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Avatar n tn The funny part it's that i almost ask her if she had some porn so i can get hard. After reading all your comments i do think it's also the way i mastubate so now i will lay off this "gift and curse" that we call porn for a while and try to be in love with every kind of girl big or slim breast or no breast pretty or ugly blond hair or black hair.
Avatar n tn I must stress this happens very rarely but i have noticed other comments mentioning this is more likely to happen if your tired or stressed i agree with this in my case (Didnt want to do it tonight but hey never turn down intercourse RIGHT) wish i had now any help would be greatly apprciated Thanks in advanced
Avatar n tn It seems extremely popular - and for every person who comments on threads such as this one, there has to be thousands who remain silent. God knows it took me over a year to check out this problem online. I consider this another repercussion of porn addiction. I CAN (and am going to) do without it - and I had no idea this is a possible consequence. There should be a disclaimer on porn websites... This stuff is definitely more harmful than pot, for instance.