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Avatar m tn my gyn put me on yaz, and 6 months later i had a laparoscopy. after the surgery my doctor put me on Loestrin 24. last month i developed 3 blood clots in my lungs. obviously, my doc does not want to put me back on the pill, or put me on the patch or shot. instead, she wants to put me in Mirena. i have spent weeks researching and have read alot more bad reviews than good. i dont want it, but what are the alternatives?
Avatar n tn Also, if you got to askapatient.com they will have user reviews of lots of medicines. If you look it up by brand name (Loestrin), you will find many complaints like mine.
Avatar m tn Ive also been depressed and stuff and i don't know if it could be because of the mirena or not. Ive read only bad reviews on the mirena but ive had it for over a year now too. Can someone please tell me what else i should get if i get rid of this thing! The only problem is every birth control is different for everyone so i don't know whos word to take! The only one ive considered is the Loestrin 24 Fe. Anything good to say about that one?
Avatar f tn He mirena has recieved a lot of bad reviews and I had to have it removed a month after it was inserted for headaches and bad cramp like pains. Everybody's body is different, however my two sister in laws have the paraguard and it works amazingly for them they each have had it ok for almost 2 years. No birth control seems to be right for me so I have decides no both control here.
Avatar f tn I heard bad things about mirena but what don't have bad reviews i also don't like depo cuz like 7yrs ago i gained like 50lbs. I am currently on the pill loestrin. I am not well with time but i got my phone alarm set to remind me daily. I like it so far. I wanted something that was going to regulate my periods and give me a sex drive. previous bc killed it. So far it has made my tata's alot more fuller has cleared my face up n i have lost 3lbs. It hasn't made me moody or anything.
Avatar f tn My OB is suggesting I switch to Loestrin 24 fe but I just don't know if I'm willing to go through another potential merry-goround.
Avatar f tn What I would like to know is whether the nuva ring is more likely to cause negative emotional side effects than the pill is. I have heard mixed reviews, some people emotionally crash on it and others notice nothing; is this just something I am going to have to buckle down and test for a month? If so, how do I monitor my own side effects to decide if it is having a negative effect on me?
Avatar n tn About 4 weeks ago my Dr. switched me from Loestrin to Seasonique... At first I thought everything was great, but today I realized that it was about 4 weeks ago that I started having really strange headaches. They are not exactly a miagrane yet they don't feel completely like a stress headache either. However, i teach so that could definetly be the probelm. I have been mood recently too. I just thought it was the headache caused by stress.
Avatar n tn He even tried giving me shots of lidocaine or something directly into my cervix (needle stab + cervix = no fun) but it just wouldn't work. So he put me on Loestrin FE for a month to trigger a period. He told me to stop taking it last Friday and scheduled me to come in to see him this morning. I was concerned when I went in this morning because my period had NOT actually started and I didn't want to repeat the last failed attempt.