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873190 tn?1304816575 I'm now 31 weeks and will continue Lovenox until I get a little closer to delivery, then switch to heparin, since it has a shorter half life and they don't want you to be on blood thinners the day of delivery. Of course, I will never know whether the reason this pregnancy continued was due to the Lovenox or just a conicidence...but I was not taking any chances this time, and I'm glad I didn't. Did they tell you what blood clotting disorder you tested positive for?
Avatar n tn Usually what they do is switch you to heparin at around 36 weeks, since heparin has a shorter half-life, and will be out of your system quicker should you go into labor by yourself. Both of my deliveries were induced at 39 weeks. I stopped taking the heparin the day before and went in the next morning to have my babies. Best of luck with everything!
1414636 tn?1288288280 The ONLY thing is that your doctor should switch you back to heparin about two weeks before you're due becasue heparin has a short half life(gets out of your system within 12 hours) and lovenox stays in at least 24 hours..and you can't get an epidural or spinal with it in your system at all...and for the record, my last baby (on the lovenox) was SO MUCH more healthier than my previous two babies..
Avatar n tn One option, however, is to be bridged with heparin until the day of the surgery (heparin has a very short half life and can be discontinued few hours prior to the operation) and then restarted a day after his operation assuming that there are no complications. Some also advocate doing a TEE to see if there is clot in the left atrium and if so postpone the operation until it resolves.
Avatar m tn This drug has a half life of 3-7 hours. Half life of a drug is the time it takes for 50% of the drug to be excreted by the body. Based on a 50mg dose there would be 3-4 half lives to excrete the drug. Max time of a little over 28 hours to have it completely gone from your system. If your symptoms continue, especially increased BP, you should give your Dr a call.
330481 tn?1309491843 My understanding is Heparin is stronger stuff (depends on dosages I guess) and may possibly cause problems if used long enough etc while carrying a baby. Lovenox is safer while preggo. The heaprin seems to be used at the tail end of pregnancies since it has a shorter "half-life", which just means it goes away faster in your body. They did this so people don't bleed like crazy when they give birth (which is a bloody experience without blood thinners!!
942410 tn?1274050674 Today I am one week post ablation. INR reading 3.8 so I get to back away from the Lovenox needle YAY. Warfarin 5mg still in the picture. Not alot to report on the" event meter" but still some break through arrhythmia so I still get to push the record button. I'm finding a daily nap is a great thing for the tired feeling that comes with this journey. I hope anyone out there who is considering ablation is finding some hope through my story.
330481 tn?1309491843 I finally talked my RE (who is pushing 100) to give me Lovenox. He said not until i get a + test can I start it (he believes the homozygous MTHFR I just found out I have has nothing to do with our loses ad believes the whole MTHFR is a crock of poo). I heard they hurt like heck and am in no RUSH to give them to myself (needles don't bother me but man I hate the liquid that hurts!) but I got a line! Hubby said he doesn't want me to use that stuff until we have a definate line.
Avatar f tn and 145lbs. I've had issues with my period all my life, but other than that I hadn't had any other severe PCOS symptoms. The facial hair has increased over the years, but nothing that can't be handled. I've actually just recently gotten laser hair removal on several areas on my body just because I really don't like body hair. I've been on 1500mg of Metformin since February 2007 and I have conceived both times we've tried with intrauterine insemination.
674725 tn?1367443230 From what I've learned, Lovenox is a little more effective than heparin, and you only need to take one shot a day instead of two. However, since Lovenox has a much longer half life, I need to switch to heparin once I get closer to delivery (they do not want blood thinners in your system at delivery). Let me know if you have any other questions, especially after you get your results back.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm trying to help my dad figure out whether he should have Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication. With the exception of cataract surgery he had on both eyes, all surgeries he ever underwent made his quality of life worse. He told me he feels "half-dead" because of the terrible taste in his mouth and throat. We would like guidance on: 1. What is the success rate of surgery? 2. How to find out number of surgeries doctor performed, what % were successful.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed a week and a half ago with a chronic DVT. I had an ultrasound. The technologist let me see it. I have good blood flo around it. My GP is treating it with coumadin. He thinks it was there in Feb. when I had an ultra sound. At that time, I was told there was no clot. The end of March, I had trauma to my ankle. The pain went away but the swelling didn't. My leg swelled again and didn't go down. My doctor thought it was lymph edema, but decided to recheck for DVT again.
317019 tn?1327343013 Let's see, took little man to his pediatrician for a cold thats lasted a week and a half - has an ear infection his first one ever :( My one dog is grinding on my last nerve, all she does is bark at NOTHING when she goes outside. Seriously, she stands at the fence gate and barks for no reason.... That's why she's my DH's dog - I swear she does things just to tick me Hope you had a laugh :) Let me know if you need anything... Hugs :)!!
Avatar n tn My hcg levels dropped by half, there were two eggs at time of conception so there is a possibility one twin didnt take off. i'm 5 weeks and just had brown discharge . my doc said if i had any bleeding or spotting not to come to my apt on monday. could i still be pregnant?
