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1535628 tn?1310113390 Maybe a grasshopper...lidocaine, maalox, donnatol.
1264863 tn?1391121793 I think you will find relief with the benadryl and malox. If you can't get the rx with lidocaine, you may want to add in a dose of orajel (or other numbing gel for treatment of teething and/or canker sores). Should really help.
Avatar m tn Also, sometimes an anesthetic like lidocaine can also be included to provide relief on contact. Be sure to discuss any of this with your doctor, of course.
1216595 tn?1284936808 You could ask for ‘magic mouthwash’ if you’re developing mouth ulcers; it’s a swish ‘n swallow concoction that typically has benadryl, Maalox and lidocaine; and sometimes nystatin to help with any fungal problems. It numbs on contact; most insurance covers it too, I think. Drs are usually familiar with it, it’s used in cancer chemo too.
Avatar f tn However, if this problem has persisted for more than 2 weeks, you need to seek medical attention. You can try rinsing with warm salt water. However, if you have any open sores, this might burn and you may not want to try it. You can try sucking on pieces of ice. Also, I read that eating yogurt is helpful. Both because it can be cooling and that it can help heal mouth ulcers somewhat. You can also take Tylenol (acetaminophen) for the pain as well.
745313 tn?1323145898 If you’re just trying to manage this, there’s a prescription product called ‘Magic Mouthwash’ that needs to be formulated by the pharmacist; it contains equal parts of Lidocaine, Maalox, and Benadryl—and sometimes Nystatin as well. This stuff numbs on contact, and provides near-immediate relief, but doesn’t often deal with the root cause. This **** can be a nuisance; I wish him well.
Avatar m tn It is a ‘swish ‘n swallow Rx concoction that contains various proportions of Maalox, benadryl (anti-inflammatory), lidocaine (anesthetic), and sometimes Nystatin (antifungal). It numbs on contact to make eating and drinking a bit easier, although it doesn’t last too long. Typically it’s prescribed to take 5-6 times daily, or as needed.
Avatar m tn I have never tried the Benadryl with Maalox. I've not heard of doing that. Is that something you have tried with success? My tongue is actually bothering me right now and I am going to suck on some ice. When my tongue swells, it is not hugely swollen or anything but it swells enough to leave little teeth imprints along the sides of my tongue. It feels really uncomfortable to talk sometimes and reading out loud to my kids is less enjoyable. I've learned to just cope with it.
Avatar m tn One day she had this severe pain episode, she couldn't stand it, I took her to the ER, she was given a GI cocktail ( Maalox + lidocaine + belladonna alkaloids + Phenobarbial) and the pain totally disappeared and she was dismissed. she was appointed for endoscopy and surprisingly the gastroenterologist found nothing : " She was 100% clean "that what he said. I wasn't happy about that coz the pain keep coming and I don't trust anybody anymore.
Avatar f tn The magic mouthwash that I know of is maalox, benedryl, and lidocaine. It'll soothe the sores and make it feel better but it won't actually get rid of the thrush. I found, I was plagued with it for the last few months of tx. I took Nystatin continuously, found that, it didn't get rid of it but at least kept it at bay. The yoghurt with live cultures is a good suggestion, also acidopholus capsules.
Avatar n tn I haven't been able to find any perm solution. The doc told me mix Benadryl with Maalox and put that on but - it didn't really help. Sometimes the get so infected (being in the mouth) I've had to put peroxide on them (OUCH) with a qtip. I do know that people have had to quit treatment because of this because they've gottn it that bad. If you do find a cure---please let me know. Good luck!
Avatar f tn It's a combination of benedryl liquid, maalox and lidocaine, you swish it over the sores and it numbs and also heals them up faster. But you need to see a dentist or doctor for that. There are pastes in the dental isles for cankor sores that you could use to cover the sore and numb it, Canka makes one and I'm sure there are others.
Avatar f tn If it's fungal in origin, a simple mouth swish of a mixture of a children's thrush syrup, lidocaine, and Maalox (or just get a prescription of "Magic Mouthwash") and supplying a source of acidophilous (yogurt, capsules, etc) daily to your body...If it's a vitamin B deficiency, a high potency B complex vitamin will work, but it will take 1-2 weeks... Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn It’s a swish and swallow liquid that needs to be prescribed by a doctor, but works on contact. It contains lidocaine, Maalox, and Nystatin; it numbs on contact. You can also try eating some yogurt; and there are things like Biotene toothpaste and rinse that seem to help some too.
1654058 tn?1407162666 It’s compounded by the local pharmacy and can contain various proportions of Maalox, benadryl, lidocaine and Nystatin. It’s a swish ‘n swallow that is used several times a day and numbs on contact so at least you might be able to eat meals without too much pain. It’s often prescribed to cancer chemo patients; most doctors are at least vaguely familiar with it.
Avatar f tn You might ask your doctor for an Rx for ‘magic mouthwash’ if it persists; this is an rx concoction of lidocaine, benadryl and Maalox; sometimes they mix Nystatin in it as well. It numbs on contact, but only lasts a little while. A prescription typically says to ‘swish and swallow’ up to five times daily with it. This stuff is prescribed to cancer chemo patients routinely, so your doctor should be familiar with it. Have them call it in to the pharmacy; it needs to be mixed before hand.
