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182493 tn?1348056515 I was on Lunesta for sleep up until about a month ago. I took it for over a year. The taste in your mouth is horrid, but it goes away after a few weeks. I ate chocolate ice cream to help get the taste out of my mouth, if only for a few minutes. That's funny about what you (or someone) said about the butterfly floating around in the t.v.
Avatar n tn I want to get off the ambium /lunesta and occ. ativan. I need to know the best way to stop. My kids need me and I am incoherant and unble to work.... last night I didn't sleep after taking 3 ambium, valeran root and rx sleeptime,, finally, at about 6am I feel asleep after taking a lunesta (i know i shouldn't be mixing all this stuff) for about an hour. I should say that my doctor had me fill an order of 100 mg nuerontin last night. I took two in the even.
7174034 tn?1390854110 I never thought I would feel so good about my life or that a new year would mean so much to me. Husband and I kicked our pill habit- 35 days for me and 33 for him. We had been talking about quitting smoking for some time now. Especially now that cigs take like poo. On pills they were great, but now it was more out of boredom and habit. We had patches for quite some time now and decided last night to make the jump. We both have our patches on and are excited to be completely healthy.
Avatar n tn I have my meds pretty much down now (Cymbalta, flexeril, buspar, seroquel, Lunesta, provigil). The state of MD now pays for my medicare and after being on Lunesta and provigil for about 1 1/2 years, medicare decided these 2 drugs need to be pre-authorized. Lunesta is a sleep med. I had previously taken ambien and it made me sleep walk and not remember what I did. If I get in bed between 11pm=12am and take my lunesta, seroquel, buspar, and flexeril, I usually sleep about 10-12 hours.
Avatar m tn Anyway I was on it for pretty long was a tiny bit better but not really so she tried Prozac, believe it or not it was 2 days latter and I was feeling great I opened my curtains planted a garden, stopped crying at everything stopped planning funerals every time my husband went hunting or took the kids fishing or camping. I was on Prozac 20 mg for 15 years, then I tried other meds as Prozac was not working as well even increasing it did not do anything.
Avatar m tn Thank you for responding. I have been treated for depression but not specifically anxiety. I was feeling down and anxious in early December. Started Zoloft. Side effects started up and I tapered off after 3 weeks but anxiety, restlessness and insomnia spiked anyway. I was better before the Zoloft so that is why I tapered. I have some very stressful events coming up with work and I cannot afford to be "off".
Avatar f tn Anxiety is better generally all day yesterday but even with Lunesta, only slept 2 hours and then off and on for the rest of the night. Woke up anxious. I believe if I could get more sleep, it would help my anxiety. Original cause for meeting with my doc was for insomnia. Does sleeping get better?
Avatar n tn I tried to up to 40mg for a week, but felt even MORE anxious. Is there a different med which is more effective for depression & anxiety? In the past, I've tried Wellbutrin & Zoloft which both had me climbing the walls. Paxil definitely worked for a long time, but stopped working. I also take thyroxin & cytomel because I don't have a thyroid anymore. Please help! I've gotten into this bad spiral & can't seem to pull myself out of it.
Avatar f tn Wow - you find the best sites!!! I have not heard back from the pharm re the consult. Thank God for the Lunesta as at least it gives me some sleep but still not what I would ever consider a good night. I am just so tired all the time! I cut back on the bi est last night but was afraid to completely cut it out. How are you doing?
Avatar n tn **Ok, so it's your 3rd or 4th day off suboxone, it's 4am in the morning, and you are on the computer trying to find a way to get off this **** that your doctor said would be SOOOO.... much easier to get off than opiates. You are really pissed because you are finding article after article that people are having a really hard time getting off this stuff and it seems that the withdrawals last even longer than opiates. A thought crosses your mind about kicking your doctors ***.
Avatar n tn Yes! I would suggest Lunesta over ambien. It works great & doesn't gave the potential for abuse like Ambien. Muscle realxers are also a good option since they ease the RLS & make you pretty sleepy. I hope you guys get through this. Just remember that every ****** day brings you 1 day closer to freedom!!
Avatar m tn This rebound pain is also hurting you really bad, take another hot bath, whatever you are taking for the pain and some more valerian root which is for anxiety and will help to relax a little but please, do not lose your hope nor your fightiing spirit, today too shall pass ...
220476 tn?1212722950 I also just got off of xanax which my doc had prescribed me for anxiety. It was .25mg a day for a few years. Then she upped the dose to .5mg twice a day for one month.. Now she stopped prescribing me all completely and told me to see a shrink..... I do feel withdrawl from the xanax. Well, I made an appointment and am very very nervous. This is my first time. I think all of these problems come from my ADHD. Is this possible? Please, I need some advice before my appointment.
