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Avatar f tn i just quit drinking and im having sleeping issues. any natural cures to help me through it? im exercising and its not helping.
Avatar f tn because many doctors are not aware of the w/d's from benzo's / anti - anxiey medications. I thought I used to have nerve damage from drinking, and I had GAD from drinking to much....but the truth is, after I tapered and finally quit...I don't. The only thing I truly have is slight panic attacks and sleep apneia...and that now, I can rejoice over the fact, I don't have to carry 7 different bottles of meds, any and everywhere I go. Just remember, tapering on benzo's takes time.
Avatar n tn I am 46 years old, normal BMI, healthy female. No smoking, drinking, and I am a vegan.I have been diagnosed with "idiopathic PVC"S", been worked up 24 hour holter, echo and stress test. All negative except holter showed PVC's, (lots). In the absence of symptoms, chest pain, short of breath , light headed etc. no further intervention needed. i take Toprol 50 mg q day. It seems to help. I also notice that the PVC's increase about 10 days before the start of menstration.
Avatar n tn Drink as much water and good fluids as you possibly can to fight the dehydration and cramps. Didn't have much luck with sleep until about day 11 when my Dr. gave Lunesta. Did not like taking but it did break the sleepless cycle. Think small steps because the nights will be extremely long. Fight like you have never fought b4. You are up against strong demons, but they can be beat. You have the power to defeat them.
684343 tn?1231434440 memory is usually the last thing to return to normal but it will return.
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering how many of us are agoraphobic and to what extent. I know that I am and fight it all the time but make sure that I do leave my home most days. I have a very dear friend who hasn't left her home in almost 7 years. She has had all kinds of therapy and has tried SSRIs and other meds but is now VERY meds phobic and even with the CBT she finally gave up and just stays home. I'm wondering if there are others on this forum who are like her or are the majority like me.
Avatar n tn i got hep c in early 80s during the rony reagon coke party.
Avatar n tn not habit forming...time is the main thing tho.....some AD lhelp with anxiety and sleep...
1795856 tn?1319219613 I work weekdays from 8-4 so I wake up at 7am and I go to bed around 9 and watch TV or play on my laptop and try to be asleep by 11. I need TV or a laptop as a distraction to wind my mind down. I don't read so that's out of the question. I take Elavil, Xanax (.5mg), and Restoril (30mg) to help me fall asleep, but NOTHING has eve helped me STAY asleep. When I go to sleep, I turn my TV or laptop off so there's no lig]ht anywhere near my eyes. I also take melatonin.
Avatar f tn I am so busy, during the day, that I make up for getting behind on my water consumption, by drinking it thru-out the night, because my mouth and throat feel dry, and I feel dehydrated- not good! So, of course, I go to sleep around 11:30, and then start waking up at 3 am 4 am 5 am 6 pee.
Avatar m tn Then, I moved and stopped going. Slowly, went back to pot and occassional drinking. Some coke here and there. Then got an Rx for klonopin. From there, I picked up an Rx. for 12 percs a month - I phoned in refills every two weeks, and they mailed me the script. So, it was really about 24 perc 5s per month. Then I started buying... my money just went right out my wallet and down my throat. I felt great!
1697690 tn?1329127238 make sure you are getting some nourishment, drinking fluids, please try to get outside for some sun and a little walk, it helps so much. keep on pressin on, keep fighting the good fight, keep on keepin on. think positive thoughts. i am winning this battle over addiction, i am becoming stronger. i am going to be free of this ball and chain. please get up and move around. push yourself.
116701 tn?1210262764 Got the ambien today , finially . Thanks for the tip and thier 12.5 mg. I slept 1 friggen hour last nite and snapped on 1 of my boss's at work. Eight tonite I'm droppin 1 and see what happens .
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar n tn Two months ago I stopped taking Ambien cold turkey and switched to Lunesta and all hell broke loose about two weeks later; I started having severe panic attacks daily and ended up in the Emergency Room three times so my doctor put me on clonazepam 1mg twice per day + 10mg Ambien nightly which I am now weaning/tapering off of the clonazepam using the Ashton Valium Substitution Method( and am down to 15mg valium + .25mg clonazepam in the morning and 15mg valium + .
Avatar n tn I got diagnosed with depression and am currently taking Effixor XR. I also take Lunesta to help me fall asleep at night as I also have problems in that area. I have tried energy drinks in the morning which do absolutely nothing. Even on the weekends when I sleep in I am still tired. I usually rush through my work so I can get some sleep before the next class which is starting to effect my grades. It is driving me crazy and I don't understand why it's happening.
