for me about once a year but I did pass by the panties the tables they have with all the like five for 25 bux and stuff and I could not resist so I got a few of those and they are really cute and that's my favorite thing I got. one is like this pink and gray leopard pattern on a thong its super cute. ya im talking about underwear again. sorry.
Avatar f tn Go get a prenatal massage.
Avatar m tn This recent situation does not afford me much free time, so I recently went for a one hour massage to relax. The massage starts in what seems to be a very clean tiled room. I lie down on a vinyl table, and the masseuse pours warm water from a plastic bucket over me, and then soaps me up and rinses me with water from a shower head. I believe she uses a sponge during the soapy stage. I then get towel dried and we go to another room for the massage and happy ending.
643719 tn?1229745397 It wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor if you are worried though. I recommend a maternity massage when you are about 8 months along. They have those tables with a hole for your belly to go. After months of not being able to lay on your stomach it is heaven. I think I would have paid just to lay in the table, even without the massage.
Avatar m tn I'm a middle aged heterosexual male. Several times, over the past couple of months, I've visited massage parlors and received massages with "happy ending" by professional sex workers. During these visits, I've engaged in body to body massage, sucking nipples (both receiving and doing), having my anus touched and fingered, fingering the sex worker's vagina, having my penis squeezed between the worker's breasts and being masturbated by hand.
362119 tn?1223141536 i had a massage on the weekend they had a special mattress under me so my belly would fit in it and i am fine it was great i had the works massage facial manicure and pedicure and i am fine. i am 18 weeks but also had one early on.
Avatar f tn After about 2 days ( I wait tables and bartend) it extended into my arm. It now throbs and tingles and my right hand is weak most of the time. I saw my doctor and he says that since I didn't do anything to hurt it that it's not muscular. He is sending me to have an EMG because he thinks it's carpal tunnel. My hands do fall asleep a few nights a week, however, why would carpal tunnel be making under my shoulder blade throb so much?
Avatar m tn I appreciate this opportunity to ask this question, and to be honest I'm more ashamed of my actions. About 1 week ago I was in Las Vegas with some friends simply getting away for a 3 day weekend. After a rough day at the tables I attended a strip club where i proceeded to have several kisses (closed mouth) with a stripper during a lap dance. After getting a bit excited I took a cab back to the hotel where I let the cab driver pursuade me to attend a massage parlor.
Avatar f tn Also research massage tables and chairs. Other than using an *overpriced* foam pillow with a hole cut out of it for my face, I used a (fortunately) borrowed massage table and chair. They worked great. Also, the mirror gadget is probably worth getting too, if you want to see straight ahead but keeping your head down - like watching TV. Good luck and best wishes for recovery.
1831849 tn?1383231992 I went to an actual spa this weekend! But I had a EGD with Bx's on thursday......
Avatar m tn I went to asian massage polar and the Lady gave me hot bath on table I was naked on the table , face down. Can I get STS from this? Then after massage She face me oral sex, but she licked my Scrotum and inner thigh with her tongue She did put a condom on my using her mouth 9 days has passed and I don't have discharge From penis or anything but on my neck I have a rash on each side and on My left arm near the fold, I have a rash. Is this herpes? Am I at risk for hiv or herpes?
Avatar f tn Doctor...over the past 5 months I have frequented approx 10 massage spas where I have received table showers, full body nude massage, handjobs, been fingered, and brief rimming. Although I have been told my encounters have been no risk in the other forums I wanted to get your opinion. I am concerned because I am laying naked on tables in areas where there may be other men's fluids...either on the table getting showered or on massage table.
Avatar m tn My potential exposure (humping with a GAL of unknow status in a Massage Parlour). I happened 11 weeks back. My next deemed exposure 9 weeks back (went to a hospital where hiv people are treated, over there I sat in between them, touched all the tables/ chair. What is making me crazy is the thought that I might have touched any dry blood of the infected person on the table/ chair and as I forgot to wash hands I have rubbed my eyes and cleaned my nose.
651681 tn?1384876229 Now, I don't some research and stretch and massage my feet so that I can feel better. It hurts more during the morning and when I touch the back of my heel is sensitive. Now is there anything else I can do without making it worst and or do I require surgery.
Avatar f tn Yea.. I need a whole body massage after having baby and maybe have a drink. Lol im just hoping that my lil girl decides to be here soon and not wait til nov 3rd .
Avatar n tn but the beds do sound nice.. I mean they have massage tables made like that.. even ´╗┐the boob part pops out.. why not a normal bed?