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Avatar n tn Also at night, one of the my nasal passages would become completely blocked and could not be cleared by blowing my nose. Once or twice I coughed up thick yellow phlegm. Today I woke up almost unable to speak. The postnasal drip is still present, but my vocal cords seem to be covered with phlegm. No matter how much I clear my throat or cough, I cannot clear out my throat and my voice is almost gone. I am taking Mucinex, Advair, Singulair, Xyzal, and Combivent (when necessary).
Avatar f tn For 9 months now I have had a recurrent dry cough leading to laryngitis. I have recently developed a lot of phlegm coming up in morning only and some post nasal drip. I have had PFT(normal), chest CTSCAN (normal), Gastroscopy (normal). I have been diagnosed with GERD, Tracheitis, virus. I am going out of my mind. These problems started when I inherited 2 cats, but blood test revealed no allergy to cats.
192055 tn?1263559137 1. Phlegm at the back of the throat 2. Morning spit brownish 3. Feeling like the uvula is not doing what it suppose to do 4. Really dry throat in the morning 5. Snoring! I never had this problem. Now I snore like a bear. Possible causes [in my case]: 1. Some bug in the AC 2. Too much cold/hot change going in and out of AC environment 3. Picking nose because too dry Possible remedies [natural ones]: Ok. I look at remedies as eliminating the causes. I think it's the best way.
Avatar n tn I have recurrent cold symptoms during my period. I have noticed the symptoms for about a year but for the last six months they have happened every month around the third day of my period. Symptoms include aching joints, blocked nose and headaches as well as generally feeling awful. Periods are heavy and painful with clotting for about seven-nine days. Cold Symptoms usually last 5-7days.
Avatar f tn Many things going on so Ill start from the beginning. I orginally went to the Dr for dry cough and laryngitis. Was told I had bronchitis and was given antibiotics (bactrim). A week and a half later, I felt somewhat better. Suddenly two days later, I didnt go to the dr this time, I had sinus drainage hard core. My ears were popping every few seconds, head would pound with movement, and overall just a raw feeling in my throat. I got over that in about 5 days on my own...yay.
Avatar n tn my grandson has all the symptoms of mono. but we don't understand this very loud and constant burbs coming from him. This is tiring him out.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Sounds from the throat are generally due to stridor. These can be due to laryngitis or inflammation of the voice box, smoke inhalation injury to vocal cord, swollen tonsils or adenoids, allergic reaction to smoke or any other allergen or due to excess phlegm secretion again due to allergy. It can also be due to reflux. Gas coming up during a burp can also act as an irritant. Raise head end of bed.
Avatar m tn I experienced congestion, cough, and laryngitis a day or two after exposure to large amounts of hay and agricultural lime. Taking this into consideration, I'm a bit skeptical as to whether or not it was a cold or just an alergic reaction. The symptoms have drastically decreased. My nose is still half-way stuffy, and I'm still spitting up white phlegm, but it's more of an annoyance now than anything else. Some people I've talked to think that it's post-nasal drip.
Avatar f tn Hi, I’m a 28 year old female and have been suffering from these cold-like symptoms for over 3 weeks. Hoping someone can help me figure out what’s wrong and maybe some options I might have.
Avatar m tn I sometimes spit white phlegm now it looks to me. I feel fine now but these symptoms and my unprotected sex has been in back of my mind for a while now and ive been stressing like crazy. What do you think? Ive looked up laryngitis because that friday and saturday night i did drink alot of alcohol.
Avatar m tn The first day it was a sore throat and coughing and hacking up green phlegm in small amounts, sometimes it had blood in it when it came from the top of my throat. I had a slight fever of 99.7. It may have been a little higher, but never over 100. My nick was also very stiff the first day. One the second day, my throat was still sore and coughing up green phlegm, but the stiffness and temperature were gone.
Avatar n tn This inflammation can block sinus drainage and cause increased phlegm production. The phlegm can drain from the nose and sinuses down the back of the throat causing a constant or intermittent postnasal drip. This can fester sinusitis. There could be several reasons for postnasal drip. One reason is an allergy. A second reason is a non-allergic, non-infectious inflammation in the sinuses that can linger after a cold. A third reason is chronic sinusitis.
Avatar m tn week 4 test for HIV i don't know what kind of test but came negative it was done in Montreal week 5 some mil rare cough week 6 a person came to live in the same house, this person have cough and lost voice laryngitis i guess green and brown phlegm from her throat 2 day after i got some something bothering in my throat no pain just the need to clear my throat after that cough came back bat this time the cough in my throat next day in the morning cough and hoarse voice last for one day with cou
Avatar f tn Monday- started coughing, dry unproductive cough Tuesday- cough became very intense but still dry, felt like my chest was compressed, headache, unable to take deep breath without coughing fit Wednesday- started getting earaches but no drainage, more dry coughing that left me breathless, chest did NOT feel compressed anymore Thursday- on top of the ear problems and coughing I started getting ALLERGY symptoms (really watery eyes, runny nose, tingly sinuses and nasal cavities), low-grade fever Fr
Avatar f tn fever 102, cough with some phlegm, chest tightness, lungs clear, laryngitis. My fever is gone, but the dry cough remains with some phlegm. I'm nervous that this will suddenly become worse and I will not be able to breath. What treatment should I be receiving? How can the docs. tell if this is bacterial or viral? What type of doctor should I see? I am a 49 year old female. Also, why do I get this every few months?