454795 tn?1205939919 Are you drinking LOTS of water and some gatorade? Metalic taste could be from detoxing. Lots of fluids helps to flush out the system. Taking brisk walks helps too. It gets the lymph sytem moving which also detoxes you.
Avatar f tn Celexa (depression), Ultram (pain) Vicodin (bad pain), Lunesta (to stay asleep), and now Provigil (to stay awake in the day). I have say, these all are helping, but maybe about 50%. The pain never goes away, only flucuates to bad or worse. The Lunesta is great. I tried Ambien & Sonata, but couldn't handle the side effects. Lunesta keeps me asleep but doesn't make me feel hung-over in the morning.
209656 tn?1272300665 One night I got up and got some chocolate and got it all over the bed, another night I got up and got a guitar and tried playing it in bad, (the wifey did not think much of that), another night I got up and started drinking bourbon and I rarely drink. I do ok with it for one noght then I go into this half sleep state and get up and do things. Lunesta does me that way too. I like this, (a statement from the company)...
Avatar n tn Started taking lunesta tonight. Had a few glasses of wine at dinner.
Avatar n tn Ok so I Lunesta this to fall asleep the other night, and I couldn't! Not because I wasn't tired, but my head was so clear, I wanted to savor the night. I'm diagnosed with General/social anxiety and depression, but I think I really have ADHD, which caused my anxiety which caused my depression. I have all the symptoms of it that I never realized. It's hard for me to even function anymore, because of all my racing thoughts, which usually end up being negative.
Avatar m tn Worrying and stress in general will cause essential tremor (and in general any other tremor, whether it be from drinking a cup of coffee too much and that causing a tremor, or a medical condition causing a tremor) to worsen, I know from firsthand (ha ha) experience, I've had essential tremor as long as I can remember.
Avatar n tn Like many of you, I find I need a sleep aid every night to get enough rest. I've tried Ambien, and Ambien CR, and Lunesta. The one that works best for me is plain Ambien 10mg. It will soon be generic and should cost less than the others, too. Also, I try not to take the pm dose of riba too late, since that makes me all wired for a while. I also take Lexapro for an antidepressant, and I have to take it in the morning becase it also wires me for a few hours.
Avatar n tn The C-Hydrate worked for about 3. The sonata not at all and the lunesta has been working for about 3 years now. Yes I am dependant on it, but I do not abuse it. There is a neew one out called Rozeram that claims to be non addictive or dependant. I tried it one night and it worked, but I felt like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat after drinking a case of beer. I can't see why anyone would want to take that more than once.
Avatar f tn My 57-year-old mother has had sleep issues for her entire life, and alcohol is the only substance proven to help her sleep; nowadays it's the only way she sleeps at all. The rub is that instead of the typical reaction to alcohol before bed (crash, brief snooze, up and restless just a few hours later), it simply puts her to sleep with no overt ill effects. For as long as she has drank, it has always been this way. Due to this fluke, I can't find any information online about her condition.
Avatar m tn I then tried anti-depressants, lunesta, melatonin, hypnosis, acupunctire all with no affect. Eeventualy I restarted amiben and alsstarted taking Xanax as well to help with the anxiety, and was getting about 5 hours of broken sleep. 5 weeks ago I tried using just the xanax with no ambien, and I am getting the same amount of sleep. I have issues falling asleep, staying asleep, and I am up by 4am every day no matter what I try. I am using about 1.5mg of xanax per night.
Avatar m tn I've taken ambien and lunesta. All sorts of problems with ambien including abuse. None of those issues with lunesta. It's still a hypnotic and anyone taking them should be educated about the drug and cautious about its use.
Avatar n tn There is something called Hylands Restful Legs that helped my legs.. I took Melatonin after the first couple days and that helped.. I also had some Lunesta though too.. The feelings are temporary.. you will feel better soon.. take good care of yourself.. eat good.. I ate bananas and cheerios and smoothies for the first couple days.. and keep posting if you need anything or just want to talk...
Avatar m tn i took lunesta for years and had no problems with it it makes you kind feel drunk before you go to bed but i never sleptwalked while i was on it, now i have been on ambien and sleepwalk all the time infact i think im sleeptyping as we speak but i dont know.......stick to Lunesta its an awesome drug and would be on if my insurance covered it.