1161124 tn?1305378078 I had my appt today & pretty upset. I knew about the MTHFR-2 muations of c677T. The Dr also told me I have tested positive for PAI-1 & was never informed by my RE about this one. I was told to take baby aspirin prior to conceiving & continue. Also, once pregnant to take lovenox daily (40mg) for the whole pregnancy. She would notify the RE. I am just so scared. I hope someone else reads this & tells me that they carried a baby to term with these disorders.
Avatar f tn My dream has been to bear children since my child hood. Everything in my life has to do with children and I would love to have my own. I am 28 years old...i have waited a loong time :) We were wanted to TTC last fall; however, other medical issues came up and I ended up in the hospital.
323547 tn?1339688661 C sometime next week but we aren’t sure when. They have to wait for the Lovenox to get out of my system before they can operate. ( Has anyone had 6 losses and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I have Factor Leiden V, MTHFR, and elevated FSH. If this baby comes back as abnormal I will do IVF with donor eggs. If the baby comes back normal I have no clue what to do.
Avatar f tn I am 27 weeks pregnant as of last friday, and I have been sick for about a week and a half now. I've been coughing non stop and the excessive coughing has caused a strain in my back. I can barely walk. I've been to the hospital but they wouldn't give me a cough suppressant, I need some kind of remedy because the coughing needs to cease. Please help.
Avatar f tn In a nut shell my eggs at 43 and a half, are too old. She said that my chances at best were 5% and that the dr would most likely suggest donor eggs. It was kind of sad that my bloods and responses were so good for for my age but the eggs were just not good enough to grow into a healthy baby, in her opinion. She stressed that it could happen, but it would be most unlikely. So there you have it. I am utterly defeated.
1569696 tn?1295736152 I plan to have an aortic valve replacement in March, I am very optimistic about it and plan to live a long life. I hope to be better than ever in my physical tired of being short of breath when walking uphill or climbing stairs. We play the cards we're dealt and stay positive. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn Also, the travel to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance from San Juan Island (several hours drive plus hour and a half ferry ride each way, have to spend the night in Seattle for each chemo) had become just too much for both my husband and myself on top of the chemo, so we are in the process of setting up to get my chemo closer to home while keeping my Gyn. Onc. at the SCCA as primary, and having screen scans done there. I just had another CT scan to determine whether tumors are growing; my Gyn.
Avatar m tn I picked up my Lovenox today, and the pharmacist said his wife had it done a year ago and is off coumadin and is doing very well. He said the worst thing was being patient, as it may take a long time. My Dr. said he goes very, very slow, and I would rather that than have them rush it and cause more harm! Tootsie007, You will probably start your Lovenox tomorrow! My prayers are with you! Let us know how you did, Okay? Good Luck!
372900 tn?1315515902 o( I really wish you all the best, do try to stay strong and hang in there hun, as bad as I feel I am at the moment determined to keep on going and trying. Just for "fun" mine would read.. One useless uterus for sale, fallopian tubes removed, (ovaries included). Natural conception NOT POSSIBLE.
Avatar m tn I was administered Heparin, a fast acting anti-coagulant which has a very short half life. By the time I left the hospital several hours after the procedure, its strength had diminished to a quarter of the dose.
469720 tn?1388149949 With prompt diagnosis and treatment, the majority of DVT’s are not life threatening. However, a blood clot that forms in the invisible "deep veins" can be an immediate threat to your life, as compared to a clot that forms in the visible "superficial" veins, the ones beneath your skin. A clot that forms in the large, deep veins is more likely to break free and travel through the vein. It is then called an embolus.
Avatar n tn and I am now taking Coumadin and giving myself injections of Lovenox... both of which are blood thinners. Let me tell you, its been no picnic. I will be on Coumadin (which is a very dangerous drug.. rat poison to be exact) for the next 9 months, and I am no longer able to take any form of hormones.. I am looking into IUD's. The doctors think this is totally crazy because, after all, I am only 19!! Is there anything legally I can do about this?
159354 tn?1286371288 Based on age alone it was like 1/1400 for DD but after all the tests, she came back at 1/770 my son as well was cut in half based on age alone risk and my specific testing risk. So here's my I just at high risk for having a child with down syndrome or are my hormones just higher or different from the average woman? I know there is no guarantees, it just seems odd that both my children's risk increased after the tests rather than age alone risk.
922048 tn?1387946184 Good to know about the Florinef half-life. I think I will start taking half at night and half in the morning. I think in time I will get a better handle on all this. I wish my endo cared as much as my rheumie. Then I'd be doing great! Thanks again so much for sharing your knowledge and support! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
Avatar n tn the high risk OB says to just take Lovenox. So, how expensive is two shots of Lovenox/day for 10months? Also, you can't get an epidural if you're on blood could cause a stroke :( !! So hard to decide what to do....has anyone taken Plavix througout a pregnancy?