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Avatar n tn Just make sure you dont smoke, your blood pressure is good, and your weight is reasonable. These can be huge factors when it comes to what side effects you could have. Good luck! I hope this helped!!
Avatar m tn I got on Vyvanse last year and I had high blood pressure again. I stopped taking it for a while, but I was still having high blood pressure so my Dr. put me on Lisinopril 10 mg & HCTZ 25 mg. My BP has still been high on this, even off Vyvanse (I am taking it again now since I am back in school). I told my Dr. about my anxiety bc I get really stressed about little stuff and almost feel like I am going to have a breakdown. I used to be on Prozac, but didn't think it did anything.
Avatar n tn Just like many of you, I went to the doctor about three weeks ago and the first thing she said also was Herpes.She took a blood test and a normal pap and I still haven't received any results yet.At first I was pretty sure it was going to end up being Herpes but when I read the first comment posted and it sounded identical to mine, that made me feel a lot better.
Avatar f tn and in the UK the makers of Yasmin had to withdraw this claim from their advertising. If you are unable to take the pill (overweight/ high blood pressure/ over 35 years of age) there are lots of other helpful acne treatments including oral antibiotics and topical retinoids. Eloise.
Avatar n tn Maybe it wouldn't hurt to see your doctor, be sure to ask for an iron and B12 blood test, as I was misdiagnosed as having depression and put on Prozac before I went to see another doctor who did the blood test.
298579 tn?1192250448 Yesterday, during arousal, I started cramping so bad that I had to go sit on the toilet to try to relieve the pressure. That was it and I called my ob/gyn and they invited me to come in today. In a last ditch effort before I left work, I did another google search and low and behold, here you all are!!! I marched into my doctor’s office armed with you ladies as reinforcements that I’m not crazy.
Avatar n tn I stumbled on this forum because I was googling my symptoms, but mine are a bit different, for me it feels more like a pressure pain but it never goes away, I constantly feel the pressure pain, feels like if I don't pee as soon as I feel it the pain gets worse, I been to the doctor twice in the last month, at first I thought it was a UTI the doctor gave me some antibiotics that I had to take for 10 days and I did and the pain wasn't goin away, so I went back when I finished my treatment and whe
Avatar n tn Although the clinical consequence of the grapefruit juice interaction with most of the listed drugs has not been evaluated, increased plasma concentrations of many of these drugs could result in adverse outcomes. Examples include excessive lowering of blood pressure with the calcium channel blockers, rhabdomyolysis and the potential for renal impairment with the HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, and adverse pulmonary effects of amiodarone.
Avatar f tn The doctor treated me with a very low dose of synthroid. I couldn't tolerate that at all, I had adrenaline rushes and spikes in blood pressure. I stopped taking ALL meds including the birth control pills in August of last year. I had a full period in September, the doctor said probably remnance of the bcp. Then I had another in October with heavy mucous and signs of ovulation. I was tested on day 3 and my estrogen was normal but my FSH was 120.
Avatar f tn I had to go off the pills due to being over 40 and having high blood pressure (THAT puts you at risk for strokes!) Hope this helps. I have a 5 cm ovarian cyst that we are watching for a month.
231178 tn?1333212359 Workout at least three times a week. Have had high blood pressure for the last few months and currently taking 25mgs of HCTZ (ZENI). Also taking birth control (1.5 LOESTRIN). No irregular problems with this either. My email address is ***@****. Thanks for your assistance.
Avatar n tn I hadn't colored my hair for about 10 years at this point, so I wasn't doing anything besides washing and conditioning with the same shampoo I have used since high school. After I used Dawn I realized that my good old shampoo wasn't the problem, and went back to my favorite shampoo. This time it has been back on and off for a few weeks, so I did this today: Reg shampoo, Listerine: the minty kind! (and let set for about 5 min), Dawn, Reg shampoo, Conditioner.
Avatar f tn Anger turned inward may cause hypertension, high blood pressure, or depression. Unexpressed anger can create other problems. It can lead to pathological expressions of anger, such as passive-aggressive behavior (getting back at people indirectly, without telling them why, rather than confronting them head-on) or a personality that seems perpetually cynical and hostile.
Avatar n tn I am not more than 10 lbs overweight, and I drink maybe one glass of wine a week. I also do not have a history of high blood pressure, and my cholesterol count is good. Currently though, I have not been exercising. I have had a lot of headaches lately also, so I have been taking ibuprofin almost every day lately, but only 400 to 600 mgs a day when I needed it. I have 5 children, ages 17 years to 15 months, and I am a stay-at-home mom and part-time (very part-time) college student.
1947387 tn?1325644930 he also prescribed this pristiq for thyroid disease because he believed my insomnia, stress, and high blood pressure meant I was mentally ill. Now that I've discovered the real problem - Hashimoto's thyroid disease, I'm still stuck on Pristiq. Anywho.. I will definitely check w/ the pharmacy.