Avatar n tn Once the flight attendants actually took me to see the cockpit, something usually reserved for little kids. I take two Xanax to get where I'm going and two to get back. It has a calming effect and sometimes I even fall asleep.
216878 tn?1196041120 Sub has worked great for me. I am now at 2mgs every other day. I have had a few chills & sweats but nothing i can't handle. It did help with my cravings, have not had any to speak of......and i think you really have to have your mind set on quitting(not saying you don't)but i have a friend who does not, and trys to use, and or views sub as a fix all.
Avatar n tn What do you do for sleep - I've been on everything ..Lunesta, trazadone, klonopin, ambien....and nothing keeps me to sleep for more than a few hours. i'm taking celexa for anxie My cortisol (24 urine) is around 350 - very high. But a salivary cortisol and blood serum have pretty much ruled out cushing's syndrome.
Avatar n tn So far had only had minor symptoms, ears ringing, some leg pains, sleeping well using Lunesta. Bowels have almost returned to normal. Have eaten throughout. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. But?
Avatar n tn I need help - my husband is having a really rough night - he's insulting me, punching walls, and just won't stop. Is this normal for him after having so many good days?
Avatar n tn The C-Hydrate worked for about 3. The sonata not at all and the lunesta has been working for about 3 years now. Yes I am dependant on it, but I do not abuse it. There is a neew one out called Rozeram that claims to be non addictive or dependant. I tried it one night and it worked, but I felt like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat after drinking a case of beer. I can't see why anyone would want to take that more than once.
Avatar f tn She also prescribed lunesta which did help me fall asleep but I only sleep for like 3/4 hours then I can't go back to sleep! Which also makes me tired. She suggested splitting the dose. 25mg in the morning and 25mg at lunch has anyone done this?! Or would maybe lunch and dinner be better?!? The longer I'm on it will my body adjust? I'd rather be a little sluggish during the day then wake up at 4 every morning but I have 2 kids to take care of so it makes it so hard!! Help!
192332 tn?1189759428 No lunesta tonight??? I love sleep,,, Love it, love it, love it,,,,If I were you, I wouldnt be sitting here, I would be off in lunesta land... Hey have you used the bike yet????
Avatar f tn my sister take lunesta, and it helps , i have tried it but i found it was stronger that ambiem and knocked me out to much, plus had a horrible taste.., and with 4 kids i don't need to be knocked out..lunesta is suppose to be one of the safest ones, that says it i snot addicting...but i think otherwise..
Avatar n tn My headaches get so bad I can't get out of bed for 3-4 days. I have 2 kids and I'm missing their lives as well as mine. Who out there can help? I have no insurance, but was found disabled. But I don't qualify for insurance so I can't se a doctor. The clinics that refer me to Galvastan well Galvastan always denies me. Please Help!
789911 tn?1368640383 I am fine when Im alone) Sunday, cant get out of bed. I have to take a tramadol for pain and then have to take a lunesta because I cant sleep. I worry if I will overdose but by that point I dont care. Today I stay in bed until I have to get up at noon. Go to a clients house and do my thing there, straightening , cleaning and making sure all is good with My lady. This is the couple where they are both 93 years old, been married for 73 years. She is not doing well, on hospice.
Avatar f tn Great job girl & keep it up! Day 10 for me & agree with you. Some days great...others, not so much. When i get aggravated, tired I just look at my 3 & 5 yr old & say "for you". It helps. I have to take Lunesta to get to sleep as well. I've always had a sleeping issue so this is nothing new. Keep at it & congrats on sweet 17.
Avatar n tn Give it a few weeks to see how it is working for you or try a lower dose. Also, improving sleep can help mood. for that, ask your doctor about sleep aids such as Lunesta to help you. I have also written a sleep CD to help with falling asleep. It was originally written for my father in law who had cancer and who needed a sleep aid. It is called Lullabies for Kids of All Ages and can be found by going to (
Avatar n tn I'm just taking klonopin (I have a legit rx for it, the narcs I've been buying for about 2-4 months now.) I'm using Lunesta to sleep - again, a legit rx. Potassium is good for restless leg - they make vitamin water that's really high in it. Bananas help, too. Warm tea. Hot baths. Pamper as much as you can. You can try to explain to your kids that "mommy's sick" I wish you lots of luck. I'm an addict too.
Avatar m tn But it also depends I think on the amount of stress one has at the time too. My dr. talked me into taking Lunesta for a 2 week period, i didn't want to be dependant on sleep aids either but my body was simply giving out to the point of being in the hospital..I have kids to take care of still..But I have to say..I don't like the drug hangover it gives you..Good Luck..