731247 tn?1233791186 Have you tried Magic Mouthwash? It’s a combination of lidocaine, benadryl and Maalox, with Nystatin sometimes thrown in to help with the fungus. It doesn’t seem to cure what ails you, but sure gives immediate if not temporary relief. It’s an Rx product; and is usually formulated at the pharmacy. I hope you get some relief; this stuff can play hell on the skin.
Avatar n tn my husband had hebc and took the treatment for 52 weeks and clered the virus and now he feels he has less memory then he did before treatment and he finds his energy isn't what it once was and he has asked me to find information on long term effect of pegetron and ribavirin Iam currently taking treatment and Iam in my 10th week will start 11th tommorow i found a web site that is alot of help its other people who have had the virus and have either cleared it or not and others in treatment i fin
Avatar n tn It’s a swish ‘n swallow Rx of lidocaine, Maalox, benadryl and sometimes nystatin; it numbs on contact, and really helps with thrush and other things.
1765684 tn?1333822768 Any way I was pissed (sx) so went to my gp waited forever for him to look at my mouth he said candida infection and gave me the nystatin lozenges and some lidocaine . Made my own mm from the recipe equal parts baby benadryl, maalox, (both cherry. Didn't want to mix mint and cherry, yuk) and the lidocaine.
314532 tn?1206418709 The most commonly used Magic Mouthwash contains equal parts of lidocaine viscous, diphenhydramine elixir, and aluminum-magnesium hydroxide (Maalox®). The antacid was included as a protectant. This “lidobenalox” or BMX (Benadryl-Maalox- Xylocaine) mouthrinse is “swished and swallowed” or “swished and spit.” Unfortunately, there is no standard for Magic Mouthwash. Some versions contain nystatin to treat fungal infections or hydrocortisone or dexamethasone as anti-infl ammatories.
320078 tn?1278348320 these PI's look very promising. normally i would say do whatever to keep treating but with your low weight i would cosider stopping. Best of luck with whatever you decide. PS, I remember some talk on these boards about a mouthwash that the pharmasist makes up. I think it was called "magic mouthwash". not sure if it was for ulcers or what. maybe someone else will comment on it.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have the same symptoms you do. Chest pain is always serious, and needs to be evaluate to rule out cardiac issues. However, that being said, you have had 3 EKGs, an echo, and I assume blood test which would be positive for certain enzymes IF you had suffered a heart attack and/or ischemia. Ok, so ruling out heart issues, let me tell you that GERD can absolutely cause chest pain...and it is downright awful. This happens to be whenever I have a bad IBS flare up.
Avatar f tn At first, they could control these spasms by a few pain shots, a GI cocktail which is lidocaine and Maalox I think and IV Tagamet. The spasms and vomiting would stop after 30 minutes. But, I had to start taking increasing amounts of opioids for my complex regional pain syndrome. So pain shots didn't work anymore, GI cocktail stopped working as well as IV Tagamet. They would load me up with anti-emetics such as Reglan.
Avatar n tn 4-Should I do any testing related to the heart flutters? 5-If I showed up at Cleveland Clinic with this history and these symptoms, what would you suggest? Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn What worked for me..Hmmm...Aveeno bath and body oil...Warm, not hot baths and pat dry afterwards...Chlorophineramine at night (benedryl made feel hung over)...for night-time dry mouth -mouth moisturizing gel -very nice and lasts nearly all night...Prevents leather tongue...LOADS of water...For the REALLY bad itchy and dry spots, bag balm or lanolin ointment (best kind is the stuff newly nursing mothers use for chapped nipples).It restores moisture and oils to the skin which stops the itch...
968560 tn?1307455098 Hiya! When was your start date? When I went through tx, I did my Pegsys injections on Sunday night (I was fortunate I was able to take a hiatus from work) and by Tuesday the fatigue, aches and chills whacked me...By Friday evening I'd start feeling a little better again with a tiny amount of energy to do something (housework, fix my family a meal, etc) and then Sunday would come again...the fatigue worsened the further I got into the treatment, but I was RVR at week #4...
Avatar f tn The treatment alters the "chemistry" in your body and your mouth. Good bacterias decrease in number during treatment letting yeast take over which causes these sores you speak of. Try swishing (and eating) yogurt with active cultures or just drinking milk with acidophilus several times a week.
1066198 tn?1333312628 hubby and I went to see him on the day before he was discharged home with hospice care... talked with him, asked him if he needed or wanted anything, and offered to do or to make sure anything he wanted, needed or whatever got done concerning taking care of mother later on.... guess 'mother ' talked to him later that pm, and he was a bit upset,, and told her what we'd offered-- SHE of course took it wrong, and called me yelling at me and cursing me...
Avatar n tn Magic Mouthwash is an Rx swish and swallow containing lidocaine, Maalox, and benadryl (and sometimes Nystatin) that numbs on contact. It’s frequently prescribed for cancer Tx; you’re doctor should be aware of it. The stuff numbs on contact, and although it doesn’t last very long, it’s nice to get a respite. The directions will let you use it 5 or 6 times daily.