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1111143 tn?1259095953 Yesterday I filled the prescription for Lantus I got from Dr. Bruno last week, but the pharmacist gave me vials, not pens. I don't know how to use vials, I have no syringes, and really no desire to learn either. I called the pharmacist and they said that was what the Dr. ordered. They said they would call the Dr. today. I called the Dr. today and had to leave a voice mail message. Waiting for a call back.
Avatar n tn Why is it that Lantus requires a prescription when other long-acting types of insulin do not? I feel like I should be able to go to a drugstore and purchase any type of insulin that I choose without a prescription.
Avatar n tn Diabetes Topic Lantus insulin coupons is the section heading, but not a thing about coupons or how to get coupons. Lantus works so well for me but without insurance and no job and the doctor axed me for requesting to speak with him how do I get the medicine at a reasonable price? Coupons are definitely needed as I have no insurance either.
Boy The quick answer is on a unit to unit, out of pocket purchase, with no insurance considerations the Lantus vials plus syringes are less expensive than the Solostar pens plus pen needles. However, there are a couple of things to consider: 1. Every Medicare Part D plan contracts independently with pharmacies for a contracted price on all medications.
Avatar n tn I have just started using Lantus and am having a hard time controlling BGs. Does anyone have any anecdotal experiences with it? First, there is the 22 hour duration. If I take it at bedtime, I find that getting control of dinnertime BG is very difficult - I have to use 3-4 x the normal dose of insulin to get on top of it until it is time to take the Lantus. Then, I have a perfect fasting and control one day and it starts slowly eroding so that in 3 days I am dealing with BG's in the 200's.
Avatar n tn (I figured out i forgot daily Lantus the day prior). 11 units Lantus, and spot dosed with 5 units Humulog.B-fast: 2 eggs, 1 tomato, 1/2 onion. Noon BS= 400's. Spot dose 4 units.Lunch: large chicken salad no dressing (raw veggies as toppers).Afternoon BS=500's. Spot dose 5.5 units. Dinner BS = 400's spot dosed 5 units+1carb intake.Dinner: broiled chicken breast, broccoli, salad. Glass chardonnay Nighttime BS 460. Again, spot dosed 5 units DAY 2:Same except afternoon BS was 300's instead.
1691407 tn?1332716147 * Liver cancer does not appear until stage 4, cirrhosis not at stage 3 and has no symptoms until it is in its final stage. So again it has nothing to do with your husband's condition. We must keep in mind that although we always want to have a transplant patient return to their old healthy selves post transplant the main purpose of transplant is to allow the patient to gain extra time that they wouldn’t have if they didn’t have a transplant.
Avatar n tn No, I am not aware of any people who have contacted us with any kind of resistance to Lantus. I do know that Lantus must be replaced at the end of a month on one bottle. The expiration date is really important, for near the end of the month, some of us find that it no longer crystallizes properly. Some people notice that when the Lantus bottle is about one month old, it doesn't work well. But if you just started the bottle, this is probably not the problem.
Avatar m tn Larry: I'm not sure if you live outside of the USA, but my understanding is that Lantus is NOT available for use in a pen here in the US. My daughter just switched to Lantus via syringe & Novolog via pen after 8 years on an insulin pump. Her diabetes educator just gave her the Lantus prescription 3 days ago & said it is not available in any other form. I have read that outside the USA, however, it is sold in pen format.
Avatar n tn Ooh, this sounds miserable! I personally have not heard specifically of allergies to Lantus, but I have heard of people having allergies to other insulins. The allergy is not to the INSULIN, but to the agents that it is suspended in. The cases I remember from other people who have written in to ask about this kind of thing were usually hives in areas near where the insulin is injected, but I seem to remember one or two that just had hives in unrelated areas.
Avatar f tn Not something that is helpful when you have 80,000 pounds on the fifth whee and a schedule to make. I would suggest prescription LANTUS. I would also never every recommend that he do something that would violate CFR regulations by concealing the fact he is taking Lantus with an insulin syringe. My own opinion is that use of Lantus together with Metformin, together with exercise and tight dietary control (and I mean tight) would not unduly hazard the general public.
Avatar n tn And what is her fasting blood sugar in the morning and what is her diet? With proper diet there is no reason to obtain a fast-acting insulin. Novalog has advantages, but is not recommended for those who live alone. Lantus, a long-acting slow-release insulin may be more appropriate. I am not a happy camper knowing she is buming unused insulin from others. It is obvious her diabetes is completely out of control.
544772 tn?1321288809 Now, completely my fault, I ran out of my long acting insulin - lantus pens (opticlick) and cannot for the life of me get the darned thing refilled! I ran out Sunday, realized it Monday morning when I went to get a new cartridge, put in the refill to my pharmacy that morning, and heck broke loose! The script was written by my old primary care - when I redirected them to my endocrinologist, I decided to call the endo to make sure this got pushed along. To no avail!