1947387 tn?1325644930 And my doctor finally agrees I'm on the right track because she's seen all my OTHER labs and blood pressure go back to the extremely good levels they had before I had thyroid symptoms. So don't make yourself agitated worrying about your TSH. Just get the FREE T4 and FREE T3 labs done and start getting on the right medication. It's a slog, but you'll get there.
Avatar f tn This just passed Monday I was admitted to the hospital for a severe migraine accompanied with high blood pressure (I am just shy of 22, healthy eater and quite thin), and pains in my pelvis. They said that they suspected that I had been hemorrhaging again and was experiencing Toxic Shock from the blood. The gyno wants me to keep up with the LoEstrin until May. I am getting to my wits end. I have missed 6 days of work this year already (we are given 10 a year!!
Avatar f tn (some other triggers can include nitrates/nitrites-- processed meat, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, soy, nuts, and sulfates/sulfites) You might want to keep a food diary if you have done so in the past. Also if you have anything w/artificial sweetener this could cause all your symptoms. (I cannot even have a 1/2 piece of sugarless gum.) By the way there is artificial sweetener in Maxalt. Third have you had a MRI?
Avatar f tn I used to have anxiety attacks when I was very young, and then very rarely as a teenager, but other than that I am usually very high-spirited and carefree. I'm 21 and have been on the pill since Feb 07 but stopped in November 07 for a couple of months because I was getting bad pains in my left leg, had a really bad anxiety attack and generally wasn't feeling like myself.
1124887 tn?1313758491 since diagnosed with hypothyroid (actaully went to the er and was having severe skipped beats, fast heart rate, very high blood pressure...and no, I was not having an anxiety attack!)...and found I was hypo. Since then, my skipped beats are all over the place at times and sometimes never a peep from the ticker.
Avatar n tn But since then I have had pain in my lower left back/hip area (pressure) and nausea and dizzy. Went to doc yesterday and she said I had vertigo and an upper respitory infection. All I can think of is maybe the dizzy feeling and nausea is related to the pain on sat night. Do I need to worry or if I had a cyst rupture, will it take care of it's self and these symptoms will go away on it own? .... I have no fever, just dizzy, nausea and pressure in my back/hip area....
Avatar f tn They did blood work on me and checked my kidney, liver,pancreas, and gall bladder which turned out good....still dont ,know if bloodwork is enough to tell if there is really anything wrong..
Avatar n tn A few months ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and start on RX Diavan. Almost immediately I noticed an increase in the palpitations anywhere from five to twenty a day off and on. The Dr. said that this was not a noted side effect of that drug but happily changed my med to Lotensin. Its only been a few days, but I'm still having the palpitations.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are rapid heart rate, tingling arms and hands, feeling of doom, feel like I'm going to go crazy or die. I know my blood pressure gets pretty high when I am having one. I don't want to depend on meds either. I am going to blame this on my hormones, but does anyone else have an explanation??? It is miserable to live like this.
Avatar n tn I started having dark discharge on Sunday and then late Sunday I had a lot more, then on Monday pink, and monday afternoon lots of blood and clots. They say there are two options. 1. I am having a miscarrige and this is the cleansing process or 2. I have a very early pregnancy that can't be seen on US and the bleeding is normal. No help there. I don't know if I am supposed to have hope or not??
Avatar n tn I can speculate it may be anxiety related, or I always have lower back pain and with the change of season I noticed my lower back hurts more. I also am a diabetic and take a pill a day for diabetes and a pill a day for high blood pressure. I called my primary care doctor and have an appointment on Monday and I will let everyone know what he says.
Avatar n tn It has in the past but I've always went back on the pill. I have high blood pressure now and don't need to be on the pill but i have started taking Yasmin in hopes it will stop the shedding. my hair was once very thick and now is so thin i can see my scalp and can no longer even style it the same way.
Avatar n tn I didn't realize someone could lose so much blood. I called the Dr from work on Monday and they told me to double up on the pills for 3 days. It did eventually slow down but I am still cramping and bleeding on day 9. I slept all weekend I am so tired and have no energy. I can't imagine going through this for weeks. May be I will switch Drs and drugs. I learned more here on this forum than from the brochures and Dr. Thank you!
Avatar n tn so she took me to the hospital, and we had blood work done and hcg levels checked (this last monday). the doctor gave me the thumbs up and told me that my levels were about 95 and that i need to come in on wednesday (2 days following) to follow up to ensure that this is not an ectopic pregnancy. the doctor also assumed that this was not a miscarriage, since the bleeding only lasted for a few hours the prior evening...
Avatar n tn Hello yes for sure I agree with the other ladies I suggest you get a blood pregnancy test I have a daughter that did like four hpts and all had negative results and went and had a blood one done and it came out positive why I do not know. Good luck and I wish you the best.