Avatar n tn Sinusitis is an inflammation, or swelling, of the mucous membranes that line the sinus cavities. This can block sinus drainage and cause increased phlegm production. Symptoms can include a headache or pressure in the area of the sinuses, a stuffy nose, achy teeth, postnasal drip, cough, sore throat, laryngitis, constant low fever, and thick, yellow to green nasal drainage. The most common cause of sinusitis is an infection, especially when the mucus is green.
Avatar f tn Hello, As a child I had a Tuberculosis test in school that was positive (skin made red bumps where it was scratched) but I never had any other symptoms. As an adult the skin test still always comes back positive but my lung x rays are always clear. My doctor said this means I have dormant TB. My mother always told me she thinks I was given immunity to TB from the blood transfusion I received in the hospital as a baby (I had brain surgery for meningitis). Is that possible?
Avatar m tn I seem to have a recurring sinus, laryngitis, lower respiratory infection going on since November. In Nov., after 12 days of a cold and the green mucus from my lungs and nose worsening my Dr. prescribed a 5 day course of Augmentin. It cleared up the green quickly but I was left with a lingering dry cough/asthma symptoms and nasal congestion that never resolved. Dec.
Avatar f tn There is increasing evidence that GERD causes laryngeal signs and symptoms. Symptoms of reflux laryngitis include hoarseness, throat clearing, dysphagia, increased phlegm, and globus (feeling of lump in one’s throat) sensation. Despite suspected epidemiologic reports, there is still controversy about the prevalence of GERD-related laryngeal signs and symptoms. Studies have shown that 24-hour pH monitoring may not be the perfect test for diagnosing atypical GERD.
Avatar n tn I get three or four bouts of colds/sinus infections each year which always progresses into laryngitis with croup-like symptoms. I have a very difficult time getting air past my inflamed voice box and experience inspiratory wheezing (or stridor?) with the dry barky cough, and sometimes a thick yellowish/greenish phlegm will be cleared from my throat. It's very scary feeling like my throat is closing up at times.
Avatar n tn About 3 months ago I began with a feeling that there was something in the back of my throat, and I began excessively clearing my throat, sometimes bringing up bits of white phlegm but usually nothing. It is not all day, just certain times of the day and if I do not clear my throat I lose my voice sometimes. My doctor has me on Singulair, Allegram, Nasonex inhaled steroids all to no avail. Shall I seek specialist?
Avatar n tn * Blood clot in the lung * Bronchiectasis * Bronchitis * Cancer * Cystic fibrosis * Goodpasture's syndrome * Inflammation of the blood vessels in the lung (vasculitis) * Inhaling blood into the lungs (pulmonary aspiration) * Irritation of the throat from violent coughing * Nosebleed that drips blood down into the lungs * Laryngitis * Pneumonia * Pulmonary edema * Systemic lupus erythematosus * Tuberculosis Diagnostic tests that can m
Avatar n tn A common cause of phlegm in the throat is postnasal drip. This is drainage from the nose and sinuses dripping down the back of the throat. There could be several reasons for this drainage. One reason is an allergy. A second reason is a non-allergic, non-infectious inflammation in the sinuses that can linger after a cold. A third reason is chronic sinusitis. You may experience the postnasal drip as a constant feeling of mucus at the back of your throat.
Avatar f tn Now I have post nasal drip and my laryngitis is still there although getting better. I have done everything for the laryngitis, steam, cool mist humidifier, room temperature water (about twelve 8oz glasses a day), resting my voice. It is getting better very slowly. Now I have a post nasal drip and I am coughing up greenish/yellowish sputum but it's from the back of my throat not my lungs anymore. I am going to try a nasal rinse today.
Avatar m tn also, these acid reflux problems account for a LOT of laryngitis symptoms. until the doctors tell you otherwise, you might try taking an antacid before bedtime. this should help a lot. hope you feel better!
Avatar f tn After weeks of having bad cold symptoms and laryngitis, I was diagnosed with GERD. I was worst at night, having to sit up all night, because of an extremely runny nose and coughing and choking on the discharge in my throat. I currently take 40 mg nexium before breakfast and dinner, for about 2 months now. Yesterday, I forgot to take the morning nexium. By noon, I was having a full blown "allergy" attack.
Avatar m tn He said that there's nothing in my throat. But there was a little phlegm in there and I had a small case of laryngitis. I also have bad sinuses and a recent sinus surgery. So it could be post-nasal drip but the throat thing comes and goes at weird times. He says it could also be silent reflux. But why would it start now? It doesn't seem to appear after certain foods. Cough drops can help the problem for a little bit. Also, I feel that it gets a little better after eating.
1534024 tn?1294249675 Acid reflux and the symptoms you get from it are crazy. I thought I had so many other things...heart problems, lung problems, sinus problems, allergies... u name it. At first it started out with a pressure feeling in my upper abdomen/chest area. I just thought maybe it was indigestion. Then later on I started getting a coldness feeling in my chest almost like I ate a bunch of peppermints. Well these symptoms weren't going away.
Avatar m tn Both ENT's said they thought it was acid reflux and so I have been on Prilosec for 3 weeks now(also called omeprazole-20 mg) and yet no change yet(I have had hardly any symptoms of acid reflux, but just recently have had little burps of gas come up from time to time but very infrequent). Is there anything you can take just to get the thick mucus in your vocal chords dissolved so you can speak. I am a professional actor and am desperate.