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Avatar n tn When I asked him why I was being switched from one to the other, he stated something about Pravastatin being better for the liver…(Or something like that) and assured me that the effectiveness of Pravastatin was as good as Lovastatin….Any insight would be greatly appreciated..
Avatar f tn I take citalopram for major depression and anxiety which has helped my depression and anxiety significantly, I am on 2 types of insulin for type one diabetes, I am on Levothyroxin for autoimmune attacked thyroid/hypothyroidism like my pancreas, I am on lisinipril to protect my kidneys and lovastatin to keep my cholesterol in check.
Avatar m tn pdf good article about the use of fluvastatin with hcv, as regards hbv simvastatin and lovastatin are the only statins i have seen studied on hbv (among the two sim at 80mg has the strongest effect)
Avatar m tn Red rice yeast extract contains a statin similar to lovastatin. Dosage and standardization might be problematic. Most likely some mold toxins are included in the extract that are not desirable, but we cannot rule out that it is the combo of additional substances that even enhances its activity compared with the pure statins.
1322157 tn?1279660281 The juice could also affect the effectiveness of a woman’s hormone-replacement-therapy medication. The most severe effects are likely with some cholesterol-lowering medications, Karch says. While the liver devotes its resources to grapefruit juice, the medication could build up to dangerous levels, causing a breakdown of the body’s muscles and even kidney failure. " Please be aware!
Avatar m tn red yeast rise (which contains naturally lovastatin, simvastatin and some other statins), simvastatin or other more powerful statins? is simvastatin the most potent since used already with interferon and studied in vitro with antivirals (most potent sim+etv 300:1) aslo what is the meaning of 300:1?150mg sim+0.5mg etv?
Avatar n tn lactoferrin, TJ-108 (a mixture of herbs used in Japanese Kampo medicine), schisandra, and oxymatrine (an extract from the sophora root). More research is needed before the safety and effectiveness of these products can be fully evaluated. Be aware that some herbal products may damage the liver. For example, the herbs kava and comfrey have been linked to serious liver damage.
Avatar m tn Ezetimibe was used to test the hypothesis that lipid mechanism affects the effectiveness of PegIFN + Ribavirin, in the sense that if you are lower in cholesterol, you respond better to treatment. This is my understanding after a quick translate.
Avatar m tn 628-634. 3. Illingworth DR, Stein EA, Mitchel YB, et al. Comparative effects of lovastatin and niacin in primary hypercholesterolemia. A prospective trial. Arch Intern Med. 1994;154:1586-1595. 4. Guyton JR, Goldberg AC, Kreisberg RA, et al. Effectiveness of once-nightly dosing of extended-release niacin alone and in combination for hypercholesterolemia. Am J Cardiol. 1998;82:737-743. 5. Vega GL, Grundy SM.
Avatar m tn We already confirmed the effectiveness of high dose IFN-alpha-2b induction in combination with RIB when the treatment period was limited to 24 weeks. In this study, it is evaluated whether IFN induction is also effective in the 48-week combination therapy using pegylated IFN-alpha-2b plus RIB. Methods: Forty patients chronically infected with genotype 1b HCV were divided into 2 groups. Thirty-two patients underwent standard 48-week combination therapy using 1.
142526 tn?1397094272 For anyone who is doing the DAA's or is about to start tx, do not eat or drink grapefruit juice. It causes the effectiveness of these meds to decrease and that's not what we want. You'd want the best chance at attaining SVR and want to keep steady consistent med levels in the blood stream to have the best chance at clearing ALL of the virons once and for all... I hope everyone's tx doc or trial PA or NP has advised to this and to imported oranges, not sure what my NP called these oranges.
Avatar m tn Researchers at Veterans Affairs and Kaiser Permanente in California determined that splitting atorvastatin (Lipitor), lovastatin (Mevacor) and simvastatin (Zocor) was an effective way to lower costs without compromising cholesterol control. The study was published in the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy (November/December 2002). In any case, you should get clear instructions from your doctor.