Avatar f tn He does not usaully have low numbers but each time he had a seizure, he had been asleep (either taking a nap during the day or in early morning hrs of 1am - 4am)He takes Novalog 7u-1carb 3 times a day and we just changed the Lantus @ 9 pm to 15 units plus novalog for slide scale. He has a 15 carb snack at 9am also.I don't sleep very much at night,I check on him thru out the night. I am afraid he will not wake up and have a seizure in his bed and i want know he is having one.
Avatar f tn The Lantus / insulin glargine is a very good well-tolerated product. The injections are painless. It is often prescribed together with metformin.
Avatar n tn In the UK you have to get nearly everything on prescription, and believe me it can be very frustrating.
Avatar m tn com If you click on the Message board for Lantus glargine insulin, it will bring you to the message board on Lantus. I'm getting ready to take my kitty to the Vet for a dental, so won't have too much more time here. I'll try and get this other link directly to Lantus message board. I give Maggie Lantus every 12 hours, The links are hard for me to figure out how to post here, but here it is:
1367276 tn?1278805412 The doctor had me take 5 units of novolog 3 times a day with 1 unit for every 50 points above 150, and then I take 15 units of Lantus at bedtime. For the past 3 days I have been checking my levels 6 to 7 times a day and they have been between 167 and 297 and I can't seem to get them below. What can I do without taking more insulin?
Avatar f tn Even if my guy isn't diabetic during intercourse, is it true that the child may get it if the diabetes is present in the gene of my guy? OR No matter if the guy has diabetes, the Child may not get it all? What are the realities.... 3)How best to prevent diabetes for kids? How can we make sure that the Child during pregnancy, post pregnancy, new born and kids and growing up children doesn't get affected by this?Early prevention may look for life time cure isn't?
Avatar n tn but we are not rich by any stretch, and the expenses of diabetes treatment have significantly affected us. We currently spend between $200-300/month on Novolog, Lantus, test strips, and syringes, most of which we buy at Sam's Club. I expect this cost to increase soon, as Sean appears to be getting out of his honeymoon period and his insulin needs are increasing. Are there less expensive alternatives? I would be grateful for anyone's experience in this area. Thank you!
488724 tn?1253554835 since your retina exam shows that there are no vessels has break, then no you are not looking at being blind soon. If you can get your blood sugars under control, you might have chance of reversing your visions, but it is individualized (did have a client whose vision went bad with high blood sugar, but when sugar levels dropped, the vision did get better). Because of the complication of diabetes, that's why it is important to have your blood sugar under control.
1431734 tn?1421015271 he is a 11 lb rag doll and i feed him prescription canned hills md and began to give him evo dry food for treats as he missed his crunchies. i believe it is the evo as it has dairy and fish along with pumpkin and peas and assorted health food. i am taking him off that as i cant afford any more pet visits. he has cost more than a bmw payment in the first month hence the name but i love him. u can see a photo at my profile. thx, babs824 WHAT TO DO?
Avatar n tn There are pharmaceutical assistance programs offered directly by some drug companies for people with diabetes who have little or no insurance to help offset the cost of supplies or prescription medications. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (800-762-4636) has information on such programs. Additionally, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) has a publication called "Financial Help for Diabetes Care.
488724 tn?1253554835 My eyes were always very good until 2003 i started needing glasses and forever they pretty much stayed as bad as they have been til i was diagnosed. My doc sent me to get my eyes checked when i was diagnosed, doc told me no blood vessels popped but needed major correction. I never got glasses so now more then a year later my eyes are really bad, seems every month for sure they are getting worse. I use to have trouble reading far, like a billboard with small letters.
Avatar m tn Currently unemployed and can't afford my prescription. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn 00 and that is only for the prescription Meds, not the non-prescription meds we had to purchase. The insurance only covers 70% and we have to pay the first 3,000.00 and the rest is up to us. I feel like I am drowning in medical bills already, and there is no relief. How do people get by without losing their home, car, and other necessities? Is there a cut of depending how much a family makes? Do you have to be poor to receive any benefits? Please I hope someone has answers for me.
1519223 tn?1500816586 and Thats what led up to my second to last visit to the ER except i wasn't Throwing up even though i felt like I was going to !!! Then I'm Put on Lantus and novolog I got lite headed and I was cutting up boxes and slipped and cut my hand open I got 3 stitches and was let go no antibiotics nor pain meds which is ok by me !!!
Avatar n tn last I posted a question about Symlin, there was no active users posting on the subject. Thought I'd try again and see if anyone has feedback on this they might like to share. My main concern is the reported sudden low's that occur after taking Symlin. This is confusing to me since the main purpose of this drug is to prevent lows by slowing down the digestion of glucose. I got very little info from my endo. She only told me that it could cause nausea, told me to cut my Humalog in half.
4105307 tn?1369535032 Besides the risks he would have to be in treatment for a minimum of a week, possibly more and there is still no guarantee of success in the end. I can't see putting him through all that..there is just no quality in it.
1140218 tn?1316144876 She has been on a time release insulin and a pillof some sort, but the sugar continues to be out of control. She has no health insurance, so she hasn't been cared for properly. I was able to find a charity clinic last week and they seem really nice. Today, I went to visit and test her sugar and it was alarmingly high. She had not eaten anything yet. Last week, it was 480 and climbing.